Mike Fossati

  1. DJ Scoob featuring Brutha Basil "The rhythm blues" (Amarrage Recordings Promo)
  2. Jamie 3:26 presents "A Taste of Chicago" (BBE Music Promo)
  3. Qwestlife "Prophecy" (Glitterbox Recordings Promo)
  4. Mark Francis & Sheldon So Goode "Smoke & mirrors" (Souled Out House Promo)
  5. Leanne Robinson x Ralf GUM "Bad energy" (ICM Entertainment Promo)
  6. Deepconsoul "Past & Future EP" (Deepconsoul Music Promo)
  7. Antonio Deep Scarano & Salvatore Oppio featuring Morris Revy "Dance" (Quantize Recordings Promo)
  8. Shamrock Guitor "Utekka" (Gotto Records Promo)
  9. Ezel "Embrujo" (Bayacou Records Promo)
  10. Spiteri meets Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel "The power of Disco" (Imagenes Recordings Promo)
  11. Fuminori Kagajo featuring Mike City "As a friend" (Nu Notes Music Promo)
  12. DJ Octopuz "Bagdad night" (Ancestral Recordings Promo)
  13. Angel-A "Let go" (Wrong Notes Promo)
  14. Lady Alma "Make you move" (Remixes)(T's Box Records Promo)
  15. Grounded Oaks featuring Rodney Carter "Time" (Settled Records Promo)
  16. George Lesley and Reggie Steele "I need you" (Tribe Records Promo)
  17. Masaki Morii & Aaron K. Gray "Right now" (KingStreet Records Promo)
  18. Groove Junkies & ReelSoul featuring Indeya "Good love" (MoreHouse Records Promo)
  19. Ambrosia "Save me from me" (AquaSol Recordings Promo)
  20. Sam Q's Night Patrol featuring Maya "The magpie and the squirrel" (Grooveland Music Promo)
  21. FutureFue & Nuzu Deep "Woman so strong" (Doug Gomez Remix)(Merecumbe Recordings Promo)
  22. Los Charly's Orchestra featuring Andre Espeut "Soul unity" (John Morales M+M Rework)(Imagenes Recordings Promo)
  23. Captain Sky "Moon child (the re-entry)" (Mirror Ball Recordings Promo)
  24. Needle featuring Ammo Moses "Us" (Remixes)(Merecumbe Recordings Promo)
  25. Bobby & Steve featuring Johnnie Fiori "You will survive" (Groove Odyssey Records Promo)
  26. Shannon Chambers featuring Lester Jenkins "Back II life" (Makin' Moves Promo)
  27. Mikki Afflick featuring Miranda Nicole "My passion" (Soul Sun Soul Music Promo)
  28. Rescue Poetix presents "Story lines 2" (Deeper Side of CyberJamz Records Promo)
  29. CavoDeep featuring KayLo "Definition" (SP Recordings Promo)
  30. Mr. Eclectic & Sean Ali feat MissFly "Wanna love you" (Pasqua Records Promo)
  31. Vangela Crowe "Come see about me" (2020 Remixes)(New Generation Records Promo)
  32. Soul Slayerz & Pam Weathers "Circles" (KeeSoul Music Promo)
  33. Pam Weathers "Believe" (DJ Randall Smooth Remix)(Raw Substance Promo)
  34. Osunlade and Carlos Mena "Los tambores te llaman" (Ocha Records Promo)
  35. Mike City & Mark Francis "Their flowers" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)
  36. Chris Geldard "Find yourself" (Vibe Boutique Records Promo)
  37. Tony Humphries presents Wheeler del Torro "The merchant" (Dog Day Records Promo)
  38. Fuminori Kagajo featuring Jaidene Veda "The blue" (AtJazz Remixes)(Nu Notes Music Promo)
  39. David Morales & Timmy Regisford featuring Toshi "Nini" (Part 2)(DIRIDIM Records Promo)
  40. Blaze "We are one" (Coflo Remix)(KingStreet Records Promo)

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