This week is something of special for us having us releasing what is to be our Issue#100 !!! The opportunity for us to thank you for your continuous support while visiting us on a regular basis. But also for me, on a more personal tip, to send my props to Jean-Jerôme Lebel who’s given the technical birth to this site as well as to the members of our editorial team for their spontaneous and free commitment into this adventure. As a matter of fact, don’t expect any review of so called fresh material this week but a sort of reader’s digest of what to expect from us prior to start what’s going to be our third season of activity...


Ma, ma, ma ! Quite an eternity already since the launch of what was to become our very first issue back from the WMC’2003 ! A weekly newsletter that would be sent to a bunch of happy few counting almost 200 people, prior receiving a home on sites such as Spirit of House, Subground FM and others who’re now a part of our family, not to mention giving its name to this space you’re now familiar with.

This Issue#100 is also the opportunity for us to thank all of those – they know who they are – who’ve supported us since day 1 as well as all the people who, by delivering their words and material, have helped us to become who we are. Tons of thangz remain to be done and hopefully new contributors have joined our team, allowing us to make ourselves ready to broaden our spectrum coverage and give you a more complete info.

This said, what you’re in the position to expect from us in terms of performances has a cost and puts us in the need to find the right incomes to finance the development of this adventure… The launch of our record store should be of some help on our will, meanwhile we’ve decided to give birth to an association as a complement whereas your subscriptions will be more than welcome. And as receiving has always been to us synonymous with giving on what we consider as being a gentlemen agreement, we’re gonna provide you with even more content (more explanations in the weeks to come about how this is going to work). And I’m not talking about the development of an even more fluid and practical circulation system on which our technical guru is currently working.

We’ve made our name covering more particularily the contemporary side of the groove… Expect us to do exactly the same regarding its primary forms with reviews, updated interviews or reedits for a better understanding of the whole.

We’re pretty much aware of the amount of work that such a resolution suggests, but isn’t that what makes all this music we love so fascinating on an every day basis ?

From disco to nu jazz, from jazz to broken beat, from funk to (Detroit) techno, from soul to (deep) house, we’re indamix and have pretty much decided to keep on going… worldwide !

On behalf of all the members of IDMW.Com, thank U.

Frederic ‘MFSB’ Messent, editor

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