Welcome to Volume 5 of our new format called Short Reviews on Spirit of House. Enjoy this deep, partly instrumental mixshow that will take you on a hypnotic journey...

Summer is definitely here (even though it feels more like fall today in Switzerland), and with "A tu lado" by U-Ness which features a sweet and sexy vocal by Robina, there is a lovely catchy Balearic house track coming your way in different flavors that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and keep you groovin'. Whether you prefer it chilled, laidback or powerful for peak time play or the main room, its all here in this package (Soulheat Records CD Promo). Alex Dimitri takes on Booker T's "Too bad" (which features Dillys) and turns the track into a fiercely stormin', funk oozing soulectro (that is what we call the combination of soul with electronic sounds) house track which is absolutely relentless (CD-R).

Next we see the debut of Joey Kay on Spirit of House, but those following what is happening in Chicago will certainly be familiar with his name (he had his debut release "Eclectiz" in 1994 on the now defunct House Jam label). At the beginning of this year, he established the Blacklightroom Digital distribution which releases music from different artists through various download stores. Among his recent releases are the "Just Chill EP" featuring the percussively groovin' "Over now" and the deeply rumblin' "Just chill" featuring lovely atmospheric chords as well as "Automated", a smoothly thumpin' affair featuring jazzy keys alongside lush synths (CD Promo).

New York City's Cloud 9 presents the truly wonderful "The Awakening EP" featuring a great selection of tracks that will take you on a pleasant journey through deep house grooves ranging from sultry over afro-flavored tribal beats to dark hypnotic rhythms. Another sure shot winner for CyberJamz Records guaranteed to rock the dance floors (CD Promo). The next release on Soul Selection Music will be "Feel so free" by Ben Tom & Nacho Vega, a stompin' tech-house track that creates a captiving feel, with Juan Sanchez providing a phat remix that is taking the track to deeper hypnotic grounds (CD Promo).

You should be familiar with Claude Monnet's Back to Fundamentals project by now that aims at giving you a precise idea how house music has been perceived in France, and their latest release showcases to of their heavy weight producers. DJ Fudge turns out an irresistible track titled "My definition of House" that is all about the memorable piano hook and uplifting strings over a drivin' groove, while Franck Roger goes deep on his take, serving a mesmerizing track featuring captivating synths over a deeply rumblin' groove (SSOH Records CD Promo).

Next we have an Exclusive Preview for you: Eddie Nicholas presents something a little different with "Ghumba", a deep track mixed and produced by Adam Cruz that is driven by a relentless tribal beat, with Eddie's hypnotizing vocals, the percussion elements and wicked synths altogether creating a hypnotic feeling that is destined to rock any dance floor. (Mixtape Session Records CD Promo). Kerri Chandler's 1999 club smash "Heal my heart" gets the remix treatment by Quentin Harris (or what he calls it 'Re-Production') who turns out a dark reworking, with Treasa 'Diva' Fennie's passionate vocals shining over the raw'n'gritty groove that is enriched with lush atmospheric synths (KingStreet Records CD Promo).