review logoA firework of soulful house goodness awaits this week... enjoy !!

Melchyor A "Drifting away" (Soul N Pepa Records Promo)

Forthcoming to Soul N Pepa Records is the towering "Drifting away" by France based Melchyor A (Andrianirina Jean Yves). To make a long story short, this timeless soulful production featuring enchanting female vocal stylings, mellifluous keys, heavenly chord progressions and sublime saxophone over a smooth yet spell binding organic musical backing is sure to make you yearn for more...

Jay Caruso & Phie Claire "Dance a little bit closer" (Groovebom Records Promo)

The Vincent Montana Jr written and produced all-time disco anthem "Dance a little bit closer" by Charo and The Salsoul Orchestra (released in 1977 through Salsoul Records) returns in a downright mind-boggling remake by producer Jay Caruso and singer/songwriter Phie Claire. Undeniably, this respectful yet scintillating soulful house interpretation oozing with Phie Claire's eminent rendition of the lyrics and a masterly orchestration is sure to stand the test of time.

Los Charly's Orchestra "Vibration" (Imagenes Recordings)

Los Charly's Orchestra, the groundbreaking music project created by Venezuelans producers Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel, is back with the incredible "Vibration" out now on Imagenes Recordings. Indisputably, this captivating slice of intergalactic jazz/funk/disco/latin infused goodness featuring bodaious keys, wicked guitar and uber cool vocals by Matheus Nova and Raphael Delfino is sheer musical bliss...

Soulface & Venuz Beats featuring Rona Ray "Vogue" (Kevin Sylvester Remix) (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

Don't miss out on this excellent Kelvin Sylvester remix of "Vogue" originally produced by Soulface and Venuz Beats, with the lyrics written and performed in grand style by Rona Ray. Without any question, Rona Ray's inimitable haunting vocals together with the glamorous jazzed-up keys, dreamful chords and compelling funktified musical backing are guaranteed to set the dance floor on fire...

Aretha Franklin "Exactly like you" (Corey Holmes & Wakeel Ali Remix) (New Generation Records Promo)

Legendary New Generation Records present a superb four-to-the-floor remake of Aretha Franklin's timeless interpretation of the classic song "Exactly like you" (taken from the album "The electrifying Aretha Franklin" released in 1962). In short, this wonderful up-tempo rework by Corey Holmes and Wakeel Ali that combines Aretha Franklin's unmatched vocals with grand jazzy keys, celestial pads and intriguing rhythms is sure to cast a spell on you...

Micky More & Andy Tee featuring Kathy Brown & Sheree Hicks "Celebrate" (Groove Culture Music Promo)

Italian duo Micky More and Andy Tee join forces with American vocalists extraordinaire Kathy Brown and Sheree Hicks for a massive disco influenced feel-good anthem entitled "Celebrate". Beyond doubt, "Celebrate" using an infectious funk soaked backdrop as foundation for the impeccable vocal duet of Kathy Brown and Sheree Hicks, lush keys, classy strings and lovely guitars will cause a stir on the dance floor.

DJ Ibanez & Diana Taylor "Reflection" (Unquantize Promo)

Unadulterated dance floor dynamite awaits you with "Reflection" a tribute to house music by DJ/producer DJ Ibanez and vocalist Diana Taylor out now on promo on Unquantize. To cut right to the chase, "Reflection" featuring the momentous vocals of Diana Taylor alongside luscious keys, ethereal pads and enthrallingly thumpin' undergrounds-esque rhythms are sure to send the dancers into a frenzy.

Walter G & Karmina Dai "Do for me" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

Courtesy of Italian DJ/producer Walter G and songstress Karmina Dai comes the lively and captivating "Do for me" destined to take over dance  floors around the globe by storm thanks to Karmina Dai's amazing spoken words & vocals and the glamorous disco oriented instrumentation. On remix duty is DJ Spen who delivers an energetic rework oozing with a hypnotizing deep underground-esque vibe.