Picks of the Week

Groove Junkies featuring Wendy Brune "Work it out" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

What a way to kick the new year off!! With "Work it out", the Groove Junkies open up 2008 in a truly big way, presenting a sure shot winner that will be a DJ favorite for a long time to come. With Wendy Brune, the Groove Junkies present a highly talented vocalist that you might not yet be familiar with, but we are sure we will much more from her in the future. The 'Main Mix' is a feel good vocal anthem, with Wendy Brune providing passionate vocals over a smooth yet fierce, funk soaked groove that is enriched with some hot keys and horns. The 'Funk Fusion Dub' is all about the funky elements, dropping some of the vocals while adding a wicked organ ride. M-Sol aka Mike Hirsch contributes the remixes, with his 'Afro Vox' using a smoothly thumpin', slightly afro flavored groove as base for the vocals that are accompanied by lush strings and wonderful keys. M-Sol's 'Deep Dub' takes the track to the underground with a deeper, darker edge, with the spacey synths creating a resistless vibe. The package also includes various instrumentals, a reprise and a beats version. One not to be missed.

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Spiritchaser "Vault Series 2" (Weiser Mix)(Guess Records CD Promo)

Almost two years passed since the release of "Vault Series 1", now the follow up is finally here, featuring more unreleased material from the Spiritchaser boys. Five tracks can be found on this release, with the deep and hypnotic "In my dreams" starting things off, featuring catchy synths and keys. Next is the deep, spaced-out dub of "In your hands", followed by "Pulse", the choice for the main rooms with its tougher vibe. "Heaven" is a laidback and deep affair perfect for chilling, with the 2008 edit of "The other side of the blue" closing things down with a yet another hypnotic deep groover.

Dennis Ferrer featuring KT Brooks "How do I let go" (Charles Webster Remix)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

"How do  I let go", one of the favorite tracks from Dennis Ferrer's much respected "The World As I See It" long player, gets reworked by Charles Webster who takes this beautiful song which features a soulful r&b styled vocal by KT Brooks to the next level, turning out a deeply stormin', slightly electronic affair on the loungy 'Club Mix', while the 'Deep Mix' takes things even deeper, being on a warped bumped-up tip. Then there is the 'Ruff Mix', a more soulful take by Charles Webster that keeps things deep and raw. The package also includes the wonderful original album version.

Boddhi Satva "Get up" (Remixes)(Seed Records CD Promo)

Here we've got an absolutely massive remix package of the magnificent "Get up" by Boddhi Satva featuring sexy vocals by Robert Walker. The 'USG North' remixes by Trinidadiandeep take the track to deeper than deep grounds, with the percussion and melodic keys creating an irresistible hypnotic vibe reminiscent of those classic USG productions/remixes from the past century. Tyrone Francis uses slightly electronic chords and a fierce, deeply thumpin' groove to give the track a relentless feeling, while Steve SoulBasics serves a soulful, deeply groovin' interpretation featuring warm melodies and a beautiful piano solo over a funktified groove.

Exclusive Preview: Chaka Khan featuring Mary J. Blige "Disrespectful" (Brooklyn Knightz Remix)(CD-R)

Various remixes of this wonderful song have been done in recent weeks by the likes of Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn, JoVonn and Quentin Harris, now Phil Hooton under his Brooklyn Knightz project delivers a twelve minute epic that is built around a funktified, absolutely resistless groove that is enriched with a beautiful orchestration, with the incomparable vocals by Chaka Khan and Mary J Blige creating goose bumps every time you hear this timeless piece of music.

Davidson Ospina featuring Linda Clifford "What you like" (Ospina Digital Records CD Promo)

"What you like" is the first single off the forthcoming Davidson Ospina album, featuring legendary singer Linda Clifford who provides a passionate vocal on this monster jam that is guaranteed to rock the dance floors with the relentlessly bumpin', funk soaked groove that is topped with wicked keys and chords. Kuningas use a smoothed down, percussion enriched groove as base for the vocals and melodic keys to give the track a deeper sounding, while Angel Manuel provides a slightly tougher interpretation perfect for the bigger rooms.

Roed Svensk featuring Diana Waite "All the love you need" (ReelGroove Records CD Promo)

Roed Svensk teams up with Diana Waite for "All the love you need", a wonderful production built around a smooth, funk flavored backing groove that is oozing with soul through the passionate vocals by Diana Waite and the warm melodic keys. Check the reprise for a beautiful mellow take. Raul Moros reworks the track into an uplifting affair that has a lovely retro touch to it and is full of power while preserving the soulful feeling, with his dub spicing things up to make it a peak time favorite. DJ Le Roi takes the track to deeper grounds, with wicked keys and chords perfectly accompanying the vocals. Lastly Santi Touch contributes a jazz-funk soaked broken beat interpretation that is absolutely stunning.

