review logoWe are back with a regular sized update this wee full of fresh goodies.. enjoy !!

The Miracles "Do it baby" (Morttimer Snerd III Rework) (Miggedy Entertainment Promo)

DJ/producer/remixer Morttimer Snerd III has been on a roll in recent months, and he continues to drop super dope four-to-the-floor reworks of unforgotten gems from the past with his take on "Do it baby" a 1974 hit single recorded and released by Motown Records r&b group The Miracles. Most definitely, this fervid 4/4 interpretation staying true to the spirit and vibe of the original is sure to set the dance floor on fire.

Corey Holmes & Janyce (KoCo) Murray "Demons (in the night)" (New Generation Records Promo)

In late February, we introduced you to "Must be nice" an superb soulful collaboration by producer Corey Holmes with vocalist Janyce (KoCo) Murray, now they are back together to grace us with "Demons (in the night) a soulful yet hypnotizing production which combines the unique enticing vocals of Janyce (KoCo) Murray with sublime jazzy keys, dreamful pads and spell binding percussive rhythms.

Twinbeats "My Bed Room Studio is Deep" (Vibe Music Show Promo)

The latest offering from up-and-coming Vibe Music Show is the fantastic "My Bed Room Studio is Deep" EP by Twinbeats the duo of Phumlani Mthembu and Sphumelele Mthembu. Beyond doubt, each of the five expertly crafted soulful tracks oozing with the amazing vocals of Phumlani Mthembu and Sphumelele Mthembu, entrancing melodies and smooth yet enthralling deepened rhythms will cast a spell on you...

Ace Shyllon featuring Vibrant C "Flowing world" (Metronoyz Records Promo)

In summer of 2021, Metronoyz Records gave us the brilliant dance floor favorite "Flowing world" by Ace Shyllon featuring the eminent spoken word poetry of Vibrant C, now the track returns to the dance floor in brand new remixes. First up is Ace Shyllon with his ingenious afro house rework of the track that is downright mesmerizing, next we have Producer Prime who delivers a scintillating deep house rendition perfect for late night play.

Flowersons "Love of my life" (Remixes) (New Generation Records Promo)

Originally released in early February of this year, "Love of my life" by Flowersons (the duo of Antonio La Contana and Pasquale Campanaro) laced with beautiful tempting female vocals is guaranteed to take over dance floors around the globe by storm thanks to these stellar remixes by Corey Holmes, Shino Blackk and Ricci Melillo all adding their signature soulful yet enthralling touch.

Miguel Montoyo "Too many times" (Music Power Records Promo)

Pure dance floor dynamite awaits you with the Darren Studholme produced "Too many times" by Miguel Montoyo forthcoming to Music Power Records. Available in both latin influenced and soulful interpretations, this uplifting track with vibrant rhythms laying the foundation for Miguel Montoyo's incomparable vocals and bodacious jazzy keys is sure to send the dancers into a frenzy...

Sammy Deuce "Lips to mine" (Salted Music Promo)

We are closing this weeks update with "Lips to mine" by London based producer Sammy Deuce making its way to Salted Music in the coming weeks. Indisputably, both the title track "Lips to mine" as well as "Discobooty" are oozing with an uplifting and truly spell binding Nu Disco vibe sure to cause a stir on the dance floor through the funk infused grooves and bold retro sample based elements.