Here we go, back in full effect and ready to rock what we hope to be A massive new year! Ever thought we’ve crossed our fingerz during the traditional X-mas break? Naaaaa way! While a big majority of you should have been provided with the circumstancial turkey and the kitchen sink, we’ve pretty much roasted ourselves givin’ birth to our MySpace page + workin’ on the realization of boilin’ hot stuff. The first of which bein’ the concretization of this long time collab project givin’ birth to this column, the new name of which aptly speakin’ for itself. Welcome on board! 

Nope, you haven’t dreamed and yours truly neither as WYSIWYG with the first installment of our column to be displayed on both and I first and foremost would like to thank our long time brothers @ Traxsource for embedding our content which we take both as a true honour and the mark of recognition of a hard work along the years…

2007 definitely behind means the accounts gettin’ back to zero and the return of that circumstancial question at this period of the year: how will it be as compared to the previous one and who’s gonna have his name gettin’ out of the hat for supremacy??? No doubt how the competition will be hard once again puttin’ our champions in the obligation to make the demonstration of their innovative spirits and be assured we won’t complain about that…

Can’t resist goin’ any further more without a little reminder as to who happened to be our # 1 cut last year. In other words, ‘Love & Desire’ by the likes of DJ Jalal (Johnson) alongside Trak Wyze on Consortium Muzik which, for those who may have missed it, is an incredible atmospheric blend of lectro deep jazz sounding like a meeting between Lil’ Louis and Richie Rich (remember ‘Salsa House’?) back in the daze… No need to add you gotta check it out as, on a wider scale, both the past and forthcoming releases of this young Chicago-based label, speakin’ of which we’ll get back later on…

Quite surprised sein’ here or there people keepin’ on repeating to whoever wanna hear them that House music is dead!!! C’mon, isn’t Traxsource the livin’ proof of the existence of some boiling hot traffic??? Not to mention the reality of an obvious revival in terms of exciting things comin’ out of its reputedly cradle??? Yes folks… Chicago stands like firmly back on da blocks. From Robert Owens for instance who although livin’ in UK for quite some time now, looks like goin’ from a future classic to another along the months. His latest sure shot winner bein’ none other than his collab with Windy City pal Gene Hunt titled ‘Twilite People’ receivin’ the unmissable remix treatment by the likes of some other Chi-Lite named Terry Hunter (Dope Wax). Meanwhile the same stable gives a nu life to Joe Smooth’s classic ‘Promised Land’ originally released about 20 years ago on DJ International with reliftings courtesy of the same Hunter altogether with label head Kenny Dope!

Without a doubt among the most exciting forces to have emmerged along those last years is Abicah Soul. Not that the… soul behind it is a nu comer (as a matter of fact DJ Stax started producing some 20 years ago alongside Glenn Underground), but THAT man has carefully worked step by step on establishing what stands nowadays as a real trademark, although it definitely looks like we may expect the most unexpectable from him… Is this still house though or some futuristic expression form of soul using nowadays tool??? Who knows and who cares at the end of the day! The fact is that our man never ceases to tickle our brains from a work to another, as brilliantly demonstrated by the recently released ‘Many Questions’ graced with conscious spoken words courtesy of 3° Global activist Julius the Mad Thinker (Symple Sound). A cut which, as far as we’re concerned, will somehow remain in the history, for bein’ welcomed as the very first # 1 of this newly named column…

Another face who particularly reached our interest last year is Brussels-based Boddhi Satva with a consistent legacy over the last months and, as well, quite a personal way to twist the vibes. No surprising then to see the two aforementioned either hired on the same remix packages when not eventually givin’ a hand to each other. An exemple being given with the remixes of ‘Baila Migente’ whereas Satva shares the duties with Carlos Mena, the latest havin’ our preference while goin’ deeper back to his Latin Roots (Abicah Soul Recordings). Those two men equally both droppin’ new efforts on their repsective own accounts. The first alongside singer Robert Walker on the bumpin’ ol’school funktified ‘Get Up’ sounding like a grand nephew of the late James Brown (Seed Recordings). Meanwhile Ocha Records label head comes up with the breezin’ jazzy ‘Drawn To Her’ as delivered on the Yoruba Soul Mix enlightened by a flute part puttin’ Mena’s spoken words to anotha dimension.

Latin, you’ve said? Si Señores! We’ve said Latin, as a reminder as to how Miami is no more than a 3 months walk away from now. See wot I mean? Yes I guess you do. And more particulary those who, unlike our Traxsource people, do not have the chance to live under the sun almost all year long!!! It’s then to say how everything associated with the idea of chillin’ by the sea under a cool breeze, drinkin’ those famous Piña Coladas or whatever of the likes is taken as a welcome escapade for those of us currently goin’ thru the so called/cold depressive Winter on some other part of the globe! So ready for some appetizers? Let’s go!!!

