Picks of the Week

Rita J "Just listen" (Vick Lavender's Reel Underground Remix)(Sophisticado Records CD Promo)
BSTC featuring Keana Johnson "Come fly away with me" (Vick Lavender's All Soul Remix)(Sophisticado Records CD Promo)
BSTC featuring J.L "I love it" (Vick Lavender's All Soul Rework Mix)(Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

What a gift from Vick Lavender this week, blessing us with three masterly crafted interpretations, all featuring keyboard play by Mike Logan. First up is his slow paced rework of "Just listen" by Rita J that is smooth as silk and features beautiful keys that harmonize perfectly with the sweet vocals and mellow groove. Next is his take on "Come fly away with my" by BSTC featuring a sultry vocal by Keana Johnson and a marvelous orchestration including wonderful keys, classic strings and a vintage bassline that give the song a timeless uplifting feeling. Last but not least there is his laidback and remix of "I love it" by BSTC featuring sensitive vocals by J.L over a laidback slowed down groove that is enriched with a beautiful trumpet by Kafeli and jazzy keys.

Groove Junkies present Rick Keller "Black man in the White House" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

"Black man in the White House" features woodwind specialist Rick Keller and is the Groove Junkies' way to celebrate the election of Barack Obama as next president of the United States. The project comes your way as a massive package of not less than 14 mixes to choose from. The Groove Junkies' Funky Roots Rub' is a funky tribal house gem featuring spoken words by Prophet alongside horns, sax and flute by Rick Keller. The groove on their 'Politically Correct Mix' is more hefty, with the synth stabs getting slightly techy. Stuttering Munx (Tim Nice & Johnny Young) take the track to the main room using a relentless tech house groove as base for the vocals and cool synths. Scott K. and Joey Kay team up for some serious jackin' Chicago house with jazzy twists out of this world, while Scott K. on his own goes for an organic rework featuring jazzy piano, lovely guitar and funky bassline. Finally we have Outer (aka Richard Amaya) delivering hotness with his afro funk soaked remixes that are nothing less than irresistible.

More Reviews

Mick Verma "The Deep South EP" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

The "Deep South EP" by Mick Verma consists of five equally great deep house tracks which all have definite old-school feel to them, and they all ooze with their soulful vibes. From the deep and mellow "Free" over the funk dripping "Keep on keepin on", the groovy "Ode to JC" and the deeply thumpin' "Blue and black" to the spacey "The long rhode", its all about quality deep house music on this release. Miss at your own risk.

Exclusive Preview: Soul Oasis featuring Wincey "3 ways to lose my love" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

CyberJamz Records continue to impress us with their latest release, keeping things reel and deep, making no compromises. "3 ways to lose my love" by Wincey is a truly deep production featuring an outstanding vocal performance, with the 'Sensei Style Mix' being a melodic soulful featuring beautiful keys and chords over a mellow groove. The 'Tim McAllister Mix' keeps the vibe deep and soulful while giving the track a groovier outfit. Lastly the 'Jakdat Dub' deepens things and gives the track a rougher edge.

Exclusive Preview: Man-X "The deep end" (DeepHaven Music Records CD Promo)

"The deep end" is taken from the forthcoming "Deeper Things EP" by Man-X and Groove Assassin (expected to drop in a few weeks time), and this production sees Man-X on top of his game, blessing us with an irresistibly stormin' production that uses a funk soaked backdrop as playground for lush snyths and keys that create beautiful warm melodies. Let yourself be taken on a journey into soulful deep house territory by this one.

Exclusive Preview: Joe Flame featuring E-Mid & Rocco Dimaiolo "Save the world" (D#Sharp Records CD Promo)

"Save the world" is a marvelous deep house gem that oozes with soul, produced by Joe Flame and featuring Rocco Dimaiolo on saxophone and vocals by E-Mid alongside wonderful keys and chords over a smooth yet fierce backing. The result is soulful yet absolutely infectious on the dance floor.

Seb Skalski featuring Barry Solone "My soul is rising" (MoD Records CD Promo)

Seb Skalski's "My soul is rising" is an uplifting production featuring soulful vocals by Barry Solone over a smoothly stompin' funk tinctured groove, with the lush keys intensifying the feel good vibe to the climax, turning the track into an anthem. Next to the main vocal there are instrumental, dub and radio versions included as well as an extended, slightly touched rework by Jay Benham & Danny Clark. Seb Skalski's 'Solaris Dub' is a deeper affair using cool synths to create a captivating feeling. Lastly Juan Sunshine & Staffan Thorsell contribute a hypnotic remix to the package which features freaky synth chords over thumpin' beats.

