Deepconsoul - Goodies Vol. 6A couple of weeks ago, we were graced with "Soul in me" the latest album by South African ensemble Deepconsoul that is nothing short of phenomenal, now they bring us the verily eclectic "Goodies Vol. 6" which is equally as impressive and features truly superb collaborations with Cmpra, Cosmiq, Denny Dugg, Lady LeSoul, Mthandazo Gatya, Pinno, Audiology, Giga, MluMakeys, Sandile, ReubzenSoul, Shimmytones, Jah Band, Ras Vadah and SoulVista alongside jaw-dropping remixes of "Could be" by Messive featuring Musa, "Darkness" by Room 806 defeatism's Holi M, "The people" by Sacred Soul and "Crush" by Zhane. Quite simply, "Goodies Vol. 6" is an essential addition to your collection.