Music bein' a part of our daily environment, it's no more suprising hearin' people talking about it here and there than getting to know about the nature of their opinions which, as a matter of fact, are more the result of a global lack of knowledge, than the expression of refusal as far as the sounds gathering us on this space are concerned. Damned, how could we ever blame them for ignoring what they're not exposed to due to the obvious lack of media exposure, as recently explained by veteran producer Randy Muller in those pages… No need to say how we, here on IDMW, have to nothing but make ourselves both more explicit and attractive to more and more of you joinin' us…

Lookin’ for your productions to receive extra exposure, all your infos to be mailed/yousendited or whatever to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Quite an unusual date to post this new issue. The reason bein' the current restructuration of IDMW which has taken quite a lot of energy and time over the past weeks/days. This hopefully hasn't taken us away from bein' blessed with a whole bunch of good vibes ready to feed your appetites…

Can't help myself gettin' back to those unreleased mixes of Chaka Khan & Mary J Blige's 'Disrespectful', our past Single Of The Week delivered by a Matthias Heilbronn at the top of his form and it just looks like it's far from bein' over judging by the impressive amount of projects he's got in the pipeline. More to come soon with a mix of his to be available in the next comin' days on our homepage!!!

There are, on one hand, the artists and on the other the countless wanabees. No doubt how Arnold Jarvis has to be considered as a being a member of the first category, displaying the very best since his day 1 and keepin' on ticklin' our willing for the beauty as brilliantly delivered on the abyssal and fluid 'Justified' on DeepHaven receiving Blvd East's midas touch on the remix duty. One step even deeper while listening to Ananda Project's 'Space & Time' and its awesome key/synths effects sounding like a diving in the heart of insane atmospherism around Terrance Deons vibrant interpretation (King Street).

Quite seduced by the emotive although slightly vocoderised interpretation of Harold Brandon on the plaintive 'Where Is My Happiness' delivered with a plethora of remixes by Abicah Soul among others, our favorite being the Andy Tamashi Sunday Morning Remix (Consortium Muzik). Aural pleasure granted while havin' a listen to Osunlade's new offering under the form of a limited 7'' edition including the Prince-inspired 'The Dating Game' vocally speaking with its B-side for the broken beat fans (Yoruba).

Back to DeepHaven with the second effort of singer Big Brooklyn Red for the label titled 'All I Want Is You' 3 months after the release of 'He Comes'. If in search of anything that'll put you into some good mood, this sunny jazzy groove enligthened by a lovely Hispanic guitar part should reach your interest. Not to mention, that particular way of singing of BBR with an undeniable blues influence makin' him quite apart on the circuit, with many more tricks under his belt as shown on his Myspace page such as the unreleased vibrant 'Give You Up' on a slow vein!!! And as if it wasn't enuff for the label, veteran female singer Carolyn Harding delivers a stunning vocal performance on the inspirational 'Be With You' featuring Carribbean-influenced key parts as remixed by the hyperactive Blvd East. With Kem's 'Heaven' as remixed by Marlon D & Groove Assassins, Jellybean Soul can't do absolute NO wrong as far as the soul headz are concerned and this NO doubt includes yours truly. And the same ought to be said about SuSu Bobien's forthcoming effort titled 'You Brought Me Brighter Days' as emotionally remixed by Albert Sterling Menendez under his Sterling Ensemble guise (Soundmen On Wax/Promo).

We loved the first delivery of Monday Michiru's 'The Right Time' with mixes courtesy of Jephté Guillaume last Summer. Well, those two are once again united for an extra version of this African-influenced cut as included on the 'Tokyo Calling 2 EP', although on a jazzydeeper tip this time. And the great show to continue for King Street with the mental 'Ascension' by the likes of Jihad Muhammad droppin' sweet keys and synth parts over a warm beat. A cut dubbed with the deepnotic 'Expansions' which should fit the tastes of the jazz headz of you (More to come from the man on the newly formed Asante Records very soon !). Completing the October series on the label, but on a more groovy vein comes the Sole Channel Main Mix of Studio Apartment featuring Blaze 'The Rising Sun' wearing that typical Mr V's syncopated approach.

Speaking of another series is the impressive one of deep house icon Robert Owens going from an inspired producer to another along his collaborations this year, from Ron Trent to DJ Spen then Quentin Harris with a preference for his syncopated lectro tinged Groovy Mix of '4 Your Love' (Jellybean Soul). And the story to be continued for Owens this time alongside UK producer Sir Piers reactivating his own label with the release of the equally syncopated & groovy 'Back Then' carryin' gospel influences over a rumblin' funky bassline and a whole bunch of moody mixes to get whatever you want with little reminiscences with Kerri Chandler's classic 'Bar A Thym'.

Wanna spend the night with Dick??? Well, tonite – this Friday 10/26 - is your unique chance to celebrate his B-Day… Yes, Dick Dickler (better known as Kerri Chandler) is spinning in Paris for the occasion. Meanwhile, those of you who won't be able doin' it are left with the hypnotic 'The Bar' taken from… 'A Night With Dick' with an epic spoken words performance by the likes of EQ the XTC Queen around a key part full of emphasis over a subtly placed phat beat (Grei Matter).

What would ever be house without disco ??? Ask both Blvd East with their Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love' cleverly influenced 'Mototronic' comin' out on the decidedly quite inspired DeepHaven stable. Then Brazilian jock/producer DJ Mémé - being the subject of an interview to be printed next week here on IDMW by the likes of Mustafa makin his debut as a member of our editorial team – who's added a typical 70's mood on his Philly Disco Dub remix of 'The Cure & The Cause' for Fish Go Deep featuring Tracey K (Strictly Rhythm). Leavin' you for now with the latest goodie to be credited to… Mustafa, titled 'Vem Quente Eu Estou Fervendo' with a shining rework to be credited to a certain Mankz!!! No idea of who he is at the moment, but more infos should be dropped very soon as this advance is to be released on Stalwart as an extra delivery of the IDM column should hit your screens in the coming days due to the huge amount of goodies around we've been graced with, beginning with Rita Quintero's 'Quiero Saber' markin' her debut on the ever boiling DeepHaven label but that's another story to be told later on next week. Wishin' U a nice WE…

All da best, MFSB

INDAMIX TENNERZ – 26/10/2007
OSUNLADE – The Dating Game (Yoruba)
ANANDA PROJECT – Space & Time (King Street)
ARNOLD JARVIS – Justified (Blvd East Remix) (DeepHaven)
MUSTAFA – Vem Quente Eu Estou Fervendo (Advance)
JIHAD MUHAMMAD – Ascension (Piano Mix) (King Street)
SUSU BOBIEN – You Brought Me Brighter Days (Sterling Ensemble Main Vocal Remix)
FISH GO DEEP featuring TRACEY K – The Cure & The Cause (DJ Mémé Philly Disco Dub) (Strictly Rhythm)
KEM – Heaven (Marlon D & Groove Assassins Club Mix) (Jellybean Soul/Promo)
HAROLD BRANDON – Happiness (Andy Tamashi Sunday Morning Remix) (Consortium Muzik/Promo)

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