Hey boooooooyz! Sup? All done with the Conf' I suppose… Pretty much da same as far as we're concerned here on IDMW after a consistent line up of interviewees, reviews and daily updates, the list of which is to be found while clicking here.

If you've ever thought that's enough, well, life as history continue on a never ending process with new music to blow your headz and stomp your feet… Welcome to what stands as the TSIDM Post-WMC'08 issue…

We've had many people enquirin' about the reputedly supposed tune of the Conference… Hmmm! Couldn't think of anything else than explaining that it pretty much depends on everyone's tastes, perspectives or whatever with so many genres, subgenres, sub… subgenres and the list goes on parallely as the ever growing amount of daily events in Miami! Then, as if it wasn't enough, let's not forget about the famous demos given to a handful of happy few and therefore supposed to receive more or less buzz during the event. In other words, better say that we've been provided with a huge amount of goodies with some of them expected to be made available later on this year here on TS, speakin' of which we'd like to thank those who've kept us posted for the occasion…

The 2008 yearly Miami gathering is only a few days away with many of us still recovering after such a frenzy. But wait a minute, doctor Djed has exactly what it takes on such circumstances. One of those sweet and delightful cool grooves you'd imagine being offered for listen while chillin' around some pool or at the beach, enlightened by the silky voice of NJ-born Tx based female vocalist Gynisse Way on a vein to be compared with the memorable 'Tell Me All About It' as covered by transient Australian singer Treena Rose back in 2004 (Certified Organik). The so called Djed being none other but vet producer Todd Gardner also responsible for the current 'This Times' by the likes of Kimara Lovelace on King Street.

Utopia Boston's head DJ Bruno adds his name to those who've recently launched their own imprints, enroling city pals long time activists The Shadow Kings on his very first label release. A cut called 'Soul 4 Real' which stands as a brilliant piece of feel good post-disco/jazz over an infectious funky bassline with, here as well, an obvious link with Vincent Montana Jr's countless explorations.

Quite ironical to see so many artists, supposedly representing the idea of freedom, remaining emprisonned on formats, not to say formulas… Obviously far from bein' the case in regards to Danny Jones and Richard Earnshaw with the twosome, better known as One51 givin' a brilliant display of what they're deeply into on the recently released 'Bridge & Divide EP', for those of you into atmospheric/chillin' grooves tinged with nu jazz/Latin influences. And a little pearl sounding like a perfection titled 'Yesterday's Gone' to be credited to Orekid. To be checked by any means necessary!!!

The boys who gave us the memorable 'Si Weka' on Soulfuric Deep have also been commissioned by French label Stalwart to redesign Mustafa's current 'Vem Quente Que Eu Estou Fervendo' adding a whole bunch of elements inherited from both Afro/Brazilian music, jazz and electronic beats. Another jewel speakin' of which One51 could pretty well fall in love with is Cookie Monsterz 'Your Love' on Tempogroove. A pure aural jazzy bliss tinged with Latin flavours from the keys to the flute over a slammin' rhythm part somehow reminder of … 'Si Weka' by you've guessed it? One51!!!

'Living In My Freedom, Living In My Future…' seems like the ideal motto to dive into sharper beats, as delivered by Matthew Bandy alongside Jevne and Fourtet prior being redesigned by German kid on the block Manuel Tur givin' it a deep-notic emphasis while creating a trancey synth-led environment over a minimal lectroified drum pattern (Conya). Hard not to be taken upside down by Jakdat M on the post-acidic phonky minimal 'He's A Almighty God' serving as a fascinating environment to an incredible spoken word performance, taken from the The Best Of Cyberjamz album (Cyberjamz). Much in demand Tony Loreto varying the pleasure, this time while reworkin' B-sOUL & Esteban's 'Let The Drummer Play' and givin' it a real syncopated infectious feel which one hardly can resist to (Poji). Getting way deeper is Ronnie Ron's 'Mondavu' taken from the Road To Demascus EP. Love that fascinating construction from primitive Afro-influenced house beats leavin' space for the progressive arrival of a whole bunch of synths & keys effects creating a unique emphasis and an impression of blatant melancholy over the whole (Consortium Muzik).

Putting an end to this issue # 6 in the series with a quick trip to Lyon which, should many of you have forgotten it, has been for some time the capital of France and is currently the theatre of a heavy battle for supremacy. Thanks to that whole bunch of talents comprizing Rocco and Patchworks to name a few with Manoo being no exception... Reknown for previous releases on labels such as Buzzin' Fly, Deeply Rooted, Freerange and Defected, famous club L'Ambassade resident DJ makes a winning return on Franck Roger & Lionel Marciano's Earthrumental Music imprint with a bouncin' 3 tracker including  the fascinating 'Winter' which sounds live a dive into endless depth.

Last but not least, warmest thanks to our long time brothers, Mark Stone & Valentino Leggio of UDM Show for offering extra exposure to our TraxsoSurceINDAMIX column no later than this week in addition to Spiritofhouse.com and (of course) Indamixworldwide.com. See ya in a fortnight. MFSB 


JAKDAT M - He Is A Almighty God (Jakdat M Original Mix) (Cyberjamz)

DJED featuring GYNISSE WAY - Breath Away (Main Vocal) (Certified Organik)

OREKID - Yesterday's Gone (Original Mix) (One51 Recordings)

RONNIE RON - Mondavu (Consortium Muzik)
Heart breaking

COOKIE MONSTERZ - 'Your Love' (Reprise) (Tempogroove)

MATTHEW BANDY & JEVNE featuring FOURTET - Living In My Future (Manuel Tur Remix) (Conya)

MANOO - Winter (Earthrumental Music)

THE SHADOW KINGS - Soul 4 Real (Utopia Boston)

MUSTAFA - Vem Quente Que Eu Estou Fervendo (One51 Remix) (Stalwart)

B-sOuL & ESTEBAN - Let The Drummer Play (Tony's Spirit Sound Vox) (Poji)

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