This mixshow will likely be the last of its kind as time will not permit me to do as many reviews next year as I did this year. Furthermore, Spirit of House will go back to its roots of soulful vocal music !!

  1. Andrew Rags Richardson "The track" (CD-R)
  2. Castlebed "Do it all night" (Mr. Mama DNY Remix)(from the "21st Century Soul EP" on Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)
  3. Elastic Sound "Black" (Original Mix)(from "Black (The Album)" on Aquamarine Digital Records CD Promo)
  4. Melvin Meek featuring Paul Johnson "Time 2 dance" (from the "Chicago EP V1" on Smooth Ageng Records CD Promo)
  5. FilSonik featuring Sebastian Sozzi "Mind blowin'" (Main Vocal Mix)(Funk La Planet Records CD Promo)
  6. Nacho Vega "The deep" (NV's SSM Mix)(Soul Selection Music CD Promo)
  7. Nu Rhythmix "Shakedown" (Original Mix)(Swing City Records CD Promo)
  8. Filtered Boogie "Essence" (Tommy Largo Remix)(Chillin Music Records CD Promo)
  9. Jevne "Moderize" (Jay Tripwire Remix)(Native Soul Records Records CD Promo)
  10. Alex V "Innocence" (Original Mix)(from "Sides of Deep" on Sweetleaf Records CD Promo)
  11. Hugo Barritt "Come on" (from the "Come on EP" on Just Deep Music Records CD Promo)
  12. Kyka "Overlove" (from the "Overlove EP" on Cabrio Records CD Promo)
  13. Shigeru Tanabu "Jazzin'" (Accelerate Mix)(Apt. International Records CD Promo)
  14. Mr. Mama "Black hole" (CD-R)

For promotional use only. The copyright in this mix belongs to Michael Fossati.

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