Enjoy the latest batch of reviews on a deeper, more tracky tip...

David Morales uses his Brooklyn Friends outfit to present "Tramp", a collaboration with Quentin Harris that brings deep'n'dark vibes with a techy edge to the dance floors, created by a remorseless bouncin' bassline, wicked keyboard riff and phat synth washes (NiteGrooves Records CD Promo). DJ Spen revives his "Disco Dreams" series (formerly released on Black Vinyl Records) with "Disco Dreams Vol. 5", a hot four tracker including a tweaked version of Spen's 1999 classic "Craze at midnight", two massive stompers with "Disco' stompin'" and "Stompin', and finally the sweet "You are (an awesome god)" featuring a funky has hell guitar riff and classy disco hooks (Code Red Records CD Promo).

"Keep movin' on" by Phil Hooton is a deep and soulful yet funky instrumental (with a vocal version to follow soon) that is spreading a feel good vibe through the uplifting piano and funky bass, with the 'Raw Mix' taking you back in time with its distinct old touch, while the 'Drumz Please Mix' is simple yet very effective straight up house (Rapture Trax Records CD Promo). "The Latin Tingles EP" by The Mitchell Bruvers (aka Phil Hooton and Grant Sulivan) features two latinesque tracks, with the fiercely stormin' "Latin Disco Tech" fusing latin vibes with Disco-Tech sounds, while the laidback "Latin tingles" is built around a smooth percussion enriched backing (Rapture Trax Records CD Promo).

With the versatile three track "Hilo EP", Tuccillo presents his debut on Peppermint Jam. "Jazzy thing" is a deep organic jazz-house track driven by a resistless loop creating a hypnotic feel, while "Monkey madness" takes you on a journey to the rough side of atmospheric house. Lastly "Hilo" is tribal madness perfect for those peak time moments in the bigger rooms (Peppermint Jam Records CD  Promo). Ricky Inch follows up his "Winter love" smash with the equally great "Chunt EP". The atmospheric title track is a deep mesmeric affair, while "Ituri forest" is full of warm synth melodies over a soulful backing. And then there is "Mugabe regime", an infectious afro-house track featuring beautiful chords (Cabrio Records CD Promo).

Shiprinski presents the "Epilogue EP" featuring three deep house tracks, all of them going as deep as it gets, with both "Epilogue" and "Grand Canyon in my room" being on a somewhat dirty spaced-out tip, while "Catwalk fever" is a more groovy affair (Deepology Digital Records CD Promo). "The Mayan EP" by Glenn S features a selection of hot tracks built around contaminous percussion enriched grooves and phat synths. The standout track "Sungood" features wicked vocals by Jo'Leon Davenue and spreads a hypnotic feeling, but the others track should not be missed as they rock the floors too (Otra Vez Records CD Promo). "Freakybeatza" by Steff Da Campo vs Ecoustic gets remixed by Szato Szatewicz & Jackie who turn the track into a mellow affair oozing with jazzy flavors, while Zweiklang serve an energetic rework perfect for the bigger rooms (Coffee Bar Music CD Promo).

Pure deepness with a funky twist is what you get on the "Oaktown Boogie EP" by Amit Shoham, with the relentlessly groovin' title track featuring a mesmeric piano lick alongside freaky synths, followed by "Just a drop" which uses a heavy funked-up backdrop as playground for distorted chords. Not to forget to mention "White chocolate" which relaxes the vibe and features dreamy keys over a deepened groove (Tarantic Records CD Promo). Behind Spacebeats are Cesare Ferioli aka Big Mojo and Filippo Mistretta aka Submantra who present two lovely deep house tracks on the "In the blue fields EP". The original versions of both "In the blue fields" and "Velvet & pain" are laidback and feature lush atmospheric synth melodies over captivating grooves. DJ Umbi's remix of the title is a groovy jazzed-up affair, while SpeakDeep takes on "Velvet & pain" to give it a classic touch (Irma Records CD Promo).