Stalwart 5 Years Part 1 In the fall of 2004, DJ Rork, Olivier Velay and Jean-Christophe Nicolas set up Stalwart Records, with the first release being "Never" by Jay "Sinister" Sealée vs. Earth, Wind & Fire. The label has released many house classics since then, from artists such as Michelle Weeks, Aaron Ross, Kentphonik, Steal Vybe, Mustafa, Lenny Fontana, Joi Cardwell, Dom Navarra, Steven Stone to name just a few, putting them among the most respected soulful house labels. To celebrate their five year anniversary, the label presents a retrospective compilation which also includes the laidback and jazzy "U thando", Kentphonik's follow up to "Hiya kaya" featuring sensitive vocals by Mimi. Volume 2 will be released by end of this year. A full DJ mix by DJ Rork is also available.