Suges featuring Michael Dave Dizon - I'll be there

A former Pick of the Week in May 2009 when originally released on Iwanai Records, the marvelous "I'll be there" by Suges which features heartfelt vocals by Michael Dave Dizon gets a welcome re-release on Soulstream Records. The release features none less than fourteen versions and comes complete with the timeless original version, Suges own 'Steampunk Mix' and the Guy Robin remix from the 2009 release, and it also includes an eclectic selection of brand new remixes by 83 West, Kojo Akusa, ManyMore, Oral Deep, PM Project, $moove, Gene King and Jazzmattik (and we've almost forgot to mention that you also get the acapella). The bottom line is that this stellar package offers something for everyone, and it certainly is one of the vocal house records of 2011. Nuff said.