The wait is over!! Aaron Ross and Neil Pierce finally drop the long awaited full length album of their Fanatix project by the end of April on BBE Records. It features various illustrious guest such as Alex Mills, Sara Divine, Sterling Ensemble, Kadija Kamara, Dionnne Mitchell, Shaun Escoffery, Tonya Renee and Lady Alma that all contribute to this masterpiece. We've already praised "Open your eyes", the first single to be lifted from the album - now after having listened to all tracks for a couple of times, it must be admitted that Aaron Ross and Neil Pierce are at their best here, delivering soulful house of the highest caliber.

Independent if you listen to the vocal or instrumental tracks of the album - they won't get of your mind for a long time to come thanks to the soulful yet resistless grooves, passionate vocals and masterly orchestration, and the spirit and uplifting energy of the tracks are guaranteed to take you to a higher place. One of the best albums in a long, long time, one that has timeless classic stamped all over it.