Dennis Ferrer "My World As They Remixed It" (Defected Records Digital Download)

Dennis Ferrer's much acclaimed "The World As I See It" album gets a new life as a remix album titled "My World As They Remixed It", featuring some previously released as well as brand new remixes. Heavyweights such as Quentin Harris, Joe Claussell, Jihad Muhammad, Charles Webster, Studio Apartment, Yass, Tomo, Dolls Combers, Rodamaal, Sunshine Jones, The MuthaFunkaz and Brian Cox take on some of the best tracks from the album, covering genres from deep and soulful to progressive. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Replay featuring Rhalmia "Everyday is saturday" (TriCircle Records CD Promo)

Replay return to TriCircle with "Everyday is saturday", a fierce production featuring a soulful vocal by Rhalmia over an energetic yet soulful backing groove that is enriched with a lovely piano and great jazzy saxophone. Robert Rivera provides two soulful remixes, with the 'Midnight Touch Mix' being built around a deeply thumpin' groove while the 'Soul Afro Mix' is infused with lovely afro flavors. Niel C's dub version is a wicked electrofied affair, while DJ Ditch contributes the choice mixes for the bigger rooms with catchy synth chords and a cool piano.

Fabio Tosti "Free spirit" (Remixes)(Look-At-You Records CD Promo)

One of last years prime Latin tracks returns to cause more damage on the dance floors all over the world in the coming months. Originally released last year as part of the "Free Spirit EP", this track has been reworked by Fabio Tosti himself who delivers a phat package of new mixes, with that catchy piano hook to be found as well as a wicked saxophone courtesy of Bos. The mixes range from laidback and jazzy over authentic Latin house (close your eyes and you might think you're at the carnival in Rio) to peak time favorites.

Chris Perez Project "Singularity" / "Nova" (CoCo Soul Records Digital Download)

Chris Perez, the creative mind behind Blvd East, delivers two truly deep tracks destined to take not only underground dance floors by storm. Both tracks keep things deep, with wicked lush chords and keys creating resistless driving rhythms that guarantee to have the crowd get into a frenzy. While "Singularity" is on a more laidback, percussion enriched tip, "Nova" takes a heavily thumpin' approach. Digital Downloads available at Dancetracks Digital.

Exclusive Preview: Abicah Soul and Master Kev "Kora" (Iwanai Music Records CD Promo)

After putting out the massive remixes of Martino's "Cultured girl", Iwanai Music present a fresh production titled "Kora" by the team of Abicah Soul and Master Kev. "Kora" is based around a deeply thumpin', percussion enriched groove that is topped with spaced-out sounds and wicked synths that altogether create a beautiful soundscape that is absolutely relentless.

Darren Campbell "Garage fame" (Sounds of Subway Records CD Promo)

Darren Campbell, the force behind MixTheGroove, presents the deep and fresh sounding "Garage fame" that features lovely strings and wicked synths over a deeply thumpin' backing groove, with an undeniable old-school touch that gives this beauty that little something special making it standout from the mass, with the track spreading an infectious feeling you can't resist to dance to.

Azizy & Elman "Constantinople" (soWHAT Records CD Promo)

soWHAT follow up the funky house grooves of the "Con Funk EP" with something a little different that sees Azizy and Avi Elman going back to their roots (they are of Spanish/Turkish decent) by delivering "Constantinople" that combines deep tribal grooves with organic Ottoman and Mediterranean sounds. The original is a deep hypnotic affair putting the emphasis to the organic sounds, while the 'Underground Istanbul Mix' puts the tribal beat center stage to create a relentless fell. Finally DMD gives the track a slightly tougher sounding perfect for the bigger rooms.

Exclusive Preview: Kelly Rowland featuring Travis McCoy "Daylight" (Matthias Heilbronn Remix)(Sony Records CD Promo)

Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn has been unstoppable in recent months, with many of his remixes taking the top spots of the Billboard charts. One of his latest project is the remix for Kelly Rowland's forthcoming single "Daylight" which features Travis McCoy from Gym Class. This remix is absolutely irresistible, with a fiercely stormin' groove leading the way for wicked chords, Kelly Rowland's incomparable vocals and Travis McCoy's cool rap, with the overall vibe being slightly dark and dubby, but with an undeniable touch of soul. The dub strips down the vocals and gets a more hypnotic feeling thanks to reworked chords.

Melchyor A & Deep Y'All "WMC08 Family Project EP" (Razana Productions CD Promo)

Melchyor A and DJ Rico (under his Deep Y'All moniker) team up for the "WMC 08 Family Project EP" to bring us "Mind" and "Reel house 2 reel people". The 'Melchyor A's Hmida Dub Spoken' of "Mind" features a hot female spoken word and catchy synths over an irresistible funktified groove, while the 'Deep Y'All Funky Bird Rmx' takes the track to way deeper grounds while maintaining the funky roots. "Reel house 2 reel people" comes in two versions too, with the 'Deep Y'all Main Mix' being a groovy affair built around a funk soaked groove that is enriched with wicked keys and a phat male rap. The 'Melchyor A Reconstruction Mix' is a stompin' interpretation featuring lovely chords and keys alongside the rap that keeps things funky while getting a bit deeper.