Suges - All over my body The seminal all-time classic "All over my body" launched Suges career about ten years ago, first appearing on the "Suges Wrex Shop" EP (Gemma Records) before getting a full 12" release (Jinxx Records). Now this timeless piece of music returns, making all the classic versions from back in the day available in digital format, and new mixes by Jason B, Martino and Suges himself are included to. "All over my body" was created with a synthesizer with 15 seconds of sampling time, a vocoder and vocals from Suges then girlfriend (who actually couldn't thing, thus the vocoder) only, and it soon became an underground anthem. Martino's historic 'Caramel Remix' is all about a two-bar loop and filter effects, while the 'Nu Vocal' features re-sung vocals by Limore. Fast-forward to the present: Jason B reworks the track into a deep groovy affair fueled with gorgeous melodies, while Martino presents a silky chill-out interpretation. But then there also are Suges' own remixes: "All over my body II" recorded in 2004 and "All over my body III" recorded in 2009. Completing the package is the yet unreleased 1998 demo version.