Ralf GUM and his GoGo Music imprint are known and beloved for the variety and mixture of styles on both their productions and releases. Now finally Ralf Gum unveils his long awaited debut artist album titled "Uniting Music" that brings together some of the most in-demand vocal artists such as Monique Bingham, Wunmi, Inaya Day, Diamondancer, Hanna Hais and Beate S. Lech as well as new talents in form of Rachel Claudio or Mike Avery to create a unique blend of soulful dance music coming your way as a deliciously arranged and mixed continuous play album, melting influences from soul, afro-latin, jazz, house and more, with guest musicians such as flute player Oliver Leicht and Raw Artistic Soul Brass Section adding their unique touch to the project.

A total of eleven tracks are featured on the album, all taking you on such a delightful journey of masterly performed vocals, dreamy melodies, groovy beats and hypnotic late night rhythms you'd wish it would never end, with the only imaginable option to be to listen to the album over and over again. Without any doubt: what we've said last week about Fanatix' long player applies for this one too: one of the best albums in a long, long time, one that has timeless classic stamped all over it.