A truly exceptional update awaits you this week, don't miss out...

Vangela Crowe "Butterfly" (Jihad Muhammad Bang the Drum Remix)(New Generation Records CD Promo)

The magnificent "Butterfly" by Vangela Crow, our Pick of the Week from three months ago, returns in a jaw-dropping re-imagination by Jihad Muhammad not to be missed. Without doubt, his 'Bang the Drum' interpretation which combines Vangela Crowe's unequaled sultry vocals with gentle yet thrilling rhythms, sublime keys and celestial chords to take this timeless soulful jewel to a whole new level is guaranteed to cast a spell on you...

Guido P featuring Phillip Ramirez "You lift me up" (Remixes)(HSR Records CD Promo)

In June of last year we were celebrating the marvelous "You lift me up" by DJ/producer Guido P featuring the unmistakable falsetto vocals of legendary vocalist Phillip Ramirez, now this soulful nugget is back in truly stellar remixes by Guido P, DJ Ermi and A&M all adding their signature soulful touch. Believe us when we say it is next to impossible to pick our a favorite as each of these remixes is truly outstanding...

Cafe 432 & Sheree Hicks "Searching" (Soundstate Recordings CD Promo)

London duo Cafe 432 (aka Jonsey and Kevin McPherson) join forces with acclaimed Chicago based songstress Sheree Hicks on "Searching", a brilliant sun drenched production built around a groovey organic backing, lovely guitar, luscious keys and the unrivaled haunting vocals of Sheree Hicks (with superb background vocals by Angela Tarrant, Tamara Johnson and Jermaine Brown). Put differently "Searching" is a top-notch slice of uplifting soulful house music...

Arttis "Strings & Feelings EP" (Timeless People CD Promo)

Timeless People introduce us to South African born DJ/producer Thabiso 'Arttis' Seerane whose eminent "Strings & Feelings EP" features three wonderful tracks: First up is "Feelings of a woman" a super mellifluous slice of soul oozing afro house bliss laced with the gorgeous vocals of Rivoningo Nkuna, lush keys, sweet guitar and gentle rhythms, following are the two dazzling instrumentals "Running strings" and "Lasat class" both creating an utterly mesmerizing feel through compelling grooves and enchanting melodies.

Rhythm of The Rain "Being you" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

From Japanese DJ/producer Rhythm of The Rain (Akihiro Hama) comes "Being you", a masterly orchestrated enticing soulful production oozing with the one-of-a-kind silky-smooth vocals of Colyn, charming guitars, melodious keys and a lively organic backdrop. A truly eclectic selection of soul infused interpretations from the likes of Luyo, Yuichi Inoue and Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax is included in the package, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor.

Andy Compton featuring Tenisha Edwards "Perception" (Peng Records CD Promo)

Renowned DJ/producer Andy Compton has been on a roll in recent months, gracing us with one soulful gem after another... His latest offering "Perception" featuring the beautiful seductive vocals of Tenisha Edwards alongside glamorous keys, heavenly chords and dulcet yet entrancing deep rhythms is no exception, most definitely this is unadulterated soulful bliss...

Exclusive Preview: MGMT featuring Dr. John Garang "With this peace agreement" (Capital Records CD Promo)

We proudly introduce you to the inaugural release on Sudanese Capital Records, the momentous "With this peace agreement" by MGMT (Taha Elroubi & Mahdi Ali Mahdi). This production is a tribute to the late Dr. John Garang who had a vision for a united Sudan, it carries his important message together with delectable jazzy keys and dreamy chords on top of smooth yet captivating afro-deep rhythms.

Digital Nomads "Luna" (Friskybeat Records CD Promo)

The third release for up and rising Friskybeat Records is the ravishing "Luna" by Digital Nomads, a splendid latinesque production fueled with the unique passionate vocals of Colombian singer Daniela Carmona, wicked guitars, delightful keys and a vibrant backing. The 'Deep' mixes give the song a more distinctive deep sound yet stay true to the latin spirit of the original, and lastly DJ Lucho contributes a tempting dreamlike rendition that takes you back to the early days of house music.

Souldynamic featuring Miranda Nicole "For love" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

While we await Souldynamic's (the duo of Luca Ciotoli and Stefano De Magis) debut artist "Origins" to be released later this year, they are set to take over dance floors globally with the  intriguing "For love", a bodacious collaboration with vocalist Miranda Nicole whose incomparable spirited vocals are accompanied by illustrious jazzed-up keys and an enthralling backdrop.

Jose Marquez "Mali blues" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

Here we have something truly special and unique by DJ/producer Jose Marquez who teams up with musicians and singers hailing from Mali, together they present the ingenious "Mali blues" which is a fabulous blend of Jose Marquez signature afro-percussive rhythms with the traditional music from Mali. A truly mind-bogging afro house track sure to send the dancers into a frenzy...

Aeroplane featuring Tawatha Agee "Love on hold" (Glitterbox Recordings Vinyl Promo)

Glitterbox Recordings once again take us back in time with the uber cool "Love on hold" by Aeroplane and vocalist Tawatha Agee (voice of the legendary funk band Mtume). To cut right to the chase, "Love on hold" is an exhilarating trip down memory lane, this subtle blend of Disco/Boogie/Funk brings back the beloved sounds from yesteryear to the discerning dance floor, with Tawatha Agee's amazing vocals being the cherry on top. Before we forget, on remix duty is none other than the master of Disco re-rubs himself, Dimitri from Paris.

Frank Williams & Stingray "OHHYA" (M. Caporale Soul Remix)(Cabana Recordings CD Promo)

In August 2016, we introduced you to "OHHYA" by Frank Williams & Stingray, an utterly enthralling slice of afro-deepness featuring enchanting vocal chants alongside ethereal synth melodies over spell binding rhythms, complete with a resistless tribalistic workout by Justin Imperiale. Now we present to you the incredible re-imagination by M. Caporale who injects his beloved afro-house touch, transforming the track into a soulful yet verily hypnotizing afro-deep affair guaranteed to jam-pack the floor.

Max Marinacci featuring Giancarlo Ciminelli "Alma latina" (Retrolounge Records CD Promo)

Not much needs to be said or written about this wonderful release coming soon to Retrolounge Records... "Alma latina" is a precious summery latin house production by Max Marinacci and musician Giancarlo Ciminelli, with gentle yet intriguing percussive rhythms leading the way for grand jazzy piano and splendorous trumpet. In other words, "Alma latina" is sheer musical bliss...