Show must go on… As you may guess, nuttin' good to expect when bein' reminded those words taken from famous pop band Queen. And the fact is with our community once more affected with the recent loss of one of its members by the likes of the late K.T. Brooks who's passed away some 10 days ago. Kind hard as well not to think of NYC vet DJ/producer DJ Camacho currently hospitalized and, as if wasn't already enuff, facing hard times financially speakin'. Needless to say how your help will be greatly appreciated with donations to be forwarded to Leslie J. Jeudy 345 Bloomfield Avenue, Ste 2 Montclair, NJ 07042-3601 and any kind of recomforting message to be sent to our brother to the following address: C/o David Camacho (RM # 2408) St Barnabas Medical Center94 Old Short Hills Road Livingston, NJ 07039. This Issue # 08 is dedicated to both of'em with eternal love…

Can't resist goin' back to these words courtesy of Osunlade in regards to a recent affair of illegal share which has taken a part of our community by storm over the last days. Once again, let me humbly remind you how despite being quite e-z and tempting on occasions, whatever we may share belongs more likely to other people, meaning that we don't have a single right on those files apart from using them as a media to listen to music or see images. Also, let's never forget than whenever we individually spare money when sharing, it's money that doesn't go into the pocket of the one producing the music that we love, with the risk of killing them on a more or less short term. So needless to say once again how pretending to be a supporter of our scene means investing on it in order to keep it alive and, as a direct result, to have it blowing our minds, bodies & souls…

Exactly what happens as a matter of fact when listening to the sultry and stirring 'Merry Go Round' which sees US songstress Kimara Lovelace reaching absolute heights on this cool jazzy phonk atmospheric midtempo enlightened by ultra subtle arrangements courtesy of UK pair Sueno Soul. Can't get my ears off this since I discovered it on Abicah Soul's recent top 10 here on TS. Definitely to be featured on the 10 cuts who make my own merry go round dis year (Newlite Muzik). 'Che va piano, va sano' says famous Italian proverb. Three years have gone since Osunlade was given a demo by Maryland-based female singer Tamara Wellons who's awaited debut-LP is to see the light in the coming weeks. A sign of obvious care in both the maturation of her undeniable talent and the concept of her album speakin' of which we're given another blatant proof with the new offshot from her album, 'Like Rain' left c/o a whole bunch of 1st class remixers incl. Abicah Soul, Lars Behrenroth, Nomumbah and Jihad Muhammad (Ocha Records). The latest addin' a slice of melancholy if not darkness to the semantic meaning of the song both with a synth line reminiscent of Fingers Inc's classic 'Can You Feel It' and jazzy plaintive piano parts. Vibrant, to say the least!

'We Belong Together'… Here comes what could have easily become IDMW's slogan as far as (good) music is concerned. As a matter of fact, it's Donna Hidalgo's latest offering giving her the opportunity to make her debut on hotter than hot Poji Records label this year. Good to have back to the forefront this talented lady after a couple of promising experiences back in the beginning of the nineties on this DJ Oji's production showcasing the undeniable skills of DJ Buzzard on the remix duties… On that same stable, don't you ever miss Una's 'The Weekender' as remixed by Abicah Soul. Their reunion givin' birth to a fascinating piece of frenzy deep lectro soul/funk. And da beat brilliantly goes on for NYC label Funk La Planet with the shining 'Lion In Cage' by French pair Alex Finkin & Reverend P featuring Jocelyn Mathieu customized with the right ingredients to make it a festive sure shot winner by the ever inspired Jon Cutler who's added a killer synth line.

Although nothing really new, in terms of inspiration Carlos Rubio's 'Una Familia' is a brilliant tribute to the so called Philly Sound and those incredible arrangements which make it as timeless back then delivered by Vincent Montana Jr. And here we go with a radiant extrapolation of MFSB's 'Love Is The Message'/Salsoul Orchestra's 'Love Break' with lush key jazzy arrangements courtesy of Davide Marani. Bravissimo signori (Distar). At the opposite end is the deep acidic-influenced 'Digilove' by Jeremias Santiago displayin' a sort of plaintive emphasis over lectro bleepylike keys, reminicent of the early 90's UK sound (FTL). Ever prolific Franck Roger does it again on his latest 2 tracker goin' abstract garagey on 'Klubhead' with my preference goin' to the Giorgio Moroder-influenced 'Gigolo' touching the deeper heights with its emphatic synth lines (Real Tone).

No need havin' a wide angle lens on your camera to realize how things fit as far as music is concerned. Just see how people are bumpin' their heads while havin' a drink and you'll have the beginning of an answer. Alton Miller's 'Together' is nuttin' but one of those grooves which captures the listener with the ability to transform it into an all-night long dance with a single click on a button, from the very first note. Nothing really complicated though: just the right elements at the right place! A cool bongo-driven beat, some lush key/synth arrangements used as a rhythm line, an infectious phonky bassline, a sensitive interpretation with warm lyrics, being for much on the intimacy of this cool groover. In other words what I'd be tempted to consider it a  irresistibly seductive slice of modern soul (Seed Recordings). Back from a recent trip to his native Africa and currently working on his awaited debut album to be released later this year, Boddhi Satva delivers another blatant illustration of his mixed background, twistin' African chants with bits'n'bops inherited from the local folkore over lectrosynthesized FX. All of this givin' birth to a deep-notizing environment such as the insane 'Stop Black Magic' opening the package. 'The Depth Of The Source' getting even deeper with Yuba on the MC's seat delivering an incantation over an infectious jam leadin' straight to the epicenter of a cross-bred universe melding 2 different cultures, but also 2 different periods (if not much more) - and, as a direct consequence, different flavors - together as one. Satva affirming his identity like he's probably never done before and that's pretty much what we like…

More to come in a fortnight with TraxsourceINDAMIX now available both on and udmshow in addition to IDMW. Peace y'all. MFSB


KIMARA LOVELACE – 'Merry Go Round' – Original Mix (Newlite Muzik)
My, my, my… Can't find the words to describe this absolute piece of… ART!

JEREMIAS SANTIAGO – 'Digilove' (FTL/Promo)
Luv' the plaintive emphasis on this deep slice bleepish minimal house

FRANCK ROGER – 'Gigolo' (Real Tone/Promo)
A deep Moroder-ised full striker…

UNA – 'The Weekender' – Abicah Soul Weekender Vocal (Poji/Promo)
Definitely up for a place of choice in the… Sanctuary. Lectroified soul/funk at its best!

BODDHI SATVA featuring YUBA – 'The Depth Of The Source' (Offering/Promo)
Everything's said on the title, follow the guide!

TAMARA WELLONS – 'Like Rain' – Movement Soul Mix (Ocha/Promo)
Definitely a future classic…

CARLOS RUBIO – 'Una Familia' – House Mix (Distar/Promo)
A brilliant piece of disco/house…

ALEX FINKIN & REVEREND P featuring JOCELYN MATHIEU – 'Lion In Cage' – Jon Cutler Distant Music Mix (Funk La Planet/Promo)
Hot, groovy & festive…

ALTON MILLER – 'Together' – Main Mix (Seed Recordings/Promo)
A seducive piece of modern soul courtesy of Detroit's ambassador of house…

DONNA HIDALGO – 'We Belong Together' – DJ Buzzard's Vocal Mix (Poji/Promo)
Hidalgo couldn't have dreamed of a better return w. Buzzard on the remixer's seat!

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