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SUMO featuring Clarisse Muvemba "Nini" (HEYA Hifi CD Promo)

"Nini" is the second single from the forthcoming SUMO longplayer "The danceband" (to be released in May). The song features Clarisse Muvemba on vocals who sings in Lingala (spoken in Kongo) on this disco edged afro house production that features two incredible hot guitar hooks alongside stompin', afro styled beats. The vibe of the song is absolutely irresistible, making your feet move as soon as you hear it. Claude Monnet is responsible for the remix, turning the song into a spectular disco monster that grows and grows through its entirety - think of Donna Summer's "I feel love" (Patrick Cowley remix) and you know what kind of intensity to expect. Also included is the bonus track "Bo ningisa", a tribal afro house stomper with heavy bass and wicked percussions that is slightly on a tougher edge.

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Stacey Mallory "Sweet elements" (4 Real Records CD Promo)

Stacey Mallory's "Sweet elements" uses a deeply thumpin' groove as base for wonderful keys and melodic chords that get enriched with sharp keys, jazzy piano and jazzy saxophone, creating a laidback jazzy vibe that always keeps its soulful.

Master-H Unit featuring Yuanist Woods "No ordinary day" (Vega Records 12")

"No ordinary day" by french producer Master-H is an accomplished song with passionate vocals courtesy of Yuanist Woods, layed over live drums, latinesque percussion elements and warm harmonic chords that create a laidback feeling, perfect for late night play. The dub replaces the vocal with some great synth strings and keys, having an electronic touch to it that is creating an irresistible vibe.

Roy Davis Jr. "The lost tapes" (Bingo Soul Records 12")

This one has been around on CD-R for quite a while and has been eagerly awaited by many DJs. The original version is a stellar late nite house gem with sweet percussion, melodic chords, twisted bassline and shuffling house beats, featuring a male vocal on top. 83 West take the track deeper, giving it a more dubby rhythm with filtered chords, while Marlon D uses a bubbling bassline, chunky drums and wicked background saxophone to create a bumpin' ride.

JoVonn "Out 2 Lunch EP" (NextMoov Traxx Records 12")

On the "Out 2 Lunch EP", you'll get some great old school house homages by veteran DJ and producer JoVonn."Classic vibes" is all about a gorgeous xylophone and jazzy chords over a tight percussion driven beat, while "Bass in tha house" is a minimal late night affair taking you back int ime. "It's you" is a percussion loaded, deeply rumblin' track featuring male vocals and wicked chords that is also included in a dub version.

Mr. A.L.I. featuring Sparrow "Imagine freedom" (Unified Records 12")

Mr. A.L.I.'s "Imagine freedom" features a delectable spoken word poetry by Sparrow and comes in two fantastic remixes. DJ Spinna places the spoken word poetry against a deeply stormin' groove featuring a lowdown bassline and melodic keys on top, while Glenn Underground provides a more subtle and serene interpretation with gentle jazzy keys over a smooth and laidback groove.

Peven Everett "Sexy one" (Unified Records 12")

"Sexy one" by Peven Everett is a mellow house groover in its original version that features an accoustic guitar and shuffling percussion alongside a wicked vocal performance by Peven Everett. The remix amps up the drums and bassline, giving the track a broken-beat styled, bass heavy outfit that has a jazzy edge to it.

Missy Elliott "I'm really hot" (Mr. Cubanix Edit)(CD-R)

Mr. Cubanix takes on "I'm really  hot" that was originally released on Missy Elliott's 2003 longplayer "This is not a test". This brand new reworking features a smoothly stompin' beat that is enriched with sweet percussion and a deeply rumblin bassline that serve as playground for the background chants and Missy Elliott's sexy vocals as well as the wickey keys. The result is an irresistible, tribal-ish groover that is spreading feel good vibe from beginning to the end.

Solsonik featuring Taka Boom "When love is fading" (No. 2 Records CD Promo)

With Taka Boom as featured vocalist, "When love is fading" by Solsonik is sure to spread a feel good vibe on the dancefloors through the passionate and uplifting vocal, wicked guitar riff and smoothly stompin' groove that is enriched with a heavily funkin' bassline. The dub by Richard F & Ralphie Romance is toughing things up, giving the track a darke and progressive feeling perfect for big rooms.

Studio Apartment featuring Stephanie Cooke "One true love" (KingStreet Records 12")

"One true love" is the third single taken from the "People to people" longplayer released by KingStreet Records. The vocals are courtesy of songstress Stephanie Cooke who provides a soulful and emotional performance over a smoothly thumpin' latinesque groover that has an orchestral touch to it. Eric Kupper bumps the mood up into a soulful house stomper that keeps the orchestral vibe alive, spreading a classic feeling.