Mike Fossati

  1. Entity featuring Charles Cooper "Not living without you" (USO Recordings CD Promo)
  2. Asymmetric Soul featuring Shavakeyah & Ben Khesed "Let your love come down" (Adaptation Music CD Promo)
  3. Souldynamic featuring Angela Johnson "Love" (Tony Records CD Promo)
  4. Neil Pierce featuring Taliwa "A better place" (Room Control Records CD Promo)
  5. Stephanie Cooke & Kenny Bobien "Love's been right here" (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)
  6. B=Note featuring Zuziwe Mavuma "Too doo" (Cabana Records CD Promo)
  7. Soul-Cat "Bar talk" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)
  8. Sisco Umlambo "Seasons EP Part 1" (Multi-Racial / Kalawa Jazmee CD Promo)
  9. Lebstar featuring Jon Pierce "Living for you" (DeepForestSA CD Promo)
  10. Patrick Khuzwayo and Deep Suite featuring Michael Ashe "Love's been redefined" (Atal Music CD Promo)
  11. Distant People featuring Tasita D'Mour "The power" (United Music Records CD Promo)
  12. Neal Conway featuring Dana Weaver "Like magic" (Dagostar Records CD Promo)
  13. Josh Milan featuring Mona Bode "One night stand" (Man Machine Productions CD Promo)
  14. Solution Soul featuring Nina Provencal "Breakdown" (Makin' Moves CD Promo)
  15. Jonathan Meyer "Warm me up" (All Mixes)(Super Soul Music CD Promo)
  16. Groove Motion featuring Lifford "You give" (Drum Records CD Promo)
  17. Logistix presents Deon Nathan "I feel" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)
  18. Roberto De Carlo featuring Dyanna Fearon "Searching" (RDC Digital CD Promo)
  19. ReGrooved featuring Kerrie Manuel "What I'm gonna do for your love" (Dave Doyle Remix)(ReGrooved Records CD Promo)
  20. Silvia Zaragoza featuring Yasmine Seydi "Flores pro mar" (Part 1)(SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)
  21. DJ Kent featuring Zaki Ibrahim "Sunrise" (The South African Remixes)(DiverseCity Music CD Promo)
  22. Sterling Ensemble featuring Pete Simpson "She's my earth" (Sterling Blue Music CD Promo)
  23. Namy featuring Josh Milan "From now an" (All Mixes)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)
  24. Rescue Poetix "Soul-diers of House" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)
  25. Marlon D presents Ultra Nate "God's message" (Underground Collective Recordings CD Promo)
  26. ZuluMafia featuring Zethu "What is deep" (ZuluMafia Digital CD Promo)
  27. Urban Sound Lab featuring Naki Akrobettoe "Fly high" (Room Control Records CD Promo)
  28. Distant People & Nickson "You are my joy" (Arima Records CD Promo)
  29. Neal Conway featuring Taihisha "Choices" (Dagostar Records CD-R)
  30. Lilac Jeans featuring Snash "Zithande" (Jonny Montana Remix)(Sci-Fi Productions CD Promo)
  31. SoulBasics featuring Kyla Sexton "Rest your mind" (Remixed)(Grooveland Music CD Promo)
  32. KI "Let me take you" (Aquatique Records CD Promo)
  33. Monodeluxe featuring Jaidene Veda "Change" (Vibe Boutique Records CD Promo)
  34. Ollie Brooke & Christa featuring Johnny G & Julius Speed "I still walk home alone" (Integrity Records CD Promo)
  35. Groove Junkies featuring Diane Carter "I'm dying inside" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)
  36. Jet featuring Zg.Dr "Rooted" (One51 Records CD Promo)
  37. ReelSoul featuring Taylor P "Angel" (Part 1)(DeepForestSA CD Promo)
  38. LaVeda "Let love happen" (Citynoiz Entertainment CD Promo)
  39. Various "King Street Sounds Reformed Classics" (TraxSource Sampler EP)(StreetKing Records CD Promo)
  40. Fiso Da Costa featuring Lorena "Landscape beyond the clouds" (Lilac Jeans Mixes)(Sci-Fi Productions CD Promo)

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