The first comin’ to mind is none other but the circumstancial ‘Aqya Kyara’ courtesy of Soul Oasis presents Beppe G. Equally known as Beppe Gioia, the latest delivers quite a cinema-quatic concept carrying that typical hedonistic touch that you could find nowhere else but in his native Italy, should it be while walkin’ in the streets or more likely when havin’ a look at those ol’ Cinecitta films. An atmospheric cut delivered in two different versions which looks ready to tickle the curiosity of the chillin’ popes such as Jose Padilla, Phil Mison and Chris ‘Coco’ Mellor among others (Cyberjamz). As intimate and smooth is the collab between Marcelo Cruz & Joe Rizla under the form of Deep Key Project with our preference going to the ultra sensuous DNS Flute Mix of ‘Oya’ (Deepnsound). Meanwhile DeepHaven label head himself DJ Man-X delivers a taster of his upcoming album awaited later in the Spring with the aptly titled ‘Miami Soul’ on a jazzy vein.

Atmospheric if not somehow intriguing (the latest being for much on its interest) is Scott Wozniak’s new effort titled ‘Amor Del Alma’ putting Angelica Linares (Spanish) spoken words into some aerial dimension with the help of vibrant synth lines. A release which marks the return in full effect of NYC label deepa Grooves. Welcome back boy-zzzzz!

There’s definitely something of Tortured Soul’s influence added to light lectro tricks on the jazzy ‘Thinkin’ Bout You’ by local hero Matthew Bandy alongside promising singer Jans Ingber, speakin’ of which I would kindly suggest you to check the Alternate Vox mix (Lust4House). The use of some Foreign words (although I’d be glad to understand what this title really means) looks like always havin’ had a tropical flava wherever one may live. This bein’ appearently the case as far as Julius Papp’s ‘Le Deep’ is concerned, considered as sexy on its 2008 Mixes package by Frankie Knuckles (Loveslap!). To tell you the truth, I dunno if one can say about this cut that it is sexy (this being quite subjective at the end of the day), but it has something without a doubt and sounds definitely friendly…

Friendly is also the least we can say about ‘Alibi’, the recently released first offshot taken from Reel People’s second LP awaited later in the year. Funny how the Brits have always managed to have an approach like no other as far as soul is concerned, from Incognito to Da Lata, Soul II Soul and Brand New Heavies to name but a (very) few!!! Oli Lazarus’s brainchild bein’ no exception on this jazzy Latin bossa-influenced groove featuring US male singer/scatter Darien who reminds of both Stevie Wonder, Donnie and Jay Kay of Jamiroquai, delivered with a seducive bossa-ish reworking by Sweden’s Rasmus Faber (Papa). Inclined to more of Jay Kay? Dave Lalla and Big Logan aka Jersey Soul have got all what it takes on their stompin’ although subtle rework of Jamiroquai’s ‘Love Foolosophy’ on a spirit close to what made the reputation of the Fall Out label along the years. Differently said, an(other) investment heavily suggested!!! (Consortium Muzik)

Miami has undoubtedly 2 opposite sides (call’em whatever you want!) based around those sunset periods standing like the ideal transition from the heat of the day to the upcomin’ fury of the nite, leavin’ space for more bumpin’ festive not to say in yer face grooves…

Abicah Soul displayin’ another facet of his versatility on the phonky Andy Tamashi featuring Victoria T’s ‘What’s The Meaning Of Love’ embellished by atmospheric synth lines around a syncopated bassline, adding much to Consortium Muzik’s undeniable appealing at the moment! Not to be missed with the song of the likes by the exquisite Rita Quintero on DeepHaven, Benji Candelario & Vincent Kwok deliver the Spanish guitar driven ‘Quiero Saber’ over a bouncin’ bassline and a rhythm part alla Joe Smooth’s ‘Promised Land’ (Original Version) with an appealin’ performance by the likes of both female singer Leedia (Urtega) and flautist Carlos Ariza (Transitori). Instant feel-good impression as well when havin’ a listen to the positive ‘It Feels Alright’ to be credited to Yogi & Husky as revamped by Miguel Migs twisting elements of live instrumentation over a bunch of electronic blips & bops with the vocal interpretation reminding of Gary’s Gang‘s famous ‘Keep On Dancing’ back in the disco daze (Salted).

Up for serious dancefloor devastation as well, the funky guitar driven ‘Good Night’ – for sure it is!!! - by the likes of Niko De Luka & Brown Sugar wearin’ all the elements including some breakdown to serve as the ideal environment to another groundbreakin’ interpretation by Dawn Tallman (Milk And Sugar). Adding a second spoon of the latest – I mean sugar of course ! - and you get straight to the MN2S stable celebratin’ their 50th release with the syncopated ‘Lift Me Up’ seing City Deep mastermind Halo teamin’ up with uprising producer Kemal and Arnold Jarvis who needs no introduction unless for those for who would have spent the last 25 years livin’ in a desert island!!! And the result is both subtle and hypnotizing… IDMW German correspondant Ralf GUM on an obvious way to reach a well deserved better recognition. The reason being the seriously rollin’ ‘Kissing Strangers’ featuring a shining interpretation by the likes of Monique Bingham, with the help of Frankie Feliciano remixwise puttin’ the affair to another dimension (GoGo Music/Promo).

