Exclusive Preview: DJN Project "Take you away" (Vega Records CD-R)
DJN Project "Beautiful people" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Image DJN Project (Ruben 'Swift' Vidal & Rick 'Galactik' Wilkinson) took the dance floors by storm last year with "Don't let it stop" and "Have a nice day", and this year looks to be even bigger with lots of projects in the works (featuring artists such as Arnold Jarvis, Kenny Bobien or Michelle Weeks). Available now is "Beautiful people" (on SoundMen on Wax), an uplifting production featuring heartfelt vocals and lush synth melodies over a remorseless backing guaranteed to spread a feel good vibe. Vega Records will release the soulful yet captivating "Take you away" in May, a wonderful production featuring gorgeous keys, wicked guitar and exquisite vocals (solos by Prinz of Black Eyed Peas, Louie Vega and LV of Nasty Beat Makers) over a subtle funk soaked backdrop. You can watch the video of "Take you away" on YouTube.