review logoMore summer heat coming your way in this weeks update... enjoy !!

Miss Kelli "I need somebody to love tonight" (FunkHut Records Promo)

Out now on promo through FunkHut Records is this scintillating four-to-the-floor interpretation of the Sylvester classic "I need somebody to love tonight" (from the 1979 album "Stars") produced by DJ Pope and performed in grand style by Miss Kelli. In short, this dope remake oozing with Miss Kelli's eminent rendition of the memorable lyrics, tantalizing melodies and enthralling rhythms is sure to send the dancers into a frenzy...

Kerrie Masters "Stubborn" (Soulfuledge Remix) (Nyte Music Promo)

Up-and-coming vocalist Kerrie Masters is back on Nyte Music with a glamorous soulful four-to-the-floor rework of "Stubborn " (like her two previous releases on Nyte Music, "Stubborn" was originally featured on her self-released "Better Place" EP last year). Without any doubt, Kerrie Masters incomparable sultry vocals together with the luxurious piano, sublime saxophone and Brazilian samba influenced rich organic backdrop are sure to send shivers down your spine...

Brutha Basil & Sacha Williamson "The summertime Remix" (Brukel Music Promo)

Right in time for summer, Brukel Music revisit last years simmer anthem "Summertime" by Brutha Basil and Sacha Williamson. Beyond doubt, this sun drenched undeniably soulful Kelvin Sylvester produced jewel laced with the unrivaled spoken word poetry of Brutha Basil, the inimitable sultry vocals of Sacha Williamson, illustrious keys by Yuki Kanesaka and a groovey funk drenched backdrop will cast a spell on you.

Melissa B "Give it to me" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

Quantize Recordings presents blazin' hot DJ Spen & ReelSoul remixes of Melissa B's "Give it to me" originally released back in 2019. To cut right to the chase, DJ Spen & ReelSoul have added their magical touch to the track, gracing us with a fervid yet soulful rework where Melissa B's amazing vocal stylings are accompanied by luscious keys, celestial pads and an infectious funktified groove.

Tom Glide & Kimicoh "Open your mind" (Tayo's Barrio Paraiso Mix) (TGee Records Promo)

About a month ago, we introduced you to "Open your mind" by Tom Glide and vocalist Kimicoh, a phantasmagorical slice of sun drenched bliss laced with the unmatched emotive vocals of Kimicoh. Soon TGee Records will unleash this wicked Tayo Wink rework that stays true to the original yet introduces a vibrant organic backdrop to transform the track into an uncontested dance floor favorite.

Melchyor A "Love story" (Ocha Records Promo)

France based Melchyor A (Andrianirina Jean Yves) makes his debut on acclaimed Ocha Records with a towering sun drenched production entitled "Love story". To make a long story short, "Love story" oozing with beautiful enticing female vocals, warm melodious keys, sweet guitars and a smooth yet intriguing organic musical backing is top-notch soulful  house music not to be missed.

Ruben Vidal featuring Greg Serenade & Ralph Session "Keep it moving" (Sugar Groove Promo)

After a long hiatus, Ruben Vidal and his Sugar Groove imprint are back in proper style with an excellent remix of "Keep it moving by Ralph Session featuring Greg Serenade (the track was originally released in 2014). Most definitely, Ruben Vidal's brand new remix takes this classic to a whole new level, fusing Greg Serenade's incredible deep-rooted vocals with enchanting keys and irresistible rhythms. This is just the start of a year-long extravaganza that Ruben Vidal has planned for us - watch this space...

Traxx Pick: Elbert Phillips "This could be the night" / "For Paris Phillips" (ChilliFunk Records Promo)

Chicago's own Elbert Phillips makes his debut on legendary ChilliFunk Records with a paramount two track EP. First up is a masterly orchestrated cover version of the Cindy Mizelle classic "This could be the night" (from the 1984 cult movie "Beat street") paying homage to the 90's jazz/funk infused house sound that ChilliFunk is known and celebrated for. Next is the splendorous "For Paris Phillips" a deeply groovin' track with smooth yet thrilling percussive rhythms leading the way for fabulous jazzy keys and heavenly pads.