Here we go for another week with quite a varied selection, bringing you back to the glorious souvenir of recording artist, music film maker and producer Giorgio Moroder (remember his contribution to disco with Donna Summer and his unforgettable Midnight Express OST). Our Vintage series being completed by our 12’’ of the likes, courtesy of 80’s US funkster Glenn Jones with the aptly called ‘’I Am Somebody’’. As for the present time, London based promoter/scribe Nik Weston delivers the latest developments as far as the Japanese scene is concerned. We then pay our contribution to Blaze & Ultra Nate scoring our Single Of The Week. Then if ever you feel you don’t know enough about how we see the current times, don’t hesitate to check our Politics Of Dancing section.
Peace y’all.


Konnichi wa,
For those who think a couple of days of warm weather in London left you gasping for breath then think yourselves lucky you're not enduring the sticky n humid summers of Japan....For the last month, this country has been drenched in the rainy season where its highly uncomfortable and has everyone heading for the comfort zone of air conditioning where ever possible. One promoter told me bizarrely that Tokyo people in particular don’t go clubbing if it’s raining !!! How crazy is that ?!!!

Modaji (Dominic Jacobson) who last month released his debut long player as Harvey Lindo on Planet Groove, comes good with a fine EP featuring Phillipa Alexander & USA rap artist Lacks. Rumour is that a certain European label will put out the full album in the future, so watch this space for further confirmed news on this ..... Fellow label mate DJ Mitsu the Beats has recently completed a couple of new hip hop remixes.... one for Korean/ USA rapper producer Kero One with ''My Story'' out in November and another for Japanese soul artist Grooveline.

Gilles Peterson had the mad Japanese ''death jazz'' six piece outfit Soil & ''Pimp'' Horns play at his busy Worldwide Cargo event in London recently and vowed enthusiastically to bring them back as soon as possible citing them as the most exciting and fresh live jazz outfit in years. Gilles incidently will be doing a short Japan tour this month and will be supporting the prolific group at Yellow (the best known club in Tokyo) who incidently in the last 12 months have released one full album....three seperate 12'' singles ,two mini albums and a live CD single. Their next album coming out on Victor in March, and they are still looking for a European deal ....hint ! hint !

Raw Fusion recording artists Povo recentlly made a great remix for a Japanese only 12'' on P-Vine for USA Baltimore based group Fertile Ground. On the flipside, there's even a Jneiro Jarel remix which has been picking up props...and worth checking.

Bakura (the Japanese only released project of Domu & Marin) have just been over there on a succesful tour promoting their brand new Reach The Sky album... Middle of October should see their forthcoming single featuring remixes from DJ Mitsu the Beats & Recloose.

Ryota Nozaki who records as Jazztronik for a variety of labels including Pantone, Especial & Flower has a brand new album Canibal Rock out now on Tokuma featuring the ‘Madrugada’ single.

Out with a new mix/comp is domestic techno stalwart Ken Ishii. Issued by key Japanese electronica imprint Sublime, PLAY, PAUSE, PLAY, says Ishii, contrasts the different sides of his life these days. Divided into two CD’s, the PLAY disc is a hard-hitting affair composed of favorite tracks that the DJ/producer takes with him in his tours of the world’s dancefloors. PAUSE, on the other hand, is made up of tracks that Ishii listens to in his downtime at home or in hotel rooms, and has a decidedly more chilled out, abstract and playful flavor. Ken is consistently busy DJ touring the globe but he's back to Japan soon to play with Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson at Ageha in Shin-Kiba. Other names to visit the shores of late have included Recloose promoting his 'Hiatus album, Isolee, Akufen, Theo Parish and even hip hop master Common....
Till the next time....
Peace, Nik Weston

AKIKO 12'' (Verve)
HARVEY LINDO EP (Planet Groove)
BAKURA Album Sampler (Especial)
YUKIHIRO FUKUTOMI Equality (Pantone)
EL DA SENSEI So (Jazzy Sport)
SA RA Cosmic Lust/Dust (Jazzy Sport)
LA ORQUESTA DE LA LUZ Fukutomi/Kjm Edits 12''
MURO Instrumentals With LORD FINESSE 12'' (Incredible)
VARIOUS Nu Style (Nuro)

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