On a quite more straight vein comes the first release of West End’s Adam Cruz’s new Mixtape Sessions Music imprint with the long awaited debut of Flora Cruz under the form of a six track EP. Our choice goin’ straight to the title cut, ‘Overcome’, with its positive message over some ol’school P-funk flavaed environment reminding of Funkadelic’s classic ‘One Nation Under A Groove’. Damn, have kept the origin of the little sample added on my mouth since I’ve first heard it and remain unable to deliver it by the time I’m writing… Anyway, you funkstaz gonna dig dis! And by the way, you the Jerzee boyz in da house ain’t got no excuses if ever missin’ the official MSM label release party due to take place on Monday January 21, 2008 at Newark’s ThinkSoul Party @ Café Euphoria with Flora performing her releases ‘Overcome’ and ‘No Regrets’. So one word: Be there!!!

Quite a lot of positive messages around at the mo’. Would this be the result of the good resolutions we’re supposed to have taken at this specific period of the year? We shall see… With its fierce arrangements provided by the Soul Avengerz under their Rhythm Republic guise and another hi-standard interpretation courtesy of Peyton, ‘Never Give Up’ and its 5 different mixes could well end up as one of those timeless anthems of the likes (Peppermint Jam). Up to make some serious waves on the diva’s circuit, Deepswing’s new protegee Brijai Harvey with the boilin’ ‘Listen To My Power’ which, to me stands as the best production so far hailing from Erik Wikman’s clan, with more to be developped on our current Single Of The Week review to coincide with its official release date (Generate Music).

Those good resolutions, Dom Navarra has also obviously taken them for himself for quite some time now, displayin’ a bit more of his undeniable talent and sensibility from a release to another. This time on ‘New Life’ alongside singer Antonio Navarra (another family affair???) followin’ a Blaze-y vein on the original take with interesting add’l versions courtesy of Steven Stone and Rachel Claudio & Nicolas Vautier and warmest thanks to label head Patrick Green for sendin’ this right on time for our deadline (Sofitone).

You said family affair? Pretty much the case with Diamond Temple, much responsible of the evergreen ‘Lift Me Up’ alongside 280 West, this time together with no less than 3 members of his clan on the heartfelt ‘Keep Rising’ enlightened by lush arrangements with the contributions of producers Chris Perez and Louie ‘Lou’ Gorbea. A pure aural delite delivered in 5 # versions. Lucky we!!! (DeepHaven).

To those of you who thought we was rather into vocals, the response is NO, as we’re far from bein’ only geared towards house and the likes. I mean, we’re… INDAMIX, aren’t we? + We’re worldwide on top of that!!!

Reknown for his countless contributions both as a part of BLVD East or alongside peeps such as Louie ‘Lou’ Gorbea and Fuzion (speakin’ of which their latest featuring Pedro Herrera is an awesome jam), Chris Perez looks like really doin’ 24/7. He opens his account under the Chris Perez Project with the recently made available ‘Singularity/Nova’ on Coco Soul. A double header where he explores the deepest side of his soulful roots with a futuristic view. Our preference goin’ to the abyssal ‘Singularity’. Another distinguished member of our editorial team by the likes of NYC-based Wil Milton comes up with the Larry Heard/Mr Fingers-influenced synth led ‘Rubberband’ displayin’ vibrant psychedelic keys over a phonky circular bassline as an appetizer to this forthcoming On The Road album (Blak Ink Music Group). Putting an end to this very first column in the series (I know, this may have seen a bit long but we’ve wanted it to be the more complete as possible with the inclusion of recent worth the listen choons) with the atmospheric and somehow plaintive new effort of Martino alongside Tyrone Solomon under the 83 West banner. A cut called ‘My Sound’ ideally completing the spectrum we’ve covered with the hope this has given a better understanding of what we’re about for those who didn’t know us so far…

In the pipeline:

  • Short focusses on people deserving a wider audience/attention to appear starting from our Issue # 2.

  • Snippets of extra cuts soon to be displayed on our MySpace page while being awaited for availability on Traxsource.

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See ya there in a fortnight & til then, keep up da work and we’ll spread the word…
Peace y’all,

Frederic ‘MFSB’ Messent 

TraxsourceINDAMIX TENNERZ (01/15/2008)

ABICAH SOUL featuring JULIUS the MAD THINKER: Many Questions
So Deepness Mix (Symple Sound)
GENE HUNT featuring ROBERT OWENS: Twilite People
Terry Hunter Remix (Dope Wax/Promo)
Halo & Kemal's Main Mix (MN2S/Promo)
Original Mix (Milk & Sugar)
BC's Club Mix (Transitori) 
Original Mix (Seed Recordings)
CARLOS MENA: Drawn To Her (Incl. Osunlade, Boddhi Satva & Charles Spencer Remixes)
Yoruba Soul Mix (Ocha)
RALF GUM featuring MONIQUE BINGHAM: Kissing Strangers (Incl. Frankie Feliciano & Raw Artisitic Soul Mixes)
Feliciano Vocal Mix (GoGo Music)
DOM NAVARRA featuring ANTONIO: New Life (Incl. Rachel Claudio & Nicolas Vautier Remix)
Original Mix (Sofitone)
Overcome (Original Vocal Mix) (Mixed Tape Session Music)