Mike Fossati

  1. Roberto De Carlo featuring Dyanna Fearon "Searching" (RDC Digital CD Promo)
  2. Groove Motion featuring Lifford "You give" (Drum Records CD Promo)
  3. Distant People featuring Tasita D'Mour "The power" (United Music Records CD Promo)
  4. Neal Conway featuring Dana Weaver "Like magic" (Dagostar Records CD Promo)
  5. Groove Junkies featuring Diane Carter "I'm dying inside" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)
  6. Distant People & Nickson "You are my joy" (Arima Records CD Promo)
  7. Jonathan Meyer "Warm me up" (Super Soul Music CD Promo)
  8. DJ Qness featuring Xoli M "Don't go" (Makin' Moves Records CD Promo)
  9. A.M Dusk & Allister Whitehead "Free your mind" (Check It Out Records CD Promo)
  10. Monodeluxe featuring Jaidene Veda "Change" (Vibe Boutique Records CD Promo)
  11. Salvatore Agrosi featuring Dennis Baker "The real me" (Deeper Shades Recordings CD Promo)
  12. Sandy Turnbull featuring Mr Bailey "Dreaming" (Galleria Records CD Promo)
  13. Fiso Da Costa featuring Lorena "Landscape beyond the clouds" (Lilac Jeans Mixes)(Sci-Fi Productions CD Promo)
  14. Various "King Street Sounds Reformed Classics" (TraxSource Sampler EP)(StreetKing Records CD Promo)
  15. Namy featuring Josh Milan "From now an" (All Mixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)
  16. Jet featuring Zg.Dr "Rooted" (One51 Records CD Promo)
  17. Neal Conway featuring Taihisha "Choices" (Dagostar Records CD-R)
  18. Lilac Jeans featuring Snash "Zithande" (Jonny Montana Remix)(Sci-Fi Productions CD Promo)
  19. LaVeda "Let love happen" (Citynoiz Entertainment CD Promo)
  20. Kimara Lovelace "Circles" (2012 Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)
  21. Entity featuring Charles Cooper "Magic" (all mixes)(USO Recordings CD Promo)
  22. Submantra & DJ Umbi featuring Jo Di Risio "So good" (Soul Departure Records CD Promo)
  23. DJ Fale & Lel' Metola feat Pule & Andile "Kudala ndikuvela" (Peng Africa CD Promo)
  24. Alton Miller featuring Nasiphi "Feel the same" (FatSouls Records CD Promo)
  25. Ralf GUM featuring Monique Bingham "Take me to my love" (GoGo Music CD Promo)
  26. Gene King presents Sacha "Changes" (Shines Records CD Promo)
  27. ReelSoul featuring Taylor P "Angel" (Part 1)(DeepForestSA CD Promo)
  28. UPZ & Black Motion featuring Theo Lawson "Afrika wo-man" (soWHAT Records CD Promo)
  29. Heather Walker "I gave you my heart" (The Unreleased Project Part 1)(CyberJamz Records CD Promo)
  30. Lee Pearson Jr. Collective "Evolved: The Debut EP" (Anka Shank Music CD Promo)
  31. Kings of Groove featuring Andrea Love "Body & soul" (Solid Ground Recordings CD Promo)
  32. Ralf GUM "Never leaves you" (GoGo Music CD Promo)
  33. Suges & Deon Nathan "Midnight woman" (Soulstream Records CD Promo)
  34. Andrea Carissimi Soul Project "A good thing" (Just4Funk Records CD Promo)
  35. Deep Factor featuring Daniel Thomas "New York City Funk" (Feelin' Music CD Promo)
  36. IndySoul presents Tantra Zawadi & Dana Byrd "Change all over me" (Shines Records CD Promo)
  37. Paris Cesvette & Room 806 featuring C Robert Walker "First hello" (Jack 2 Jazz Records CD Promo)
  38. Richard Earnshaw featuring Jocelyn Brown "Worthy" (Groovefinder Records CD Promo)
  39. Chris Forman featuring Jon Pierce with Stephanie Cooke "It's in you" (Phuture Sole Recordings CD Promo)
  40. Room 806 featuring Holi "Darkness" (Remixes)(Atal Music CD Promo)

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