review logoSummer heat continues wit this weeks loaded update... enjoy !!

Krewcial & Nimiwari "Whatever it takes" (The Kai Alce NDATL Remixes) (Quantize Recordings Promo)

Back in April, we introduced you to the scintillating four-to-the-floor interpretation of the Anita Baker classic "Whatever it takes" (from her 1990 album "Compositions") prodded by Krewcial and featuring an eminent rendition of the lyrics by Nimiwari. Now track returns in downright fantastic remixes by Kai Alce who adds his celebrated uber soulful and unquestionably masterly touch to take the track to a whole different level....

Lola Vialet "All or nothing" (Terry Hunter Remix) (Mirror Ball Recordings Promo)

In April of this year,  Lola Vialet released the wonderful self-produced "All or nothing", now the song has been reworked by none other than Terry Hunter. Undeniably, Terry Hunter has been pulling out all the stops to take the song to the next level, with his splendorous uber soulful interpretation combining, Lola Vialet's unmatched emotive vocals with bodacious keys and a compelling organic musical backing.

Emmaculate & Lee Wilson "New day" (Mirror Ball Recordings Promo)

Man of the moment Emmaculate joins forces with renowned vocalist Lee Wilson for the magnificent "New day" forthcoming to Mirror Ball Recordings in the comings week.s To make a long story short, "New day" using a smooth yet irresistibly groovin' funk drenched backdrop as foundation for Lee Wilson's unmistakable deeply felt vocals, luxurious keys and lovely  guitars is not to be missed...

DaSoul featuring Djoser Pharaoh "ConnexXxion" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

From Italian DJ/producers DaSoul (Fiorenzo D'amore) and American vocalist Djoser Pharaoh (William Scott) comes the phantasmagorical "ConnexXxion" out now on promo on Vibe Boutique Records. Beyond and doubt, "ConnexXxion" is a beautiful soulful gem featuring the inimitable haunting vocals of Djoser Pharaoh, sublime jazzed-up keys and heavenly pads over a spell binding musical backing that comes highly recommended.

Ronnie Herel featuring Kenny Thomas "The sun will rise again" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

DJ/producer Ronnie Herel is back on Quantize Recordings with a jaw-dropping collaboration with vocalist extraordinaire Kenny Thomas entitled "The sun will rise again". The original is a timeless soul jam oozing with a mellow groove, glorious keys and the unrivaled tempting vocals of Kenny Thomas. Courtesy of Cafe 432 comes an anthemic soulful yet intriguing up-tempo remix sure to cast a spell on you.

Tom Glide vs Nova Vida "My only" (Tom Glide's 6 PM Beach Mix) (TGee Records Promo)

The original version of "My only" by Nova Vida (a new ensemble project from producer Chris Bangs) is a glorious slice of Brazilian samba for the dance floor laced with the amazing vocals of Klei. Now this gem has been reworked by Tom Glide whose formidable mellifluous four-to-the-floor interpretation stays true to the spirit of the original yet oozes with an enchanting sun drenched vibe.

DJ Psycho featuring Moriss Revy "All out sold out" (Corey Holmes Remix) (New Generation Records Promo)

Middle of June, larger-than-life New Generation Records graced us with "All out sold out" by South Africa's DJ Psycho featuring the eminent vocal stylings of Nigerian vocalist Morris Rey (released complete with remixes by Rams Teque and TshegoTMM & Vencer Cafe). Now we can enjoy a fresh remix by Corey Holmes who serves a dope slice of unadulterated underground house goodness sure to rock the floor.

Trinidadian Deep "Jah fe movements" / "Casa profunda" (Phuture Shock Musik Promo)

Deep house maestro Trinidadian Deep returns to Phuture Shock Musik with a mind-blowing two track release (the follow up to 2021's "Dub Rockas EP" and his killer remix for Rosie from the Block). Indisputably, this is Trinidadian Deep at his best, blessing us with his landmark deeply spiritual vibes sure to send the dancers into a frenzy thanks to the inexorable deeply groovin' rhythms, entrancing melodies, uber cool livity chants and sultry vocals.