Enjoy the latest batch of reviews loaded with funky and techy stuff...

We are kicking of this mid-week update with the Gregory Del Piero remix of "Herbasana on the rocks 2009" by Formentera, a beautiful mellow percussion driven jazzy instrumental which was released back in June as part of a remix package (D:Vision Records CD). SPHUNK (aka Tony Silipo) presents the "Philadelphia Funky EP" which features two versions of "Hypnotizing", with the original being a laidback sun drenched funky groover, remixed by J. De La Fuente & F. Heras into a more club friendly track (Nu Deep Music Records CD Promo). "Born with sunglasses" by Jackie is a relentlessly stompin' funk-house track spiced with Disco elements and lovely effects, reworked by Szato Szatewicz who gives the track an uplifting old-school Disco touch, while Scibi's remix is a more electronic affair (Coffee Bar Music Records CD Promo).

More funky madness comes courtesy of the mighty Filta Freqz guys whose "Dusk till dawn" is a funk soaked house track on a ska tip featuring cool vocals by MC Suspect, coming in none less than five equally great mixes. Also included is the funky as it gets "Show business", with that distinct old skool vibe creating a contaminous feel (Seventy Four Records CD Promo). "Classic floor" by Reegroove (aka Damiano Napoletano & Gennaro Chietri) is a minimal yet infectious funky house track featuring cool synth hooks and keys altogether creating a mesmeric feel. With three varied mixes to choose from, this one will set the dance floor on fire (MusicPlan Tracks Records CD Promo). DJ Dealer's "Hungry" is a tribal house monster that is guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floors thanks to the absolutely resistless vocal chants, drums and percussion on the 'Destroyer Mix', with the smoothed down 'Hallelujah Mix' bringing phat jazzy organs into play, while the 'Beatdown Mix' strips the track down to its core (Look At You Records CD Promo).

But hold on, we are not yet done with the funky vibes for this week... The Funk Believers bring us two massive tracks, with "Phunk me" featuring a captivating female vocal chorus and lush keys over an infectious old school styled funked soaked groove you can't resist to dance to. "The power" is reworked by DeepCitySoul who serve a remorseless jackin' version that oozes with a deep and soulful yet hypnotizing groove and phat keys and chords (DeeCeeEss CD Promo). With "The guardian", Wil Milton presents a deep hypnotizing production built around a contaminous tribal backing, wicked sax and lush keys and chords which altogether create a peak hour feel. The more laidback yet engrossing, funk drenched 'Funky Guardian' version is on a lovely organic tip (Blak Ink Records CD Promo). It has been quiet around ProgCity Deep since February 2008, but now they are back with a massive release by Alton Miller featuring two resistless yet soulful productions tilted "Play the game" and "Time on 2" which both feature Alton Miller's trademark warm synth melodies and sweet vocals over deeply stormin' backdrops. Boris Hotton reworks "Play the game" into a tech-soul banger, while Zero in Something's take on "Time on 2" is a deep atmospheric affair (ProgCity Deep Records CD Promo).

"Dance of the soul" by Positive Flow (featuring spoken words by Zena Edwards) comes in no less than twelve mixes by the likes of Eleanora (deep and melodic), Demarkus Lewis (deep soul-tech vibe), Jay Tripwire (a selection of experimental tech-house mixes) to Version 3 (mesmerizing and organic deep grooves) to Stef LeFrancois (more electronic). A package for all of those into quality deep techy sounds (Stilnovo Records CD Promo). Demarkus Lewis meets his alter ego Leech to present "The maze" coming in two distinct flavors. The mixes by Demarkus Lewis are deep and melodic with a slight techy touch making them the choice for late nite play, while Leech serves a rather dirty slice of jackin' tech-house (Grin Music Records CD Promo). Finally the currently unsigned "SE1" by TT (aka 2Deep aka Tom Bulwer) is raw and dirty and takes you as to the deepest underground with its nasty chords and infectious drums (CD-R).