Michael Fossati

  1. The Shadowkings "So beautiful" (SoulFunk Digital Records CD Promo)
  2. Simon Grey featuring Robbie Smith "Together" (Ceremony Records CD Promo)
  3. Paris Brigthledge "Searchin'" (USB Records CD)
  4. Soul Kitchen "Just friends" (Elation Records CD Promo)
  5. Soularis "Change the world "(SunSoaked Records CD Promo)
  6. Ralf GUM "Easy" (Part 2)(GoGo Music Records CD Promo)
  7. Blaze "Breathe" (2007 Remixes)(Slip'N'Slide Records CD Promo)
  8. Stereo Mutants featuring Jannae Jordan "I wanna go" (Mutated Music Records CD Promo)
  9. Syren "My first love" (Mixes)(Ricanstruction/HomeSoul Records CD Promo)
  10. H2O "Living for the future" (2007 Remix)(Purple Music Records CD Promo)
  11. Panevino featuring Xavior "Don't waste my time" (Part 2)(Panevino Music Records CD Promo)
  12. Robert Strauss"Mr. Feelings EP 2" (Earth Corporation Enterprises CD Promo)
  13. Beat Messengerz featuring Keith Thompson "Black skin blue eyed boys" (Monster Bang Music Records CD Promo)
  14. Jupiter Ace vs. Alison David "Dreams come true 2007" (DoubleShock Records CD Promo)
  15. Hillary Sargeant "Fanga" (SoWhat Records CD Promo)
  16. DJ Reeplee "I love the way" / "Make up your mind" (Souvent Records CD Promo)
  17. Groove Junkies presents TC Moses "Free your mind" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)
  18. Inner Sense "First Vibes EP" (Nineties Records 12")
  19. CN Williams featuring Jocelyn Brown "Thanks to the deejays" (Fabio Bacchini Remix)(ReelHouse Records CD Promo)
  20. Deep Factor "Warriors theme" (Feelin' Music Records CD Promo)
  21. Blake Reary "Step it up" (Hermosa Records CD Promo)
  22. Freakquence LAB & Cambis featuring Kwame "Love will find a way" (White Lotus Club Records CD Promo)
  23. Tiger Stripes "Kayoko" (ProgCity Deep Records CD Promo)
  24. JJK "Trax For My Head EP" (SoulFuric Trax Records CD Promo)
  25. Art & Pleasure featuring Jessy Howe "You" (Soultonic Records CD Promo)

Dave Wareing (RedSoul) (Manchester/UK)

  1. Lisa Millett "Don't Bring Me Down" (Defected)
  2. S.U.M.O. "That's Erotic" / "Gravity" (Heya Hifi)
  3. Jazztronik "Samurai" (RedSoul Remix)(Pantone)
  4. Tyrone Ellis "Music In The Air" (Home)
  5. Knee Deep "Me Kumba" (Knee Deep)
  6. Panevino Feat Xavior "Don't Waste My Time" (Part 2)(Panevino)
  7. Raw Artistic Soul "You Got Rhythm Too" (GoGo)
  8. Danny Clark Feat Nicole Tyler "Its All Good" (Duffnote)
  9. Arduini & Pagany "House Music Anthem" (Distar)
  10. H20 "Living For The Future" (Purple)
  11. Audiowhores Feat. Roland Clark "I'm Inspired" (Defected)
  12. Mister O "Get It On" (Swank)
  13. Simon Grey Feat. Robbie Smith "Together" (Ceremony)
  14. Ralf Gum Feat. Inaya Day "Easy" (Part 2)(GoGo)
  15. Afromento "Suspended Chords" (Blockheadz)

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