Image This is a brand new series by the label that brought us all the Salsoul reissues that will focus on underground disco rarities and future club classics. This series is not about the well known classics you can still hear on radio and easily find as they have been released on many compilation - this series is all about rare and esoteric underground sounds from the glorious era nowadays referred as 'Disco' (to get rid of any confusion: that's the era of the late 70's, early 80's when clubs like Studio 54 and Paradise Garage in New York were hip). A weird and wonderful selection can be found here, including "Won't you try" by Udell, "So much for love" by Moment of Truth (the rare instrumental is featured here!), "Make it last forever" by Donna McGhee (yes, that's the original), "It's so good to know" by Best Friend Around, "Moon maiden" by Luv You Madly Orchestra, and many many more. Get this CD, let it take you back in time and explore the underground of Disco. And don't miss to read the liner notes as they offer lots of interesting information.