Mike Fossati

  1. Deepconsoul "Intuition" (Deepconsoul Music Promo)
  2. Jovonn "Timeless" (Body N’Deep Records Promo)
  3. Phil Hooton featuring Biblical Jones "Everlasting" (Face the Bass Records Promo)
  4. The Jersey Maestros featuring Donald Locklear "Never will forget" (Gotta Keep Faith Records Promo)
  5. guri guri boys featuring Josh Milan "Be yourself" (Remixes)(KingStreet Records Promo)
  6. The Bros "All I need is you" (T's Box Records Promo)
  7. DJ Qness "Chants of the panther" (Ocha Mzansi Promo)
  8. Luis 'Loowee R' Rivera & Paris Cesvette featuring Walter Christopher "No rhyme no reason" (OPOM Promo)
  9. Steal Vybe & C. Robert Walker "Just say yes" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)
  10. Jocelyn Brown & Inaya Day "Move of the spirit" (T's Box Records Promo)
  11. Mikki Afflick "Mercury in Retrograde EP" (Soul Sun Soul Music Promo)
  12. George Lesley featuring Kenny Allen "We are love" (Merecumbe Recordings Promo)
  13. DJ Pope featuring Ed Ramsey "More love" (POJI Records Promo)
  14. Keisha Hall "Amazing" (D#Sharp Records Promo)
  15. Shannon Chambers featuring Kwesi Bless "Feel the magic" (T's Box Records Promo)
  16. Saint Evo featuring Tina "Saya" (Union Records Promo)
  17. Adamant & Richelle Hicks "Smooth talker" (All Skin Types Recordings Promo)
  18. Larry P. Rauson Jr "Conny's first time" (Corey Holmes Remix)(New Generation Records Promo)
  19. Pad Beryll & Andrea Love "Under your spell" (Richard Earnshaw Remix)(Soul Deluxe Recordings Promo)
  20. Saint Evo featuring Idd Aziz "Tinda netsa" (MoBlack Records Promo)
  21. Groove Junkies, ReelSoul & Manoo featuring Nichelle Monroe "Feel my truth" (Quantize Recordings Promo)
  22. Sweet Tears "Ribbon in the sky" (Applejac Remix feat Pirahnahead / Muzikman Edition 'Lost Bootleg Mix')(Exemplary Music Makerz Promo)
  23. Darian Crouse "Get to it" (Uso Records CD Promo)
  24. Sande' "Twistin' turnin' (POJI Records Promo)
  25. Andrea Curato featuring Morris "Alive" (George Lesley Remix)(Merecumbe Recordings Promo)
  26. Vangela Crowe "Come see about me" (New Generation Records Promo)
  27. Gino Brown featuring Nonny D "Time no dey" (Tribe Records Promo)
  28. Peppe Citarella featuring Nontu X "What more can I say" (Union Records Promo)
  29. Anto Vitale "Children of the sun" (Grooveland Music Promo)
  30. Therd Suspect featuring Venessa Jackson "Rise" (LadyMarySound International Promo)
  31. MR KG featuring Lovelock "Glorious love" (Funky T Music Promo)
  32. Andrea Curato & Chanelle "You never deserved me" (POJI Records Promo)
  33. Danny Clark featuring Bennett Holland "Herbie's views" (Dallinghoo Recordings Promo)
  34. Blizzard Beats featuring Keisha Hall & Joseph Davis "All my life" (Deep Fusion Records Promo)
  35. Dele Sosimi "Turbulent times" (Remixes)(MoBlack Records Promo)
  36. Miguel Migs featuring Lisa Shaw "This melody" (Salted Music Promo)
  37. Kojo Akusa featuring Garth Brown "Thinking about you" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)
  38. Ralf GUM featuring Joseph Junior & Ayanda Jiya "Back to love" (GoGo Music Promo)
  39. LaTonya Peoples "In the water" (Face the Bass Records Promo)
  40. Diephuis & Jephte Guillaume featuring Barabara Gwanmesia "Baba m'fa njika" (Shelter Records Promo)

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