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Exclusive Preview: Plusgroove featuring Nadine Navarre "I told you" (Jakdat Records CD Promo)

Plusgroove featuring Nadine Navarre - I told you Plusgroove return with "I told you", a production taking you straight to the deepest underground with irresistibly thumpin' rhythms, stylish atmospheric synth melodies and Nadine Navarre'sdistinctive vocals which make this something truly special. Besides vocal, dub and instrumentals versions, there is the 'Deep Blue Remix' which intensifies the spacey feel to the max for ahypnotizing dance floor experience. A refreshing release highly recommended to be added to the top of your shopping list.

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Exclusive Preview: Various Artists "Neter Supreme Edits & Resplits WMC '11" (CD-R)

Besides launching his own Original Drum Hsi label, Neter Supreme found the time the to put together the latest chapter in the series of essential edits and re-splits he is celebrated for. As usual they feature a selection of inspirational wonderfully crafted interpretations, all of which stay respectful to the original while taking them straight to the soulful dance floors. And like in the past, we are having a hard time picking out favorites as there is so much outstanding musicianship to be found in the six featured tracks, both from the artists and Neter Supreme's himself (yes we know we repeat ourselves over and over again...). But this is not all as the pack includes a special bonus by DJ Sagi from Israel who takes on "Advice for the young at heart" by Tears for Fears.

Groove Junkies featuring Alexander Sky "The white light" (The Remixes Part 1)(MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

The afro-soca flavored "The white light" which features unique heartfelt vocals by Alexander Sky has been one of our all time Groove Junkies favorites since its first appearance on the "In the Zone" album sampler beginning of 2010. Finally the wait is over and the track gets a full release in two separate packages loaded with a variety of remixes. Part one is kicked off by the Groove Junkies' 'Dawn of a New Day Mix', an utterly soulful yet infectious affair oozing with sheer class. South Africa's Christopher Wilde is next with a deep hypnotic afro-tribal styled dub and an epic 11 minute journey into blissful deep house territory. Di Pascali contributes a groovy deep house interpretation inspired by early Chicago house. Lastly, Groove Junkies and Solara team up for an uber cool relentlessly bumpin' dub workout.

DJ Man-X featuring Don-e "All over again" (Deep Haven Music CD Promo)

Deep Haven Music follow up their recent soulful gem "All I need is you" (which featured vocals by songstress Sara Devine) with the DJ Man-X produced "All over again" featuring the one and only Don-e on vocals and keyboard wizard Selan on keys. Not much needs to be said about "All over again" besides its a timeless masterpiece featuring the inimitable vocals of  Don-e alongside Selan's delightful keys, perfectly arranged over a smooth yet soulful backdrop - an essential slice of soulful blissful-ness not to be missed.

Noelle "Love is the message" (Tony Loreto Remix)(Spirit Sound Records CD Promo)

Courtesy of Spirit Sound Records come these slammin' mixes by Tony Loreto of "Love is the message", a thrilling production featuring deeply felt vocals by songstress Noelle and delicious synth melodies over a contaminous yet smooth percussive backing, altogether creating a mesmerizing feel guaranteed to cause a stir on dance floors around the globe.

Distant People featuring Chappell "If we all can" (Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

You might remember the original funk soaked version of this uplifting production by Distant People and singer Chappell who impresses with a sensitive vocal performance from the labels "WMC20Eleven - Miami Sampler". Now the track here in its full glory, complete with strong remixes perfect for the coming summer months. Will 'ReelSoul' Rodriguez adds his signature soulful jazzed-up touch to the track, while Spiritual Blessings go seriously deep on their ingenious mixes. Steve Paradise turns out a laidback interpretation on a classy funk tip, while Beaten Soul deliver an old school tinged piano driven version.

Leslie Carter & Diamondancer present Goddess NRG "Essence of you" (DagoStaR CD Promo)

AudioJazz Music go from strength to strength, with their latest release being courtesy of singer/songwriter/producer Leslie Carter and poet/songwriter Diamondancer who join forces as Goddess NRG to present "Essence of you" on brand new sister label DagoStaR. Leslie Carter's heartfelt vocals are combined with Diamdondancer's inspirational spoken words and lush keys and chords on the groovy 'Main Mix', while the mesmerizing 'Electro Dub' is a fresh electro-funk soaked affair. On remix duty we have audioJazz who deliver the wicked 'Eagles Wings Remix' fueled with celestial melodies, and Alexandra Hampton who relaxes the vibe on her sensual workout.

Mary Mary "Walking" (DJ Marcuis & The Church Boyz House Remix)(CD-R)

The chart topping "Walking" by Mary Mary (the initial single from their current long player "Something big") has been given an uplifting four-to-the-floor makeover by by DJ Marcuis and The Church Boyz who use a smoothly stompin' backing as playground for the gospel tinged vocals, lovely guitar and stellar keys - the result is sure to please the soulful headz.

Kimara Lovelace "I luv you more" (Sean McCabe Remix)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Sean McCabe's phenomenal remix of the Kimara Lovelace classic "I luv you more" first saw the light of the day on the "Soulful House Journey: Sean McCabe" compilation, now the label decided to give it a well deserved full release complete with dub and instrumental versions. The unmistakable vocals of Kimara Lovelace are taken to the next level on this soulful yet intoxicating interpretation built around an organic backdrop and melodious keys and chords. Also included in the package are the classic Bobby D'Ambrosio and John Ciafone mixes.

Jill Scott "He loves me" (2011 'San Francisco' Remixes)(CD-R)

Remember 2001 when this massive remix by Jay-J and Chris Lum exploded all over the world and everybody tried to get their hands on a copy? Eventually Jill Scott's label released it officially as a hidden track on her live album. There is an interesting story behind the remix, it started off as a "teaching session"... Nuff said, read the full story here. The track has been around for about ten years now, to celebrate Jay-J tweaked the original and did a new remix as well.