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Jocasta "Girls are evil" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

Jocasta - Girls are evil The original version of "Girls are evil" is a ska/pop gem that will catch you with the first listen. This wonderful song has been give the dance floor makeover by the Groove Junkies and Stuttering Munx who both deliver big time. The 'Groove Junkies Classic Vocal' is uplifting vocal madness with a classy instrumentation that will please all soulful heads, while the somewhat tougher 'Groove Junkies Dislectrotech' mixes feature elements from Disco, electro and tech house, with the result being truly unique and irresistible. Next is the 'Groove Junkies Regga House Mix' that makes you feel you're in the Caribbean with its sweet ska/reggae touch. Lastly Stuttering Munx go as deep as it gets, giving the track an atmospheric slightly dark feel.

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Dolls Combers & Logicalgroove featuring Leon "Body & soul" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Manuele Tigani and Vincent Lacerenza (better known as Dolls Combers) team up with P.P Lamantea (also known as Pablodj and Logicalgroove) and vocalist Leon Beal to bless us with the magnificent "Body & soul", a soulful production featuring a gorgeous orchestration with an undeniable uplifting Disco-Funk touch and heartfelt vocals. Pablodj's version is a soulfully stompin' affair oozing with its jazz-funky flavors, while Kuningas contribute a deep and groovy dub on a laidback tip. Finally Nicola Amoruso (aka Amorhouse) and Antony Fennel give you a deep, fierce thumper featuring phat chords and synth hooks.

Lefthander featuring Pouyah "Breaking new ground" (One51 Records CD Promo)

Magnus Wallberg aka Lefthander presents the wonderful "Breaking new ground", a mellow broken beat production featuring jazzy keys alongside sexy spoken word poetry by Pouyah. Miles Borrero takes the track to the next level on his masterly instrumentated, jazzed-up broken beat interpretation, while Undertone (Ed Melconian) contributes a remix on an old school UK garage tip. Richard Earnshaw lends a few tweaks to Undertone's remix go give it his unmistakable, resistless bumpy touch.

Heather Johnson "Love alive" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Earlier this year, Heather Johnson blessed us with the exquisite "Under my skin", now "Love alive" is set to do the same. On "Love alive", Frankie Feliciano combines her sultry, angelic voice with a deeply bouncin', percussion enriched backing and marvelous laidback synth chords - the result is simply outstanding, its not be missed.

Hedi Benromdan and Mustafa featuring Floetic Lara "Under love" (Blockheadz Records CD Promo)

On "Under love", Hedi Benromdan and Mustafa team up with Floetic Lara for the summery, laidback "Under love" which features sultry vocals by Floetic Lara alongside melodic synths and jazzy organs over a smoothly thumpin' groove. Mustafa's remix is a marvelous journey into jazz-funk tinged broken beat, while Leo Cuenca fires the vibe up for groovy dance floor action, with his dub further intensifying the vibe for peak time madness. And then there are the Frisco remixes which feature cool old school styled synth hook over a fierce backing.

Michael Canitrot "Desire" (AIME Music Records CD Promo)

French DJ and producer Michael Canitrot launches his own AIME Music label with a bang as he presents the hands in the air anthem "Desire" featuring uplifting vocals, classic strings and catchy synth hooks and melodies. Various remixes are included in the package, with Richard Earnshaw delivering a soulfully bumpin' rework, while Tuccillo deep and twisted remixes spread a hypnotic vibe. Syke & Sugarstarr take the track to the big rooms, while Mitch LJ & Mark Alston serve a progressive remix.

Exclusive Preview: George Duke "Right on time" (MJ SOS Edit)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Q Harper "Must be my wife" (MJ SOS Edit)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Wil Key "Satisfy my soul" (MJ SOS Edit)(CD-R)

Here we've got more subtle makeovers by Mark Jordan who, as in his previous work, successfully keeps the original vibe intact while giving the songs a new direction. Whether it is George Duke's "Right on time" (taken from last years "Dueky Treats" album), Q Harper's "Must be my wife" (from the 2008 album "One") or "Satisfy my soul" by Wil Key (the title track from his current album), these smooth housed-up interpretations stay respectful to the original versions.

