As usual we bring you only the best and latest in soulful house music... enjoy...

Circle of Funk featuring Robert Owens "Invisible" (Slapped Up Soul Records CD Promo)

What a heavenly combination we have here... Circle of Funk join forces with legendary singer Robert Owens for "Invisible", a phenomenal soulful deep house gem having timeless written all over.. Robert Owens inimitable vocals and spoken words together with warm melodious keys and thrilling deeply groovin' rhythms make this a sure-fire dance floor weapon. The 'Garage Mix' by Flex turns the track into a remorselessly bumpin' UK Garage affair (think Todd Edwards and you've get the idea).

Husky featuring Natalie Conway "Flashing lights" (Bobbin Head Music CD Promo)

 Lawrence 'Husky' Huskinson, one half of Random Soul and one of Australia's most eminent producers/DJ's, teams up with songstress Natalie Conway for "Flashing lights", a wonderful love song featuring a stellar heartfelt rendition of the lyrics by Natalie Conway, grand strings and luscious keys over a smoothly stompin funked-up backdrop. The utterly fierce Latin tinged 'Sax Ride' mixes feature an illustrious sax solo by Will Farge alongside the vocals - jam packed floors guaranteed.

Grooveboy featuring Aneta Moran "Sunshine" (Grooveboy Music CD Promo)

Grooveboy return to their own label with the uplifting feel-good anthem "Sunshine" which features a hot-blooded saxophone courtesy of Aneta Moran alongside sexy female vocals and lush keys over a deep ruthlessly thumpin' backdrop. South Africa's Pax the Pianist contributes two equally fantastic remixes, both oozing with a superb more laidback jazz infused organic afro-house feel guaranteed to make you yearn for more...

Rescue Poetix "Raspberry kisses" (NeighbourBoysa Remix)(CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to "Raspberry kisses" by RescuePoetix, an entrancing truly precious production featuring the alluring poetry of one-of-a-kind spoken word artist RescuePoetix who talks about the passion of a 'raspberry kiss'. Now we can enjoy remixes by NeighbourBoysa who takes the song to deepest house music territory, combining the unmistakable spoken word poetry with inebriant synth melodies and spell binding afrotastic rhythms. His 'AfroTech' version further intensifies the vibe thanks to pulsating afro-tribal rhythms and ethereal melodies.

Sbonza G featuring LadyBird "Worlds keep turning" (Peng Africa CD Promo)

Peng Africa continue to bless us with nothing but the best in soulful house music, with their latest offering being the debut release by Sbonza G who has made a name for himself with many stellar remixes. "Worlds keep turning" features the amazing touching vocals of the one and only Ladybird, formidable keys and wicked guitar over deep'n'contaminous broken beat styled rhythms. The 'Broken Afro Mix' is a phantasmagorial variation of the original which gives the guitar more room to breath, while Bittersuite contribute a delightful four-to-the-floor interpretation laced with entrancing melodies.

Pure Elevation and Sal Negro "Moments alone" (Ayize Songaa Recordings CD Promo)

"Moments alone" will take you on a blissful journey to deepest soulful grounds, with mesmerizing deeply thumpin' percussive rhythms leading the way for empyreal melodies, not to forget to mention the inspiring spoken word poetry by Sal Negro. The 'Loungin' With A Groove Mix' keeps the vibe deep yet oozes with a relaxed somewhat moody feel, Sal Negro's laidback remix features Spanish lyrics and a brilliant guitar solo, and last not least Tayo Wink injects his beloved deep soulful touch.

Sal Negro and Carla Abayomi "Aiyetoro EP" (Ayize Songaa Recordings CD Promo)

What we have here is the debut release from Ayize Songaa Recordings released a few weeks ago, courtesy of DJ/producer Sal Negro. Three jazz inspired tracks are included in this grandiose package, with the title track "Aiyetoro (peace covering the earth)" being a collaboration with pianist Carla Abayomi - without any doubt, her masterly piano solo makes this deep and gentle yet captivating track something truly special. Next we have "Falling in love" which keeps the vibe deep and soulful yet features gorgeous guitar and heavenly keys, with the 'Different Ending' version adding extra keys by Luguzy Atkins.

SoulPoizen "Herbs & Soul 4" (Herbs & Soul Music CD Promo)

The "Herbs & Soul 4" EP features five new productions and one remix by Nkosingiphile 'SoulPoizen' Ngiba, all of which let us experience the unique afro-deep house sounds by this up and rising DJ/producer from South Africa. His ingenious blend of afro-deep with tech and tribal elements is guaranteed to put a spell on you. And most importantly, whether it is the awe-inspiring instrumentals or the vocal productions featuring Sonwabile 'Sobz' Gxabana and Nkanyiso 'Biggie' Mntungwa, these tracks are guaranteed to jam-pack the dance floor...

Exclusive Preview: Robin Thicke featuring Pharell & T.I. "Blurred lines" (Sugar Groove Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Anita Baker "Lately" (Tony Loreto Remix)(CD-R)

It is time again to bring you our choice selection of edits and (bootleg) remixes we got in the past few days and weeks... "Blurred lines" is a wonderful song recorded by American r&b recording artist Robin Thicke (for his 2013 album of the same name) which has been given a subtle truly melodious and soulful four-to-the-floor makeover by Ruben 'Swift' Vidal, featuring sublime keys by Yoel Ben Yehuda and lovely bass & guitar by Alfredo Norese. Last summer, Anita Baker released a beautiful cover version of Tyrese's 1998 r&b classic "Lately" (taken from her album "Only forever) which has been reworked by Tony Loreto into a thrillingly thumpin' 4/4 affair laced with glamorous keys.