Things are progressively going back to the normal on what is, by the time you read this, the flipside of your screen, havin’us doin’ almost 24/7 to refuel this space with the aim of having everything in full effect right on time : in other words, by the middle of March with the launch of our online record shop followed by the coverage of the annual Miami festivities.
We may now officially reveal the reconduction of our partnership with the M3 Summit (thanks to David Prince & cohorts for their trust), meanwhile Michael Fossati of and Olivier Velay of Stalwart Records are to join our team for the duration of the aforementioned, providing us with pics & reports.
Closer to us timely speaking, our weekly schedule focuses on the expected return of nu soul icon Maxwell with a new album rumoured to hit the streets in April after a 5 years hiatus. Our Politics Of Dancing editorial evokes the possible end of a cycle as far as the current production is concerned, meanwhile our Issue # 110 marks the return of the In Da Mix column. Not to mention that special surprise we have for a deep friend of ours due to appear on your screens this Friday. Are you with ?

House, Garage & Other Illicit Grooves

What an eternity without this column which would give its name to this column! To tell you the truth, I’ve been away from this flock of newies for quite some time, focussing on more ancient vibes and sort of going back to my roots. As a matter of fact, it’s quite funny how those are more than ever around in the present time. Should it be on local TV ads and even more what what concerns us on the current production with more or less skills, it comes without to say! As usual, on our search to provide you with the best, we’re not to talk about the rest. This meaning that the references thereafter are all worth the listen.

Thanks to French newly formed distribution company The Pusher for providing us with a whole bunch of goodies. Starting with Belgian twosome Jean Vanesse & Thomas Sohet aka Spirit Catcher delivering another sweetie by the likes of disco influenced ‘Rise & Shine’ on Rotax. A cut somehow reminiscent of Patrice Rushen’s classic ‘Forget Me Nots’ and as if it was not enuff, label head Pascal Rioux gives extra added value to the package with a shiny reinterpretation dropping some subtle jazzy/funk arrangements to the whole. Nice shot indeed. But wait a minute soul junks, Rioux has another not to be missed jewel under the form of 25 y.o. ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ produced by David Foster for Lee McDonald getting a re release on his Favorite Recordings sublabel including remixes courtesy of Tru Thoughts TM Juke putting the whole into a more groovy and modern flavour.
Another of those people we particularly like the spirit of is French jock/producer Erik Rug who also happen to contribute on these pages. If you ever wonder why you haven’t got delivered his writing for quite some time, it’s just that our man has been busy like a crazy, setting his studio to a new location and relaunching his label under a new name amongst others. His latest production – ‘Tribute To My People’ - featuring long time friend rapper MC Dynamax is a furious funky affair. Expect old school and acid house remixes to follow soon (Les disques du télégraphe).
Back to da roots indeed and what roots by the way. Thanks to Afro-beat champions Antibalas for their rendition of Sly Stone’s classic ‘Family Affair’ deliciously cooked by Doctor L at the command. A cut dubbed with ‘Mr President’ (nothing to do with Martin Solveig’s track of the likes), an incredible Afro tinged song fuelled with electro & jazzy elements which should reach the favours of people such as Ron Trent, Joe Claussell, François K and Paul Murphy to name but a few (Mind Records & Service).
No use to talk that much about reggae on these pages. Then what ? We’re indamix, as also said by NuGroove columnist JM Irie, aren’t we ? Remember David Livingstone’s reggae classic ‘(Message To You) Rudie’ ? Well, that cut which would eventually be covered at the end of the seventies by UK outfit The Specials turining it onto what was know as ska at the time makes a winning return to its homeland with a brand new rendition of Grant Phabao starring Lone Ranger & Carlton Livingston (check out Phabao’s dub) on T.I.M.E.C. A cut to be released on a 500 copies limited edition next March, so hurry up when it comes!