DJ Dealer featuring Lisa Millett "Cool lovin'" (Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

DJ Dealer is unstoppable at the moment, presenting another slammin' release in form of "Cool lovin'" which features the powerful vocals of Lisa Millett over a slightly tougher groove that is enriched with wicked synths. Ralf GUM reworks the track into a smoother, funk spiced affair spreading a feel good vibe, while his dub is a hypnotic affair on a deeper edge. Dalminjo take the track to deeper grounds on their remix, adding a gritty techy touch to it.

Alex Gomez meets Edu Reyes featuring Bruce Baps "Music is groove" (MoD Visions Records CD Promo)

"Music is groove" by Alejandro Francos Gomez is a groovy affair indeed, guaranteed to keep the floor jam-packed thanks to the kickin' groove that leads the way for infectious vocals by Bruce Baps and freaky synths. The remixes are courtesy of Mateo Cortes who adds a funky edge and jazzy piano to the track, while Robert Rivera delivers the choice pick for the bigger rooms with catchy synths. Finally Berto Mene relaxes the vibe a bit for a more laidback yet still funktified experience.

Marco Soundee featuring Lil' Fabio "Leaving you behind" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

With "Leaving you behind", Marco Soundee (aka Marco Finotello) presents his debut release featuring passionate vocals by Lil' Fabio. The 'Main Mix' is an uplifting funk tinged affair featuring lovely melodies over a groovy backdrop, while House Device rework the track into a fiercely stormin' affair featuring catchy synth hooks. Greg Stainer's dub is on a laidback deep house tip, while lastly Alex Dimitri serves an atmospheric electro flavored rework.

Joshua Heath "Writers Block EP" (Salted Music Records CD Promo)

With the "Writers Block EP", Joshua Heath drops another massive release through Salted Music. If you're looking for house with a funky twist, this one is for you. "Agent blue" uses a gritty bassline alongside wicked synths and a blues tinged vocal hook to create a mesmerizing feel, while "Just funk me already" is a smoother affair with undeniable influences from the funky days of Disco. "Heartache" is reminiscent to the classic James Brown sound with its wicked horns, guitar licks and vocals. The 'Tech Mix' turns the track into a tech-funk affair, while the 'Funk Mix' is a mid-tempo breakbeat bounce.

Joey Kay "Perfect time" (Remix)(CD-R)

Joey Kay presents a lovely, as of yet unreleased remix of "Perfect time" that features sweet female over an organic, funk drenched backing that keeps on groovin' from the beginning until the end, with the warm jazzy keys and chords together with the vocals creating an uplifting, laidback feeling.

No Age Combo & Fabio Tosti "Magic Sessions EP" (Music Plan Tracks Records CD Promo)

The No Age Combo and Fabio Tosti team up for the "Magic Sessions EP" which brings to you two beautiful jazz house productions. Both "Session 1" and "Session 2" feature wonderful jazzed-up keys and organ rides and are built around fierce grooves you can't resist to dance to, with "Session 2" having a lovely funky edge to it.

Distant People "Just sing" (Foliage Records CD Promo)

With "Just sing" by Distant People, Foliage Records present a wonderful laidback production featuring passionate vocals courtesy of Patrick Chappell over a smooth yet fierce funk infused groove that is enriched with warm jazzy keys and a lovely guitar in its original form. The MuthaFunkaz fire things up on their remix that never lets down the overall soulful vibe, with a marvelous saxophone solo and wicked synths added for full effect. Switzerland's DJ Le Roi takes the track to deeper grounds, with the infectious keys creating a hypnotic feeling.

DJ Jori presents "Es e zulu" (Papa Trax Records CD Promo)

DJ Jori makes his debut on Papa Trax with "Es e zulu", a relentless Afro tinged tribal house track featuring captivating vocals alongside mesmerizing synths - simple yet very effective, guaranteed to take dance floors by storm and sending the crowd into a frenzy. Also included in the package are slammin' dub and drum versions, making this an essential DJ tool.