As mentioned earlier, the weather wasn't that good on Monday in Miami, so I decided to do some shopping. One of the stores I hit was at Uncle Sam's Music, a record store I regularly stopped by the first years I attended the WMC.

Back at the time when vinyl was state of the art (think of 2001 or 2002), DJ's and music maniacs alike went to the store regularly as it was an open secret that labels dropped a portion of their promos there. I remember that Soundmen on Wax hooked  me up with some of their promos, but not all of them. So the next day I went to Uncle Sam's Music and bought the rest to complete the package.

But how things changed between then and now... back in the day there were at least half a dozen turntables and tons of vinyl to check out, including a large classics selection (some of them obviously bootlegs), but nowadays the turntables are gone, and the store has extended his offering with lots of other articles such as clothing...

Sadly that good old feeling of buying vinyl has definitely gone...

Mike Fossati
Chief Editor