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Spiteri meets Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel "The power of Disco" (Imagenes Recordings Promo)

London based latin/disco fusion kings Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel pay homage and celebrate the little known work of their fellow Venezuelan countryman and original 70's London disco fusion survivor Spiteri with the paramount "The power of Disco" a glittering truly entrancing slice of contemporary disco/funk/boogie, with the lyrics which are performed in grand style by Spiteri based on a true story from the 70's. Essential.

Sam Q's Night Patrol featuring Maya "The magpie and the squirrel" (Grooveland Music Promo)

Grooveland Music have something truly special in their hands with "The magpie and the squirrel" by Sam Qureshi (taken from this album "Samba of love") a unique and truly ingenious afro/latin/jazz fusion featuring the glorious vocals of Maya. Next to the wonderful original version, the release includes a glamorous lively 'Jazz Version' and intriguing jazz infused afro house interpretations by Doug Gomez sure to make you yearn for more.

FutureFue & Nuzu Deep "Woman so strong" (Doug Gomez Remix)(Merecumbe Recordings Promo)

Watch out for this truly superb Doug Gomez interpretation of "Woman so strong" by FutureFue and songstress Nuzu Deep coming soon to Merecumbe Recordings. Undeniably, the inexorably thumpin' rhythms together with the grand jazzy keys, downright mesmerizing chords and Nuzu Deep's unmatched alluring vocals make this a sure-fire dance floor weapon. Nuff said...

DJ Octopuz "Bagdad night" (Ancestral Recordings Promo)

Up-and-coming label Ancestral Recordings returns to Spirit of House with the phantasmagorical "Bagdad night" by label head Mojalefa 'Octopuz' Tsotetsi. Without question, the enticing "Bagdad night" which features incredible tempting female vocals, gorgeous flute, mellifluous chord progression and beautiful jazzy keys over deep smoothly groovin' rhythms is not to be missed...

George Lesley and Reggie Steele "I need you" (Tribe Records Promo)

South Africa's George Lesley makes his debut on Tribe Records with the outstanding "I need you" a collaboration with New Jersey native Reggie Steele. To make it short, the verily soulful yet captivating "I need you" oozing with the unmistakable heartfelt vocals of Reggie Steele, sublime jazzy keys, celestial chords and gentle yet compelling percussive rhythms is sheer musical bliss...

Ruben Swift Vidal featuring Madam CJ "Time" (Sugar Groove Promo)

The latest offering from Ruben Swift Vidal and his thriving Sugar Groove label is the splendorous "Time" featuring vocalist Madam CJ. To cut a long story short, this magnificent production with a smooth yet spell binding organic musical backing leading the way for luscious keys, lovely flute, sweet guitars and the amazing vocal stylings of Madam CJ is sure to cast a spell on you...

Seamus Haji featuring Bryan Chambers "I got you" (Glitterbox Recordings Promo)

Hot on the heels of his dance floor smash and Glitterbox Recordings debut "Boogie 2 nite", Seamus Haji returns with the follow up single "I got you" a scintillating utterly infectious disco/funk infused production laced with the incomparable truly uplifting vocals by Bryan Chambers. The remix is courtesy of Dr. Packer who injects his signature truly beloved sound to take the track to the next level.

Glenn Gregory featuring Morris Revy "I promise" (Heavy Vibe Records Promo)

We welcome Heavy Vibe Records to Spirit of House with the excellent "I promise" by label head Glenn Gregory and vocalist Morris Revy. Most definitely, the expertly crafted "I promise"using vibrant percussive rhythms as foundation for illustrious jazzed-up keys and the fabulous sultry vocals of Morris Revy is top-notch soulful house music and comes highly recommended.

Lee Wilson featuring Pedro Moreno "Do you love me" (Lee Wilson Music Promo)

We are closing this weeks update with Lee Wilson who is releasing his latest single "Do you love me" independently. Without doubt, this sumptuous soulful production oozing with Lee Wilson's distinctive emotive vocals, grandiose saxophone solo by renowned Pedro Moreno, magnificent jazzy keys and a relentlessly stompin' organic backdrop will send shivers down your spine...