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The Rurals featuring Lady Bird "Now and then" (Peng Records CD Promo)

The Rurals featuring Lady Bird - Now and then "Now and then" is a premium slice of house music, featuring all the elements which make up the beloved Rurals sound - deep and organic yet funky and jazzy, supplemented by deeply felt vocals by Lady Bird and and a masterly live instrumentation. Some of the most regarded remixers in the deep house scene - Andy Compton himself, Bittersuite, Magic Soul and Trancemicsoul - contribute a variety of wonderful alternate versions, making this an essential release not to be missed.

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Exclusive Preview: audioJazz & Diamondancer "Welcome home (Africa)" (audioJazz Records CD Promo)

Diamondancer takes a walk down memory lane as she tells us about her 2004 journey to Dakar (Senegal), with the audioJazz crew (Dirty Turk, Bai-ee and K Koltz) supplementing her inspirational spoken word poetry by a smoothly thumpin' percussive backing and distinguished keys and chords. The remix is courtesy of Alexandra Hampton who takes the track to deepest territory, with a laidback groove leading the way for delicious synth melodies and Diamondancer's signature lyrics.

Exclusive Preview: audioJazz feat Mario Vasquez "Goodtimes" (audioJazz Records CD Promo)

In 1994, Kult Records released the Johnny Dangerous produced "Goodtimes" which was performed by Jazmina and became an instant club hit. This cover version was recorded as the debut release for Brian Cancellieri (R.I.P) own label, thankfully it found another home and will be released in memoriam of this wonderful person. audioJazz capture the vision of Brian Cancellieri and revisit this classic in two slammin' mixes which feature emotional vocals by Mario Vasquez alongside wicked synths over a fiercely stormin' backdrop.

Exclusive Preview: Chellena Black "Believe" (Bounce Muzik CD Promo)

Chellena Black returns with the Gabriel Horizon and Tony Powell produced "Believe" on Bounce Muzik (a small Los Angeles based label not to be overlooked), a feel good production featuring Chellena Black's dinstictive heartfelt vocals, warm keys and a lovely saxophone over a powerful yet soulfully stompin' funk soaked backdrop.

Aphrodisiax "My getaway" (Mike Dunn Remix)(Jus House Records CD Promo)

"My getaway" was originally released in 2009 on Aphrodisiax' "Unfinished Business EP", a favorite with many underground DJ's to this day. The track gets a second life in this formidable remixes by Mike Dunn who takes the spoken words by Tim West to the next level on his uplifting yet infectious interpretation oozing with a soulful feel and gorgeous melodies from beginning to the end.

Paso Doble featuring Amera Light "My world" (Cabana Records CD Promo)

Last week, we've reviewed a promo with fifteen versions, this week we have an even bigger package for you with no less than twenty-one mixes too choose from... "My world" is the debut release for Paso Doble, a collaboration with songstress Amera Light who impresses with her inimitable sultry voice on this glorious production laced with grand synth melodies. As said before, a plethora of mixes from the likes of Blaq Soul, DJ Mtshepang, Jose Marquez, DJ Micks, Gemini Boys and Da Capo to name just a few complete the package - there is something for everyone here for sure.

Kerri Chandler "Rain" (Demarkus Lewis Mixes)(Guesthouse Music CD Promo)

Who could forgot this classic production by Kerri Chandler originally released through Nervous Records in 1998 on "The Mood EP" (with a remix 12" to follow in 2000)...  Demarkus Lewis pays tribute to this timeless track with a versatile selection of five infectious, deeper than deep remixes oozing with lush melodies, always staying respectful to the original. Nuff said.

Soul Renegades "Survival EP" (Soul Free Records CD Promo)

The Soul Renegades (Ricky Reid and Craig Smith) grace us with the "Survival EP" which is best described as an ingenious slice of deep house devoted to the underground that is not to be missed. The EP is diverse and truly orientated to the dance floors, with each of the tracks being driven by remorseless rhythms and phat synths - by any means you should check this one out.

Sterling Ensemble featuring Tomas Diaz "Chanto Africano" (Sterling Blue Music CD Promo)

What an amazing piece of music we've got here... "Chanto Africano" by Sterling Ensemble features thrilling vocals by Tomas Diaz and exquisite melodious chords over a fiery backing, altogether creating an intoxicating tropical feel. A hot selection of different mixes for different situations can be found in the package, including peak time remixes by Marlon D and sublime remixes by Man-X oozing with a lively percussion driven latin rhythms.

Soul Factory "Freak on" (Look Ahead Records CD Promo)

Behind Soul Factory is Spanish DJ/producer Edmund who presents "Freak on", an incredibly deep and sexy production featuring uber cool female vocals and luscious melodies over a deep yet truly laidback backing. Sezer Uysal turns the heat up for prime time action, while Edmund himself gives the track a warmer more organic touch on his remix.

Exclusive Preview: Erykah Badu "Real thang" (Conway's Afro-Cuban Funk)(CD-R)

With his towering take on Erykah Badu's wonderful "Real thang", Neil Conway brings the beloved Basement Boys sound from the early 90's back (he composed many of their timeless classics such as "Scandal" by Ultra Nate or "Gypsy woman" by Crystal Waters to name just two) to the dance floors, melting Erykah Badu's unmistakable vocals with a relentless afro-cuban/funk flavored backdrop and beautiful flute, letting the Basement Boys sound shine all the way through.

Exclusive Preview: Phillip Leo "Second chance" (OldSoul Revival Mix)(CD-R)

Let us take you back to 1994 when this delightful r&b song saw the light of the day (with the infamous Cutfather & Joe providing some slammin' New Jack Swing remixes). Michael 'Mikki Funk' Oconnor sent us his uplifting four-to-the-floor interpretation destined for the soulful dance floors with its soothing melodies, Philip Leo's deeply felt vocals and the stormin' yet soulful backdrop.