DaSouL & Fabry Diglio - Neapolis Jazz EP With the "Neapolis Jazz EP", DaSouL and Fabry Diglio present a phenomenal release featuring two marvelous jazz influenced productions. First up is "Sea of love" featuring an incredible flute over a live instrumentated broken beat flavored backing in the 'Flute Mix', with the housed-up 'Sax Dub' replacing the flute with a sax. Mad Boss joins them on the 'Sax Remix' to deliver a vintage take, Aaron Ross reworks the track for the dance floors by adding a resistless 4/4 groove and Jose Carretas serves a classic interpretation on a laidback tip. Next is luxurious "Sun city" available in the organic 'DaSouL, Fabry Diglio & Mad Boss Mix' and Matthew Bandy's fiercely thumpin' 'Limestone Mix'.