Image In the past, there was once a track called "Track 1" by house music legend Kerri Chandler released as part of the "Atmosphere EP" through Shelter Records (later also known as "Atmosphere" as dubs were released by Ibadan Records, and you might also remember further remixes which sampled the vocals of "You are in my system" by The System to full effect) that keeps on rockin' dance floors around the globe since then... Now today we've got "Track 1 Revisited" which transforms this timeless house anthem into a classic for the 21st century. Five mixes to choose from, either featuring amazing keys, jazzy saxophone by Nadir Simon or both in a hot combination, with the subjacent musical backings being absolutely ruthless. Get back in time with the 'New Old School Mix', keep on jammin' to the 'Jazz Mix' or choose one of the other three mixes for a deep house extravaganza seldom heard. Simply Kerri Chandler at his best. And the manĀ  himself talks about more mixes coming soon... can't wait to hear them !!