Sunlightsquare "Let's groove" (Sunlightsquare Records CD Promo)

Sunslightsqure return with a cover of the Earth Wind & Fire classic "Let's groove", featuring uplifting Tasita D'Mour and Sol on vocals. The original version is a jazz flavored feel good affair, while the 'Funk & Soul Reprise' versions take you back in time with their 80's rare groove sound. Hedi Benromdan is turning the heat up with an infectious four-to-the-floor groove and captivating keys, with his mesmeric dub being pure peak time action. Mustafa takes the track to deeper yet laidback grounds and gives them a lovely funky twist, and he also contributes a slightly darker dub. Last but not least Frisco serve an electro pop-disco rework.

Wil Milton & Rodney Carter "Life" (Blak Ink Records CD Promo)

With "Life", Wil Milton and Rodney Carter continue their successful collaboration, presenting a contaminous yet soulful deep house gem featuring heartfelt vocals by Rodney Carter, classy strings, lush chords and phat keys, all perfectly arranged over a relentlessly thumpin' funk oozing backing. The package includes a great selection of mixes including a beautiful 'Rhodesapella'.

Clyde "Roll of the beast" (M8MC Records CD Promo)

Clyde (aka Clive Astin) presents "Roll of the beast" which comes your way as a very tasty package of mixes. The original is a funk soaked affair built around a stompin' backdrop, enriched with an enchanting rhodes hook. Atjazz turns up the heat and takes the track to the more broken sides of house, with the added chords intensifying the feel to the max. Christo's vocal is a bouncey affair fueled with sweet melodies, while his Detroit-esque dub delves deeper. Finally, Tim Scott gets bass heavy on his broken beat rework.

Vick Lavender "Chicago Fusion EP Vol. 2" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)

Vick Lavender's "Chicago Fusion EP Vol. 2" includes two masterly performed and produced songs, with "Karlynn's thing" being a mellow jazz fueled gem that will remind many of The Crusaders, while "The Chicago chase (a tribute to Fred Hampton)" is on a more up-tempo jazzed-up house tip. Simply wonderful, timeless music.

Exclusive Preview: Blue Six "You just can't stop" (CJ Giovanni Remix)(CD-R)

CJ Giovanni takes on "You just can't stop" by Blue Six (which was originally released on their 2007 "Aquarian Angel" long player through Naked Music Records) to turn this beautiful song into a laidback housed-up affair that oozes with its lovely jazz-funk flavors from beginning to the end. We just ask ourselves why this song never got a proper single release...

House Pleasure featuring Julie Rush "Sunshine of your love" (Smilax Records CD Promo)

Pina Magri and Roberto Calamia team to present the classy "Sunshine of your love" featuring singer Julie Rush. The summery 'Miami Club Mix' is an uplifting affair featuring powerful vocals by Julie Rush alongside warm melodic keys over a funk soaked groove, while the 'Soulful Mix' uses a catchy piano and jazzy sax over a stompin' backdrop to create a feel good vibe. The powered-up 'Tribal Sex Mix' is the choice pick for peak time play.

Luis Radio & Raffa "Jam jam" (Soulfuric Deep Records CD Promo)

"Jam jam" by Luis Radio and Raffa gives you exactly what you would exact by judging solely by the title: a feel good jam that will bring a smile to your face. "Jam jam" is all about an infectious percussion enriched backdrop and off the chain organ. Ray Jones deepens the vibe and adds wicked synth hooks to give the track a hypnotic touch, while Shane D gets all funky on his take.

Exclusive Preview: Aly-Us "Follow me" (Mauritzio Remix)(CD-R)

"Follow me" by Aly-Us (a timeless house classic produced by Kyle Smith which was released by Strictly Rhythm back in 1992) gets reworked by Mauritzio who turns out a magnificent version built around a remorseless, deeply stormin' groove, with the unmistakable vocals by Super & Kaylin-X getting accompanied by lush synths and keys.

Kid Majesty "The Foundation EP" (Ill Friction Records CD Promo)

Kid Majesty aka Maleet drops an EP full of deep and twisted bombs for the dance floor, with all of the tracks featuring innovative drum programming, captivating synth hooks, cool vocals, relentless beats and grooves and hpynotic melodies. These tracks are perfect to send the crowd into a frenzy !!