Picks of the Week

Groove Junkies featuring Indeya "Music's gotcha jumpin'" (2007 Remixes)(MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

MoreHouse celebrate their 25th release with a stellar remix package of the timeless "Music's gotcha jumpin'" which features a powerful vocal performance by the incomparable Indeya. Jay-J delivers a disco-house reworking with keys provided by Scott Wozniak that is absolutely relentless, with the dub being on a classic Philly-Disco tip that brings back memories of the glory days of disco and its timeless classics. Next there is the 'Liquid People presents Danism Remix' which uses moody chords over a fiercely stormin' backing groove, with additional male vocals amplifying the already intense vibe. One not to be missed!

Ananda Project "Fireworks" / "Universal love" (Remixes)(NiteGrooves Records Digital Download)

NiteGrooves present a wonderful double header featuring phat remixes of "Fireworks" and "Universal love", both lifted of Ananda Project's forthcoming album "Fire flower". Blaze take on "Fireworks" and give it a laidback reworking perfect for loungin', with marvellous keys accompanying the incredible voals by Terrence Downs, all beautifully arranged over a smooth percussion driven backing groove. Jay-J's reworking of "Universal love" uses a bouncy groove and warm melodic keys to create an uplifting feeling that is guaranteed to get everybody dancing.

More Reviews

Exclusive Review: The Jazzcodes "The music tells me" (Unsigned CD-R)

Behind The Jazzcodes is Michele Chiavarini (who you might remember from his work as Nova Fronteira or as one half of Boriqua Bandits, D&M Project or Disiciples of Phunk), a keyboard maestro that worked with many greats of the music scene in the past. "The music tells me" is a marvellous production that blends jazz with a deeply thumpin' house beat, with the horns, piano and live bass giving you the feel you're in a jazz club. An incredible track that hopefully will see the light of the day soon.

DJ Oji featuring Kolai & DJ Oji featuring Esteban and Tettris "Sax You / "Non-believers" (NiteGrooves Records Digital Download)

DJ Oji presents two slammin' productions that blend jazzy, afro and funky vibes. First up is "Sax you", a smooth yet deeply stormin' percussion enriched afro-funk groover featuring beautiful jazzy piano and saxophone alongside a sexy vocal by Kolai. "Sax you" is featured on this release in an eclectic ten minute Danny Krivit edit. "Non-believers" feaetures Esteban and Tettris and is on a more distinctive afro-funk tip, with wicked sax, trumpet and hammond organ solos sitting on on top of a deeply rumblin' groove.

Jephte Guillaume presents "Shining your way" (KingStreet Records Digital Download)

Jephte Guillaume teams up with japanese songstress AK for the delightful "Shining your way", a mellow production that is beautifully instrumented and arranged, with AK providing a sweet yet sexy vocal performance over a laidback percussion enriched groove. The dub tightens the groove and takes it a slightly deeper, letting it spread a more organic feeling.

Exclusive Review: Keith Worthy "She loves me not" / "Beat the beat up" (Aesthetic Audio Recodrs CD Promo)

Keith Worthy returns with the second release on the Detroit based Aesthetic Audio label. "She loves me not (Original Deepstrumental)" is a deeper than deep, with sweet percussion accompanying the smooth beats while the spaced-out keys create a laidbadk vibe perfect for afterhours/early morning play. The alternate 'Mental Deepstrumental' adds a slight techy edge to the track. "Beat the beat up" is a typical Detroit-ish tech house track with moody keys over a techified beat.

Joe Rizla & Trinidadian Deep "The Headz EP" (Black Keys Music Records CD Promo)

It has taken some time, but now Joe Rizla is starting to release his productions through the brand new Black Keys Music label. The first release will be "The Headz EP" which features "Voices in my head" by Joe Rizla and his partner Trinidadian Deep which we've already reviewed in our Miami 2007 update. It is a track reminiscent of older Ron Trent/Anthony Nicholson/USG productions with its spheric keys and deeply stormin' groove. The second track on the EP is "The morning after" by Joe Rizla himself, a laidback track perfect for afterhours play with its spheric keys over a percussion enriched deeply rumblin' groove. Digital Downloads will be available through Juno Download and Stompy.

Rasmir Mantree "A place on earth" (Mantree Records Digital Download)

With "A place on earth", Rasmir Mantree continues to release house music that stands out from the mass of other releases thanks to the ideas used and the innovative blends of different musical genres. "A place on earth" cleverly combines elements from house, jazz, funk and even adds a rock-ish guitar with the result being something unique and fresh. The 'Hidden Mix' gives the track a deeper, more laidback feeling while the 'Cavern Mix' has a more aggressive edge to it. Digital Downloads are available through Stompy, AfrodesiaMP3 and Wasabeat.

Gap Tooth Gypsys "Yagatsta feel good" (SunSoaked Records CD Promo)

"Yagatsta feel good" is a feel good production featuring a catchy vocal performance by Cojack alongside epic strings, funky guitars and a classy brass section that altogether give this track a definite disco vibe. Eddy G's interpretation is a rather stripped down affair built around a punchy beat, while Sam Gibbons uses a retro-styled disco house groove as base for the vocals and disco flavors. Soularis power the beat just a tad and add additional keys to intensify the vibe. Also included is a 'CojackApella' for the creative minds.

Collective Sound Members "Believe" (KingStreet Records Digital Download)

Collective Sound Members is a Dutch-based production ensemble presenting a lovely four track EP that is kicked of with "Believe", a thumpin' track featuring sweet female vocals, melodic keys and twangy guitar that give it a soulful feeling. Next is late nite destined "Cover story" which uses a deeply hammering bassline as base for jazzy keys and lovely guitar riff, while "Switch" is a cool track featuring sweet female vocals, a sexy saxophone and melodic keys over a deeply stormin' beat. Lastly there is "Never let go", a laidback affair featuring a warm instrumentation that gives it a loungey vibe.

Mustafa "Por causa de voce menina" (Stalwart Records CD Promo)

"Por causa de voce menina" by Mustafa just found a home on Stalwart Records, after being a favorite with many on Mustafa's "WMC 2007 Sampler". The original is a laidback downtempo production perfect for chilling that is reworked by Mo' Horizons into a serious latin jazz affiair. Leo Cuenca's vocal version is a soulful and sweet interpretation that keeps the flavors of the original alive, with his dub taking it deeper with a fired-up groove while the irresistible piano line is put centerstage.

Hippies in Space featuring Lee Anderson "Keepin' it simple" (White Lotus ClubRecords CD Promo)

In its original form, "Keepin' it simple" by Hippies in Space is best described as being a midtempo space-funk production featuring sweet vocals by Lee Anderson. Raul Moros uses a stompin' 4/4 beat and a catchy piano to rework the track into a hands-in-the-air affair, while Groove Rebels give it an electrofied makeover that is the choice for the bigger rooms.

Joey Youngman "Unconditional" (Franchise Player Records CD Promo)

Joey Youngman teams with vocalist Four Feet on "Unconditional", a relentless house stomper that is spiced with funky ingredients and features wicked keys alongside soulful vocals. The dub strips the vocals, letting the Zapp & Roger styled keys taking over their part. The bonus track "Dilated" is classic Joey Youngman style, featuring great keys and cut-up vocals over a deeply rumblin' backing groove.