Wouldn’t be that surprised to see our good ol’ Dennis Ferrer coming with a full album this year. At least, he delivers another of those gems which have been for much on his reputation by the likes of the sparking ‘Change The World’ the lyrics of which coming straight to our hearts, around an infamous fat bassline fuelled with a subtle mix of Afro-Latin soul ingredients (King Street). More experimental as you may guess is the blend made by King Britt on Ananda Project’s ’Secret’ putting its atmospheric feel into a brand new universe. For the amateurs of the said kind of vibes, ‘I Surrender’ by former Dub Tribe Sound System, Sunshine Jones might well do it too with its sober work sounding kinda digital. For his return to King Street, Wil Milton reveals some of his early influences with the Giorgio Moroder ‘The Chase’ –esque reminiscent ‘The Trip’ although far from being one of those pale copies. And as if it wasn’t enough, he comes up with the ultra deep ‘Gravity’ on the same package featuring the vibrant Rodney Carter on vocals whose interpretation appears to be in the same vein as Robert Owens back in da daze. Awesome, makin’ it our absolute favourite of the moment. Meanwhile, last but not least and on a totally different perspective as far as the King Street repertoire is concerned comes Mink with the electrifying ‘Glory Of Life’ having all the ingredients to become an anthem on the main dancefloors of the world with a sort of Tiesto trance feel although far from sounding crappy on its Chris Cox version.

Deep & groovy as ever is the latest Peven Everett contribution on Unified called ‘Sexy One’ brilliantly melting soul and jazz influences over an hypnotic beat. There’s not doubt a little reminder both of Ron Trent rhythmically speaking and Lathun as far as vocals are concerned on the vibrant ‘So Sick’ by Ne Yo (Fall Out).
Thanks to Shelter’s Ben Johnson for sending me a copy of ‘Poor People’ recently released on his newly launched Symple Soul label. A cut that actually unites two of our favourite people here on IDMW.Com by the likes of vocalist Monique Bingham and DJ/producer Quentin Harris and no doubt as this forms a classy combination.

Although released at the same period on Space Kat is the deepnotic ‘Light Of The Day’ EP by Filsonik on both sides blending tribal F-X over some primar repetitive beats. Staying on the deep front, we have then Antonio Ocasio’s latest on Tribal Winds called ‘Below The Underground’ over a phaaat beat. Meanwhile Sven Weiseman goes into a more synth/technoid territory with the minimal (but as deep) ‘Vibe’, a one-sided cut on Movuba. Kinda more Latinesque and jazzy is ‘Termino Mi Amor’ by Ricardo Miranda on Vega Records laying around a lush flute part with a preference for the Glenn Underground version. The latest gets back with long time friend Boo Williams under the Reckless Abandonment banner (a one off project judging by what’s been said about it) alongside Adam Prickell making a significant return together with the lightening and jazzy ‘Deep Collision’ enlighted by outstanding keys on Disco 3000/Rush Hour. A cut dubbed with the modern phonk discoified… ‘Disco Lube’, all on all making this an investment of great value. In love with Latin jazz ? Then check out Kevin Yost’s latest called ‘Free’ on I! Records blending a sweet flute, those atmospheric keys which have been for much on the Pennsylvania man’s reputation over crazy percs. Nuff said til next. MFSB

WIL MILTON Gravity (King Street)
NE YO So Sick (Fall Out)
PEVEN EVERETT Sexy One (Unified)
FILSONIK Llori (Space Kat)
SPIRIT CATCHER Rise & Shine (Rotax)
DENNIS FERRER Change The World (King Street)
BOO WILLIAMS presents THE ABANDONMENT PROJECT Disco Lube (Disco 3000/Rush Hour)
MONIQUE BINGHAM Poor People – Main Vocal Mix (Symple Soul)
ANTONIO OCASIO Below The Underground (Tribal Winds)
LEE McDONALD We’ve Only Just Begun – TM Juke Mix (Favorite)

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