Enjoy the latest batch of reviews on a deeper, more tracky tip...

Dam Dam Deep from Rennes/France presents the lovely "In your Head EP" featuring two groovy deep house tracks. Both "Black point" and "Up & down" take you back in time with their old school flavored grooves and warm synth melodies and chords, with the latter one being on a more laidback tip (Nu Deep Music Records CD Promo). Jeremy Sylvester teams up with jazz singer and songwriter Patsey Fuller as JCS to take on the jazz standard classic "Undecided", with the result being a stormin' deep house interpretation combining infectious melodies with groovy backdrop and sexy vocals (Love House Records CD Promo).

Baldeloox present parts one and two of the "All Front and No Back EP" by Bryzey and Smitch, with all of the six included tracks using contaminous, funk soaked grooves as playground for warm keys and synths, always keeping the overall feeling soulful and deep (Baldeloox Records CD Promo). The mellow "C'est nuit" by HappyMartinos features sultry French vocals courtesy of FunkyFun over a deeply thumpin' backdrop that is enriched with sweet synth melodies, with the 'UMH Midnight Mix' slightly firing things up with a percussion driven, smooth tribal groove (iMusic Underground Records CD Promo).

The three track "Unkindled EP" by Eddie Hudson gets kicked off with the mesmeric "Soul after" featuring warped keys over a relentless groove, followed by the tougher "Unkindled" which is more of an edgy affair with spaced-out synth melodies. Lastly there is the housier "Upper volta" which is built around a bass driven backing and topped with lush atmospheric pads (Muted Trax Records CD Promo). Subsky presents the "Spacey Sense EP" offering a selection of strong deep house tracks. "We never grow up" is a journey into thumpin' deep house with an atmospheric touch, with the title track "Spacey sense" expanding the atmospheric feel for a more captivating spacy vibe. For hypnotic, Detroit inspired tech-house look no further than "Ups & downs" (ProgCity Deep Trax Records CD Promo).

Leftander and Pete Gust team up as Lefthander on the "Loosing It EP". The title track "Loosing it" is a stompin' deep house affair loaded with phat spaced-out melodies perfect for peak time play, while the more laidback "I need you know" features both jazzy keys and lovely synth melodies (Cabrio Records CD Promo). Harold Heath presents the "Waiting for the Sun EP" which brings you two deep tech flavored tracks. "Waiting for the sun" is a groovy deep house production on a slight techy edge featuring sweet female vocal samples and great chords, while "Technique two" is a rather progressive yet truly melodic, deep orbital tech house monster (Deepology Digital Records CD Promo).

"Bedtime party" by Jackie (aka Jacek Majer from Warsaw/Poland) features warm melodic keys, sweet chords, lovely guitar riffs and a funky as hell bassline which together with the stompin' groove create a feel good vibe. Groove Cocktail relax the vibe on their 'Bad Sax Dub' and use a cool sax and wicked organs to give the track a jazz-funky feel (Coffee Bar Music Records CD Promo). With "Only n your mind", Rasmir presents another one of his relentless productions, using a deep and groovy yet laidback, funked drenched backing (with a hotter than hot bass) as base for sexy spoken words and sweet synth melodies and phat chords. "Only n your dirty mind" nicely varies the bass to give the track more of a jazzed-up feel, while "Only n your house" drops that bass for a more classic house vibe. A dub of the main version completes the package (Mantree Records CD Promo).