Nothing but house this time on IDMW.Com and what another week we have. Remember how we introduced you with Alix Alvarez a few weeks ago ? Well, we now have his partner in crime, Victor Font aka Mr V, author of the much currently sought after "Jus Dance" and "Somethin' Wit' Jazz' respectively on Vega Records and SOLE Channel (see Interview). As for our Single Of The Week's concern, we're going back to Parisian label Q-Tape and Crusho doin' it with the remixes of the already classic "Someone To Love".

Another 6 weeks before gathering in Miami and we've secured to provide you with the very first infos on what to expect over there (see Diary). Meanwhile MFSB and DJ ADN share the duties respectively on our International and French versions with the latest instalments of their In Da Mix and The Other Side columns. Welcome on board.

House, Garage & Other Illicit Grooves

Another column of the likes to appear and we're gonna be on our way to Miami for checking some of the best tunes to appear along the year. As a matter of fact, don't hesitate to provide us with some previews if in the will to promote anything during this period and see us displaying the appropriate info at the right time, not to mention the details of your parties + flyers on our forum if having an event held over there.

We're starting this new column having us going right back to the essential - here and now - this meaning the forthcoming celebration of Valentine's Day and the aptly named "Someone To Love" from French producer Crusho, delivered with a new set of remixes. And although we have the currently much sought after Blackjoy and Osunlade on board, the very best one for me comes from Crusho himself, delivering the right lazy dark phonk environment for this Marylin David sung tune, making this our current Single Of The Week (Q-Tape). Another set of remixes to watch out is the one of the current Pascal Rioux & Mr Day's "Don't Outstay Outside 2Nite". Given to the expert hands of our own Erik Rug under his Da Phree Phunkateerz guise, it explores some different retro environment, reestablishing those memorable soundabytes of the first half of the eighties which made Nick Straker Band and the sound of Prelude Records quite famous at the time. A package awaited some time by the end of next month (Rotax). Same comment applies to the new Steppah Huntah's 12" in terms of release date. A dope one receiving our full support under the form of a 4 tracker featuring "So Alive" on 2 different versions. The first being much of jazzy/phonk broken beat affair twisted with shinny chords alla Incognito around the soulful interpretation of singer Blue Smith ; the second one being given the remix treatment of Teddy G turning the whole onto a silky and subtle jazzy house groove. Elsewhere, we have the infamous "Elegencia" and its vibrant chords much reminiscent of the British production during the acid jazz era which should find a niche on the nu jazz scene, meanwhile "Should I?" is a fine taster in termps of atmospheric vibes (Soultronik). Not that far away at the end of the day is the new delivery of US singer based in France Allen Hoist with "Your Love" delivered on 2 different packages exploring the various sides of the nu (jazz) groove incl. an awesome rework from Kaidi Tatham (Soulution).

Starting this column the way we did so far might have some of you wondering about the nature of it. In other words, if it's not some hidden instalment of J M irie's Nu Groove thang. It well could be, judging by what unites us here on IDMW.Com, this subsequently showing our common love of the groove as opposed to one of its numerous subgenres more particularily and I've gotta say that I don't care if it's funk, soul, jazz Latin, Afro, techy or whatever (up or downtempo) as long as it touches our hearts.

As earlier said, Miami's nearly around the bent which also happens to be da good thang for those of us who, after spending those last months freezin' on the North hemisphere of the globe, see it as some cool intermezzo (at least in terms of forecast !). And it pretty much looks like a consistant part of the scene can't neither wait for this judging by the quality of the atmospheres they currently provide us with. A comment which definitely applies to peeps such as Yukihiro Fukutomi currently doing waves with his EP featuring Lady Alma and Victor Davis (Pantone Music), Reel People having their "Second Guess" classic revamped by Grant Nelson delivering a cute soulful phonky environment and Da Lata on a latin broken beat tip (Papa Records). But also Tominaga back in fine form with the vibrant "Maresias" fuelled with effects much reminding of the song of whales some time by the end of June in front of the Icelandic Coast (Path Of One). Blvd East bringing us the very introspective "Paradise" for their debut appearence on Deepa Grooves and Reel Soul featuring Daemon on the intimate and soulful "Take Me To A Place" remixed by Fanatix (Ricanstruction). Meanwhile Glenn Underground drops some more of his juicy vibes under his Abicah Soul guise both with the abstract "Diabolo" on Abicah Soul and the vocalized "Love Is Just A Call Away" on a vein not that far away from the anthemic Louie Vega & EOL's "Brand New Day" (Jellybean). And if that wasn't enuff, our GU does some extra more waves alongside singer Cei Bee on the sweet'n'mellow "Fall'En Rane" on the Nite Life Collective label. Steal Vybe alongside Rich Medina completing the whole with the magnetic "Spiritual Life" on Space Kat.

The results of the West End Records 2005 Music Search Competition have just been given by the beginning of this week having Toronto based King Sunshine the winner of it with "Angels In Heaven". Out of their top 10 finalists and I have to say that I very much prefered the deep and atmospheric "Ungtjele" and its melodic keys by South African Art Jones which, as a matter of fact, received less than 10% of King Sunshine's amount of votes. Anyway, that's what we call democracy so congrats to the winner. Meanwhile Josh Milan uses his old Alexander Hope guise to have his "Big Mistake" receiving a full release on West End three months after a cameo appearance on the Southport Weekender#2 double 12" sampler and it's another serious must have from the Blaze stable done with top class as we may guess from such a talented team. Remixwise,we get them in absolute appealing effect on the reliftings of 280 West featuring Diamond Temple's "Fly" with the addiction of an alternative delivery of Felicia Temple (Diamond's sis), with a stunning interpretation over a sparse environment and I've got to say that I'm not to surprised to see it as the latest Pick Of The Week on our Swiss bro's -Michael Fossati - website (Phuture Sole).

Extra props go to the ever classy Stephanie Cooke with the sultry "A New Day" produced by Canadian pair 83 West + estra remixes by Karizma and the hyperactive Quentin Harris (Home Recordings). But also Swedish outfit the Physics for their cameo appearence on resurrected label Sub Urban with the aerial bossa inspired "Sunshine" featuring singer Teresa dubbed with a deep housey version by Nicky P. As well as Scott Wozniak aka Woz for his gentle work with UK soul star Seal on "Violet" (white). Darryl James going for an obvious laidback 4X12 rhythmic based approach on "You Don't Know" for singer Kierra Kiki Sheard (Fall out).

The word of the end left to some more progressive/catchy vibes as delivered by on an extra remix version of Blaze's penned "When I Fall In Love" for Sybil (Fuego) and DJ Romain featuring Darryl D Bonneau's funky "It's In The Spirit" delivered with some extra rework by 83 West (Nu Faze). See you next month for what to appear as an obvious preview of what to be expected in Miami. Peace, MFSB

280 WEST featuring DIAMOND TEMPLE Fly - Remixes (Phuture Sole)
BUTTI 49 featuring EMO Flying - album version (Exceptional)
STEPPAH HUNTAH So Alive - Teddy G House Mix (Soultronik/advance)
BLVD EAST Paradise (Deepa Grooves)
DJ ROMAIN featuring DARRYL D BONNEAU It's In The Spirit (Nu Faze)
STEPHANIE COOKE Love Will (West End)
STEAL VYBE featuring RICH MEDINA Spiritual Life (Space Kat)
ABICAH SOUL Love is Just A Call Away (Jellybean Soul)
TOMINAGA Maresias (Path Of One)
ALEXANDER HOPE Big Mistake (West End)

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