Mike Fossati

  1. John Morales presents Teena Marie "Love songs & funky beats" (BBE Music Promo)
  2. Brutha Basil "Because of Gil" (Brukel Music Promo)
  3. Mayfeel featuring Tate Moore "At the end of the day" (Urban Retro Music Group Promo)
  4. Ezel featuring Rona Ray "Hard to stay away" (Bayacou Records Promo)
  5. Michele Chiavarini featuring Pete Simpson "Sittin' in the middle" (SPRY Records Promo)
  6. Andrew Emil "The S&S Sessions" (S&S Records Promo)
  7. DJ Spen "Soulful storm" (Quantize Recordings Promo)
  8. Naeem Johnson featuring Cynthia Tucker "You're the one" (Stan Zeff Remix)(Souled Out House Promo)
  9. Ralf GUM meets Soweto Gospel Choir "Ramasedi" (GoGo Music Promo)
  10. Kev Dot Kruz & Sheba Jordan "Be with you (tonight)" (New Generation Records Promo)
  11. Coflo "False feelins" (David Harness Remix)(Ocha Records Promo)
  12. Shaheer Williams & Sheree Hicks "Attention" (Soul Groove Records Promo)
  13. Al Copeland "After the honeymoon" (Sean Ali Remix)(Al Copeland Music Promo)
  14. Jasper Street Co "You're my latest, my greatest inspiration" (Remixes)(Nervous Records Promo)
  15. P.M Project featuring Gaone Rantlhoiwa "Ndathamani" (Double Cheese Records Promo)
  16. Deepconsoul & C. Robert Walker "I got your back" (Deepconsoul Sounds Promo)
  17. DJ Serge Negri featuring Kay-Dee "Alice's palace" (BambooSounds Promo)
  18. Groove Junkies & ReelSoul featuring Tertulien Thomas "Risin' to the top" (MoreHouse Records Promo)
  19. Tina Ardor "Mulange" (Merecumbe Recordings Promo)
  20. Soulbridge & The Gruv Manics Project featuring Ms Onyie "Your love" (Remixes)(Soulbridge Records Promo)
  21. Wipe the Needle & Josh Milan *Tenderly* (Honeycomb Remixes)(Makin' Moves Promo)
  22. Elimu Curtis & Keisha Hall "Stable" (Aqua Sol Recordings Promo)
  23. Mind Street featuring Cinnamon Brown "It's alright" (The Remix)(Soul N Pepa Records Promo)
  24. DJ Randall Smooth featuring Ed Ramsey "Grace" (ChiNola Soul Promo)
  25. Rafael Yapudjian featuring Keith Thompson "Your voodoo" (Open Bar Music Promo)
  26. Andrea Erre & Soul Groove & Venessa Jackson "Who are you" (Soul Mood Records Promo)
  27. DJ Serge Negri presents Johanna Saint-Pierre "Je reve de vous (I dream of you)" (BambooSounds Promo)
  28. Josi Chave & Candy Man & Thandi Draai featuring Letoya Makhene "Break away" (Iklwa Brothers Music Promo)
  29. Antonio Deep Scarano, Cole Naima, S. Oppio featuring James Germain "Escalier bouba" (Quantize Recordings Promo)
  30. Knu Je' (InBlueBlackness) "Can we take" (Seed Recordings Promo)
  31. Julius Jordan featuring Treena "Higher" (Mirror Ball Recordings Promo)
  32. Anaya Weathers "Turn me on" (Raw Substance Promo)
  33. Udumusic & El Mental Souls & Briar "Light Bringers EP" (Ocha Mzansi Promo)
  34. Antonello Ferrari featuring Dawn Tallman "Read between the lines" (Kelvin Sylvester Remixes)(KingStreet Records Promo)
  35. Lea & Muzikman Edition featuring Tweety "Songbird" (AtJazz Remix)(Open Bar Music Promo)
  36. Blizzard Beats, Linda, Crystal Levell "Taken by your love" (Indeed Records Promo)
  37. Kelvin Sylvester featuring Earl W. Green "Love will save the day" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)
  38. Elbert Phillips & Andre Espeut "You should see me now" (Plastik People Digital Promo)
  39. Mademoiselle Lorena "Baiser Sucre EP" (Chat Noir Records Promo)
  40. DJ Fudge & Ezel featuring Mani Hoffman "Call my name" (Ezel Remixes)(Bayacou Records Promo)

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