Truly eclectic yet keeping things sweet soulful - enjoy this weeks update...

D-Reflection featuring Sandy Spady "The other side" (Adaptation Music CD Promo)

Dutch producer D-Reflection and US vocalist Sandy Spady join forces for "The other side", a marvelous production built around a vibrant percussive backdrop and luscious melodies, not to forget to mention Sandy Spady's unmistakable passionate vocals. The 'D's Balearic Reflection' is a glamorous afro-latin flavored deep workout laced with exhilarating melodies, Soledrifter contributes a truly mesmerizing utterly deep workout, The Messenger delivers a wicked old school inspired underground-esque rework, Ivaylo & Slammer drop a contemporary utterly hypnotizing US west coast deep house sound influenced rendition, and finally there is the deep'n'groovey remix by Ollie Viero fueled with a lovely guitar and lush melodies.

Brooklyn Classic "4 the love" (Metro Trax CD Promo)

What we have here is a truly mind-blowing re-imagination of the The Isley Brothers 1975 r&b classic "For the love of you" (taken off their landmark album "The heat is on") by Brooklyn Classic whose interpretation is a wonderful Nu-Disco inspired affair which stays true to the original and oozes with a truly captivating housed-up feel-good vibe. DJ Smash delivers a gorgeously deep'n'soulful percussive rework while DJ Romain serves an infectious jacked-up workout.

Kostafunk featuring CHIDI "Paradise" (Do It Now Recordings CD Promo)

Do It Now Recordings have a beauty in their hands with "Paradise" by Kostafunk, a masterly crafted soul infused production guaranteed to put a spell on you. Enthralling percussive thumpin' rhythms lead the way for CHIDI's incomparable heartfelt vocals, sublime jazzy keys and melodious chords - sheer musical bliss. The Antidotes & Gruv Basement, Earl Tutu and Jazzuelle contribute the remixes, all adding their distinctive deep/soulful/laidback touch, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version...

Juice Foresight featuring Elaine Dowling "The only one" (Deeptown Music CD Promo)

Originally released a few weeks ago on the "Deeptown Music ADE Sampler 2014", Juice Foresight's "The only one" is about to get a full single release complete with stunning remixes by Ross Couch. The original version of "The only one" combines the sweet'n'seductive vocals of Elaine Dowling with glorious keys and a smoothly groovin' backdrop - simply beautiful. Ross Couch delivers both a spectacular truly dazzling 'Club Mix' built around pulsating rhythms and inebriant melodies, and a pair of deepened mixes oozing with an enticing underground-esque vibe.

From the Vault: Butch Quick "Higher" (Karmic Power Records CD Promo)

We are tacking you back in time, way back in time... One of our favorite vocal productions from 1993 (released on the legendary Strictly Rhythm Blue label) finally gets a digital release, straight from the vault of Lenny Fontana who produced this unforgettable classic together with Michael Paternostro. "Higher" is a timeless soulful gem featuring the inimitable emotive vocals of Butch Quick (backing vocals by Althea McQueen, Barbara Tucker, Butch Quick) alongside lovely flute and grand jazzy keys over a gentle yet relentlessly thumpin' backing. There is also the fantastic 'Underground House Mix' giving the song a deeper utterly tantalizing feel. Sounding as fresh and amazing when first released back in the day...

Afro Deep Pick: Rhythmikay "Elements of soul" (4th Quarter Music CD Promo)

The third release on 4th Quarter Music comes courtesy of South Africa's Rhythmikay (aka Kutlwano Moloele) who graces us with the grandiose masterly orchestrated "Elements of soul" EP loaded with three equally brilliant jazz infused instrumental productions. To make it short, each of the three tracks oozes with an enchanting laidback dreamy feel guaranteed to make you yearn for more... Nuff said.

Deep House Pick: Realm of House "Cacique" (Arawakan Records CD Promo)

Not much needs to be said or written about "Cacique" by Realm of House besides this wicked release features two utterly hypnotizing tribalicious underground-esque gems guaranteed to send the floor into a frenzy through the ruthless percussive rhythms, inebriant melodies and uber cool vocal snippets. Undoubtedly, this spiritual release takes you on a inspiring journey to deepest imaginable house music grounds...