Welcome to Volume 4 of our new format called Short Reviews on Spirit of House. This one is quite a departure from our usual style as it gets techy, but nevertheless we hope you enjoy it...

But before getting techy, we kick things off with the Deepswing remix of Wiz Khalifa's "Say yeah" that is all about the wicked synths a fiercely stormin', funk soaking groove (CD-R). Our Italian friend Mr. Mama has the "Deepah EP" coming soon which features the two previously reviewed tracks "Thoughts" (a magnificent deep house track built around a deep yet smooth groove that is all about the wicked keys and organ chords that give the track a wicked old-school vibe) and "Love's drop" (a slammin' track kicking off with a simple yet hypnotic groove that is built around deeply thumpin' beats that are enriched with percussion elements and drums, before at around the middle of the track an absolutely irresistible piano and spacey chords comes in to take the track to the next level, amplifying the already intense vibe)(616 Records CD Promo). But we also have a brand new track from Mr. Mama titled "United Nations" that makes use of a captivating tribal beat, spacey synths and lush chords to create a hypnotizing feel on the dance floor (CD-R).

Big Cee & Julz return with two deep tracks. First is "Tom Tom - Dub" that samples the vocal hook of India's "I can't get no sleep" over a minimal percussion enriched beat, with the synths adding some warmth to it. "Wonderland" is built around a deeply rumblin groove that gets topped with catchy synth hooks and filtered vocals to create a deep, mesmerizing vibe (CD-R). Spiritchaser present the second volume in their "Spiritlevel" series that includes three lovely tracks. "Not far" is a deeply groovin' track on a laidback tip featuring lovely synth melodies and sexy female vocals, while "Coral" is even deeper and on a more minimal tip, sparkled with beautiful melodic keys. Lastly there is "Time will tell" that features male spoken male words and laminar chords over a phat hypnotic groove. (Guess Records CD Promo).

Logic Fusion Orkestra presents "Tales from the Musicroom Part 2", a slammin' three track EP full of magnificent deep house grooves. "Afrodiziak" makes use of relentless ritualistic groove that together with the spaced-out synths creates a captivating feeling, while "Back 2 you" is more of an ambient-ish chill out track with dreamy chords over a deeply thumpin' groove. Lastly "Guru nights" gets groovy with a bouncin' beat leading the way for melodic chords (Next Dimension Music Records CD Promo). Scott Grooves takes us on a journey into deep sophisticated Detroit house with his latest three track EP "Prove myself deep". Both "Prove myself deep" and "Adapt" make use of acid tinged synths over captivating beats to create a hypnotic vibe, while "Patience" uses melodic chords over bumpin' beats to create a deep mesmerizing feel (Natural Midi Records CD Promo). Closing is "UFO sighting" by Tribes of Selegna, a deep instrumental track full of spaced-out sounds created by wicked synths and chords layered over a laidback percussion enriched groove. Plusgroove strengthen the vibe with a tribalised beat on their remix, with additional synths and a jazzy piano by Gene King (courtesy of Shines Records) added. Their second remix strips things down to let the piano do the talk (Plusgroove Records CD Promo).