Mike Fossati

  1. Various "Silulu Vol. 1" (Peng Africa CD Promo)
  2. Akram Sedkaoui "Mama used to say" (Part One)(A.N.T.H.O Records CD Promo)
  3. KemeticJust "What you want" (SoulFree Records CD Promo)
  4. ZuluMafia featuring Zethu "L'overture" / "I can't let you go" (Candi Bean Records CD Promo)
  5. Dolls Combers featuring Mario Inchausti "You are my everything" (Sophisticado Records CD Promo)
  6. The Rurals "Ocean" (Peng Records CD Promo)
  7. Lee Tristram & Co. featuring Anomaly J "Sound of the rain" (Sounds of Lee Records CD Promo)
  8. Lulo Cafe featuring Nothende "I wanna love you" (Ocha Records CD Promo)
  9. Distant People featuring Mona Bode "Time" (Solid Ground Records CD Promo)
  10. Ananda Project featuring AK "Heaven is right here" (NiteGrooves Records CD Promo)
  11. Dom Navarra featuring Antonio "Endless possibilities" (Cabana Records CD Promo)
  12. Carlos Vargas featuring Nicole Mitchell "Missing you" (Solid Ground Records CD Promo)
  13. Richard Earnshaw featuring Erik Dillard & Roy Ayers "In time" (Part 2)(Groovefinder Records CD Promo)
  14. JKriv featuring Adeline Michele "Another night" (Deep&Disco Records CD Promo)
  15. Ultra Tone featuring Thandi Draai "Dreamer" (Remixes)(Ospina Digital Records CD Promo)
  16. Hood Natives featuring Mac Z "Sax in the city" (GoGo Music CD Promo)
  17. Mustafa featuring Tasita D'Mour "The boss" (Part 1)(Staff Productions CD Promo)
  18. Oumou Sangare "Te diya bee ye" (Jose Marquez Remix)(Tribe Records CD Promo)
  19. Ben Westbeech "Something for the weekend" (Part 2)(Strictly Rhythm Records CD Promo)
  20. Khanya Balani "Vanity" (Soul Sun Soul Music CD Promo)
  21. MAQman "Night Life EP" (Strictly Beatdown Records CD Promo)
  22. Tomson & Benedict featuring Bantu Soul "Blind" (Tone Control Records CD Promo)
  23. Hippie Torrales featuring Steve Luxe "You're for me" (What Is Hip Records CD Promo)
  24. RedSoul featuring Carla Prather "Save me" (Playmore Records CD Promo)
  25. Mauritzio featuring Levern "Wanna be" (Black Vinyl Records CD Promo)
  26. Basil "City Streets" / "Time to be free" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)
  27. DJN Project featuring Nina B "Tip it up" (Newav Media CD Promo)
  28. Masterman "Truth" (SoulfulBeats CD Promo)
  29. Sobz "Summer love" (Sci-Fi Productions CD Promo)
  30. Bo Moore featuring Kavon Brown "Love, joy and happiness" (CIMA Records CD Promo)
  31. KqueSol & D.O.O.P. featuring Shatti "So lonely" (Open Bar Music CD Promo)
  32. Various "Grooveland Five Years" (Grooveland Music CD Promo)
  33. Various "Yellorange History - The 'Kept it to Ourselves' Mixes" (Yellorange Records CD Promo)
  34. Pirahnahead & Diviniti "(Just like) a dream" (Whasdat Music CD Promo)
  35. Adam Cruz and Eddie Nicholas "Time marches on" (John Crockett Remix)(Mixtape Sessions CD-R)
  36. Julius the Mad Thinker featuring Desla "One night" (Parts 1 + 2)(Phuture Sole Records CD Promo)
  37. Gene King presents Tantra Zawadi & Dana Byrd "Out of the blue" (Original Mix)(Shines Records CD-R)
  38. Lem Springsteen "Seize the moment" (Underground Collective Records CD Promo)
  39. Various "From the Hut" (Cabana Records CD Promo)
  40. Stephanie Cooke "Feel so good" (Sole Channel Music CD Promo)

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