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Haldo "Crowd People EP" (FatSouls Records Promo)

Italian DJ/producer Aldo 'Haldo' Carpazan makes his debut on renowned FatSouls Records with the stunning deep house release "Crowd People EP". First up is the eponymous "Crowd people" featuring spell binding percussive rhythms, lush keys ans entrancing chord progressions, followed by "The party ground" filled with an infectious organic backdrop, tantalizing cosmic keys and eminent spoken words.

Roxanne Bourne "Midnight honey gold" (iM Electronica Promo)

In summer of last year, we reviewed the phantasmagorical "The end of time" by UK based singer/songwriter Roxanne Bourne, now she is back on Spirit of House with "Midnight honey gold". Without question, this expertly crafted soulful gem featuring Roxanne Bourne's unmistakable sultry vocals alongside sumptuous jazzy keys, sublime horns and intriguing groove is sure to make you yearn for more.

Ruben Vidal presents Blue Six "Very good friends" (Ruben Vidal Afro Edit) (Sugar Groove Promo)

In 2002, Blue Six released their phenomenal "Beautiful tomorrow" album which includes the wonderful down-tempo track "Very good friends" featuring singer/songwriter Catherine Russell. Courtesy of Ruben Vidal comes a vibrant four-to-the-floor rework fusing Catherine Russell's beautiful emotive vocals with luscious keys, ethereal chords and downright irresistibly pulsating afrocentric rhythms.

Soulbridge featuring Ms Lil "Got me feeling free" (Soulbridge Records Promo)

The latest offering from Soulbridge Records is the magnificent "Got me feeling free" a collaboration by Soulbridge (Gigi Frassanito) with vocalist Ms Li. To make a long story short, "Got me feeling free" using a contaminous funk drenched musical backing as foundation for Ms Lil's amazing vocal stylings, bodacious keys and wicked guitar is sure to cast a spell on you... Nuff said.

Geoffrey C & Tasha LaRae "Fall down" (Unquantize Promo)

Unadulterated underground gospel house dance floor goodness awaits you with "Fall down" by Geoffrey C and singer/songwriter Tasha LaRae. To cut right to the chase, the downright inexorable tribaltastic rhythms together with the inspirational powerhouse vocals by Tasha LaRae and phat keys is sure to take over dance floors around the globe by storm... The package is completed by a hypnotizing stripped back dub.

Funky Blackman "Glory (praise him)" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

DJ/producer Funky Blackman makes his debut on Quantize Recordings with "Glory (praise him)", a fervid gospel house stomper coming in an eclectic selection of mixes giving the creative minds plenty of choices to work the floor. Our favorite is the 'Prise Party Mix' an uplifting affair guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy through the inspirational preacher vocals, sublime jazzy keys, wicked guitar, glorious horns and enthralling organic backdrop.