Spirit of House is proud to bring you an exclusive interview with the Phil Kullmann (Raw Artistic Soul), a rising star in the house music scene. He is a produer, remixer, live artist and DJ.

The second Raw Artistic Soul album "Your got rhythm too" will be released on April 16th on GoGo Music (see our review here).

Question: Would you mind having a few words as an introduction to who you are, and where you're from?

Answer: Hi, my name is Phil Kullmann aka RAW ARTISTIC SOUL. I'm from Germany, living in Cologne.

Question: How and when did you get into music?

Answer: I got my first drum machine with nine - my first 4 track Fostex with 12, I learned to play bass, drums & percussion and little piano. I played in a lot of bands, studied drums & percussion later.

Question: What are your influences and heroes (DJ/producer/artist/musician…)?

Answer: Quincy & Bruce Swedien, Tracy Chapman

Question: What other genres of music you listen to, and at what occasions?

Answer: Jazz, Funk, Soul - in the car, at home

Question: How did you get into producing and remixing?

Answer: With with 19 I bought my first MAC and startet recording in my little flat while I studied drums - from this day on recording and producing. Remixing came two years later.

Question: How would you compare doing a remix from producing, do you always try to give it that 'Raw Artistic Soul' vibe?

Answer: For sure, but its not so hard to let it sound like RAW cause that's my sound!

Question: What role did Ralf GUM/GoGo Music play in getting your career started?

Answer: I know Ralf since april 2004 now. I send him my album "What About Love" - I'm glad he listened to it, damn he was fast… one day later he was at the phone. Ralf is a great guy, he loves good music, soulful & deep. We have very good relationship, privat & business wise. Since day one Ralf supported me unlimited. Ralf really build me up - he is a brother like no other!

Question: Where do you find ideas and inspiration for your projects?

Answer: Sometimes I listen to music - modern or traditional - its the feeling - or the sound - but mostly I start with the beat - its like a snowball - one comes one to another...

Question: The Raw Artistic Soul collective features a broad selection of exceptional musicians and vocalists. How you find and choose artists for your projects?

Answer: I always work with musicians having either big musicality and skills or there's something about it - it's the voice who makes the singer special or just the sound … I try to get the best.

Question: Two years passed since the release of the first Raw Artistic Soul album "What about love", now the follow up "You got rhythm too" is ready to be released. What were your goals for the new album, what do you want to achieve with it?

Answer: You know I just do. I make my music. I did no compromise on the second album aswell. It's much more housy, jazzy and old school funk. Big arrangements & instrumentations. It was a great honour working with artists like Wunmi, Ursula Rucker and John Gibbons and all the great musicicians who participated on this album. I recorded mostly all live, only the beats where programmed, live strings, no midi keys… I took some time to bring it all together, but I think its going all well. Yeah and for sure I wanna get some Awards with it ((laughing))... best album of the year… breakthroug producer of the year … ((laughing))

Question: Do you have plans for putting a live band together that will tour the world?

Answer: Yes it will come my friend. RAW will hit the floors.

Question: Raw Artistic Soul's first album "What about love" got released in Japan last year. How important is entering the japanese market to you?

Answer: Japan is very important for me, the second album will also be released by Rambling Records.

Question: What where the motives for launching your own record label in November of last year?

Answer: I just wanted to do. I have a lot of tracks that wanna be released.

Question: With the first release on your own label, you surprised many as it showed a different side of Raw Artistic Soul. What can we expect from the label in the future?

Answer: Yeah "Cutting Crystals" was a minimal track. I was thinking a long time to make the more techie tracks under an other name, but finally I did not. That's me too, beside my soulful & afro house thing I like freaking really minimal sometimes. The next release will be a big afro tune. I licensed a track & made remixes for it.

Question: Will the label also feature releases from other producers / artists?

Answer: Yeah why not. When a good one comes around…

Question: What can we expect from you in the near future, will there also be solo projects?

Answer: I will do a lot of singles after "You Got Rhythm Too". I made two albums in three years. There will be some solo things aswell.

Question: What artists would you like to work with if you would be given the opportunity?

Answer: Richard Bona, Tracy Chapman, Lokua Kanza…

Question: How would you define a good piece of music?

Answer: Great composition, great arrangement, great performance

Question: What are you feelings about the music scene becoming a digital world?

Answer: I'ts hard to have nothing more in your hands. Whats a digital file against a CD or vinyl?? One day the computer world will crash down badly - all servers will crash - myspace will close...

Question: Your 3 favourite all time songs:

Answer: Tracy Champman "Talking bout a revolution", Herbie Hancock "Dolphin Dance", Ohio Players "Heaven"

Question: Anything else you would like to share with us:

Answer: Yeah - Sosue, love you always!

Question: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

Answer: Thanks a lot for the interview Michael!!

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