After skipping last years Winter Music Conference (WMC) in Miami, I decided to give it a "go" this year (to be honest, at the end I did regret my decision to skip last year - simply for the reason to have missed the chance to meet lots of my friends, enjoy the great location and have lots of fun). Some of you did already ask me about my feelings of this years WMC - and my initial response was something around the lines "...I did never really get into it, the conference still faces the same problems I complained about in the past years...". But now that the conference is over for a few days, and I had time to think about it in more details - did I change my mind?

I decided to take a step back this year while attending the WMC and enjoy as much as possible, with no pressure whatsoever on my end with regards to providing daily updates.

However rest assured that a recap will be published shortly after the WMC. I recommend you read my previous Miami/WMC recaps as this will likely help to get the points to be made in this years recap...

Mike Fossati
Chief Editor



As mentioned earlier, the weather wasn't that good on Monday in Miami, so I decided to do some shopping. One of the stores I hit was at Uncle Sam's Music, a record store I regularly stopped by the first years I attended the WMC.

Back at the time when vinyl was state of the art (think of 2001 or 2002), DJ's and music maniacs alike went to the store regularly as it was an open secret that labels dropped a portion of their promos there. I remember that Soundmen on Wax hooked  me up with some of their promos, but not all of them. So the next day I went to Uncle Sam's Music and bought the rest to complete the package.

But how things changed between then and now... back in the day there were at least half a dozen turntables and tons of vinyl to check out, including a large classics selection (some of them obviously bootlegs), but nowadays the turntables are gone, and the store has extended his offering with lots of other articles such as clothing...

Sadly that good old feeling of buying vinyl has definitely gone...

Mike Fossati
Chief Editor

...was kind of a "hell ride" from New York to Miami yesterday. The plane had a delay of 70 minutes, and then I ended up waiting almost an hour for the baggage. As some of you may know, I don't like flying to much, so imagine what kind of mood I was in yesterday evening...

Looking at the weather forecast, there might be clouds and even rain this week (as a matter of fact, there was some light rain earlier today)...

The WMC starts tomorrow, and I already secured my copy of the printed version of "The List"  containing a breakdown of all the parties. Just have to check if they list everything relevant or miss some of them...

Mike Fossati
Chief Editor

So, what is the reason you go down to Miami every year? Is it to enjoy the great location, to chill or simply to enjoy the parties with your friends? Is it to do networking and meet the people you talk and chat all year long? Or is it to sign a contract in some way (get a production deal, sign your tracks to compilations or labels, get bookings as DJ)? Well, depending what the reason is you came down to this years Winter Music Conference (WMC), you either will call it a success or a disappointment - read on to find out about my feelings and whether I consider it a worthwhile experience or not.

Below is my diary of Miami 2008 which has already been posted at InDaMix Worldwide during the Winter Music Conference.

Below you find a selection of flyers for some of the many parties taking place during the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

Enjoy the great artwork !!

The following is an exlusive party selection by Michael Fossati. For a full list of parties and more detailed information, please check the WMC List.

Last updated March 17, 2008

Defected In the House @ Set Miami on Tuesday 25th March (11pm - 5am) 

DJ Lineup includes Junior Jack & Kid Crème, Joey Negro, DJ Spen, DJ Gregory, Hardsoul, Funkerman, Copyright, DJ Yass, ATFC, Simon Dunmore, Aaron Ross and Shovell on percussion.


This year, the Winter Music Conference takes place from March 25 to March 29 at the Miami Beach Resort & Spa in Miami Beach, USA. No M3 Summit this year as far as we are informed.

Michael Fossati will arrive in Miami in the evening of March 23. He will leave Miami on April 2 to fly back home to bring you his yearly gigantic Miami update with all the latest tunes.

If you want to arrange a meeting with Michael, please contact him by email. Michael will stay at the

Viscay Hotel
Adresse 960 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach (Florida), FL 33139

Last year I was writing in my recap "...If you have been following my daily Miami diary on InDaMix Worldwide (now also archived here on Spirit Of House), you know about my mixed emotions of this years Winter Music Conference (WMC) and M3 Summit...".  Basically, I got home with the same overall feeling from this years conference as I did not see an improvement of things. In fact I would say there was another downfall this year, albeit not as strong as last year. Considering the fact that the people behind the M3 Summit, lots of artists, DJs and labels decided to skip this year, I don't think I'm alone with my feelings.

Below is my diary of Miami 2007 which has already been posted at InDaMix Worldwide during the Winter Music Conference.

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